Pastor’s Desk 2015-12-30

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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Last Pastor’s desk of 2015 and it’s a day late! I know, I know. My Mom emailed me at 8:15 yesterday morning and asked me if there was some kind of a problem or something. Well a day late, but here it is. 41st Pastor’s Desk of the year. The “PD” is sent to 269 email addresses and your feedback has been most encouraging. I hope you enjoy the last one of the year!

* This week has been a little more laid back as far as activities. Its been a treat to have our daughter Brittany, from Vancouver with us for the Christmas week. She leaves tomorrow, but its been a good week swapping stories and enjoying dinner at a few of our favorite authentic restaurants.

* For our last Sunday of the year, Steve McLean shared “What’s New” as he challenged us into thinking about God’s ongoing expectations of believers in the coming year. The imagery of crossing a river as Jesus invites us to the other side – walking across on rocks – some stable, some jiggling – and us being satisfied with stopping on a stable rock, resting there, rather than continuing our crossing of the river, perhaps stepping on a not so solid stone in our pursuit of all the potential God has for us – Wow that imagery was so real for me! But the analogy is just as real for our church. Yes, things are going well. Why not rest and be satisfied already? Why put ourselves at risk? Why try something new? It may not work out the way we had hoped! Yes, we could coast for a while, we could settle here, but wouldn’t you rather see all that God will do as we trust Him in walking toward Him, even if some of the rocks are a little jiggly initially?

* Also last Sunday – Great to hear Art & Brenda Koenes share their story of God’s calling on their lives and how He’s been working through their mission this past year. These folks get to interact with and accomplish so much through facilitating the work of Missions Teams from the North, along with all the other projects they are involved in. Thanks guys. God’s best to you in 2016.

* Hey folks, Mark Mulligan is back for a concert on Tuesday, Jan 26. He is such a favorite for all of us and you won’t want to miss this great evening. I recently got to hear some of the highlights from their recent missions trip to Guatemala. I’m trusting Mark will share a little of that with us that night as well. Although I love his singing, I equally enjoy the heart and passion Mark brings to an event. “Mark” it on your calendar, bring a friend and come enjoy a great evening. Admission will be by donation and the proceeds will be equally shared with Mark’s Mission projects and our Church’s Missional Outreach Funds.

* We had another great turnout on Christmas Day, I think the biggest ever. Got to hear my favorite Christmas song one more time for the season. Another year until “Go tell it on the Mountain” plays again. I’ve always liked the song, but Deirdre brought it to life for me several years ago with her passionate rendition of it and now its my all-time favorite Christmas song. And Maris and team brought it home once again on Christmas Day.

* Yesterday, was a day where we memorialized and gave tribute to the life of Walter Forester. Christie and her family shared the day with the church family and many friends from the Yacht Club and Rotary. Each dinner table at the Yacht Club potluck was covered with memorabilia from Walt & Christie and their families lives. And a number of life stories, penned by Christie, were read aloud by someone from each table. Although we all miss Walter, the stories and memories we heard drew us even a little closer to the man. Walt & Christie’s family shared some humorous stories of “learning experiences” with Walt. Bill Johnson’s personal reflection showed the incredible respect and love given by two men for each other. Christie, we are so sad for your loss, but we were so encouraged by all you gave to us as we memorialized Walter. We are praying that all your precious memories of times with Walter will carry you and give you encouragement in the days to come.

A few reminders for the coming days:
* Jan 15-16 — 24 Hours of Prayer for the church, missions and our community.
* Jan 21 – Church (Potluck) Fellowship Meal
* Jan 26 – Mark Mulligan Concert @ the church – 6:00 pm

* People to be praying for: (see the Church Prayer Wall for others)
1. Kathy Stoak’s daughter passed away last Saturday. She was only 45 years of age and had been suffering with Lupus. Frank & Kathy, we are so very sorry for your loss!
2. Ephie Lennon – recovery from a knee replacement
3. Pat Peterson – ongoing health challenges
4. Bob & Catherine Gibson – family illnesses in Australia

* Jeannine and I are so grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given to pastor San Carlos Community Church. This church and this community has so grown on us. We’re honored to serve this great church. We’re honored to do our part in guiding it to where we sense God is leading this body. We are grateful for all that you have added to our lives this past year, for your prayers, your friendship, your service to the church, to missions and to our community. We are especially grateful for all who have made Jesus their Lord and Savior this past year, but we’re equally grateful for all those we’ve seen draw closer to Him as a result of being part of this church family. Sometimes, its painful watching you get stretched by the Holy Spirit’s pulling on your heart, but to see you come through and be stronger and to find purpose has been so rewarding. We’re honored to see and hear about God’s hand on your life. Jeannine and I are looking forward to 2016 and all that it will bring! We’re praying that you are doing the same. Let 2016 be the greatest year ever for God to touch, change and grow lives in San Carlos!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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