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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* An afternoon off and a drive to Obregon with dinner to follow. Sounds good and it was a treat to try a side road which we thought might eventually get us into the city. But along the way, along a fairly forsaken dirt road, we stopped and in our best Spanish, asked a fellow who was manning the irrigation system where we might be and how we might get to Obregon. But he was also standing by a corn field and so I asked him, if it might by “dulce eloite”? Pretty good, eh – sweet corn! “Nada, but 10 minutes por favor.” He hops on his motorcycle, we wait for the cartel to return, shoot us and steal our vehicle, no no no just kidding! It was beautiful farmland and this guy comes back with a couple dozen corn. I ate one raw and it was so sweet. So I said, “Mas?” He hops on his motorcycle with his friend this time and they come back 10 minutes later loaded with corn. So a nice meal and the trip back to SC. At 9:00 pm last night, we had 40 meal size bags of corn blanched and cut off the cob and 4 more “soup size” bags in the freezer. It was a very good day!
A few reminders for the days up to Christmas:
* Dec 17 – This Thursday – last potluck of the year at the church @ 5:30 pm.
* Dec 18 – Mexican Fundraising Dinner at the Baptist church. Grant has tickets.
* Dec 20 – Another great Christmas concert with our kids headlining the program. Mayra and team have done another great job getting them ready. Just a reminder to have your children there by 8:00 am Sunday morning for a final run through and costume setup.
* Dec 25 – Christmas Morning Service at the church @ 9:00 am.
* Dec 29 – Memorial Service for Walter Forester at the church @ 2:00 pm, immediately followed by a potluck the Yacht Club.
* Jan 15-16 — 24 Hours of Prayer for the church, missions and our community.
* Feedback that makes my day – “Hi Pastor Glenn, First, let me say that I’m so blessed and love going to church at San Carlos Community Church . . . . . This Sunday, I brought 4 girlfriends to church that haven’t been to church in a very long time.” I know that God is touching San Carlos in so many ways through you and the church.”
* Our mission service this week is at the King’s Kids (Jessie & Jenny). Brandon will be leaving the church on Friday at 8:30 am. They could still use some more volunteers if you can help. Contact Brandon at
* Approx 120 ladies participated in the Ladies Luncheon. The setting was stunning. I peaked in the door and the place was humming with excitement. Some ladies expressed interest in the upcoming Ladies Bible study in January! What a great day!

* For those of you looking for phone numbers and email address of church attendees, you can download this list by clicking on this link – . If your email or phone number(s) are out of date, please click reply on this email and send us the new information and it will be updated for the coming year.

* Last Sunday, we finished the short series on the issue of doubt! We looked at John the Baptist and the doubt he faced while in prison. Even the best of the best face times when they are left with the question, “ask him if He’s really the one?” Jesus answer, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen.” In other words, tell John to look past his own circumstances to what God is doing all around him. And likewise for us, when doubt tries to test us, we are challenged to look all around ourselves at what God is doing. “Look back” to what he has done. “Look Up” to Him for His presence in your life. “Look out” and realize you’re not the only one in this world that is facing what you’re facing and finally, “Look ahead” because sometimes its only the hope of what lays ahead that allows me to maintain faith. All of these “looks” are ways for us to get our eyes off of our circumstances and back on to what our great God is doing all around us.  Again, if you weren’t here, you can listen to the message on our church website
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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