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April 14, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* If you were here on Sunday, you got to hear the announcement that our 2015 Vision for developing a Junior Youth Ministry is coming together. Justin McLean will oversee the development of the program called “Unwavering Youth” (Spanish title TBA as this too will be bilingual) for 13-17 year olds beginning the second week of May. More details to follow. We are thrilled about an opportunity to test the waters with what has felt like an opportunity in waiting this last winter. A generous donor has provided the funds to cover all costs until the end of 2015. The progress and potential of “Unwavering Youth” will be evaluated by the leadership in the fall to determine next steps. We are grateful for Justin’s willingness, for your prayers for him and this ministry and the future growth of SCCC.

* I find that Truth often gets lost in Clichés, even when it comes to statements from God’s Word. Last weekend, we looked at one more of God’s Promises, the promise to give us peace. Looking firstly at the words of Isaiah 26:3-4 and then at numerous other passages for support, we saw that God truly does offer to give us peace which goes beyond anything we could ever conjure up on our own. I think the exciting part for me was hearing the numerous responses from so many people who responded by saying they were going to give “one particular worry” back to the Lord this coming week. This morning as I write this, I am praying with you that you are holding steadfastly to that declaration and even more, I’m praying that “His peace that passes all understanding” is yours! Listen to the message in its entirety at:

* Remember to check out the new San Carlos Community Church’s Facebook page for ongoing pictures of events, missionary newsletters and ministry updates.

* The “Prayer Wall” – brand new and ready for you! It is often a challenge to keep all informed about pending prayer needs, especially with such a transient community as we have. Last fall, my son made me aware of a program which their church and many others are now using for prayer requests and which could easily be added to one’s website. The “Prayer Wall” is an easy tool to utilize to post your prayer need. You can remain anonymous with your prayer request or you can include your name. You can update or edit or delete your prayer request at any time. We are hoping that people from our congregation will readily make use of this tool, firstly to post their own prayer requests and secondly, to prayer for those who have posted their requests. Once a person has prayed for this need, they can click a button which says “I have prayed for this” and the person who posted the prayer request will receive an email saying that someone just prayed for their need. With so many of us in different locations at different times, we’re praying that this will be one of the tools which allows us to communicate our needs with each other and that this will become an added way to care for one another through prayer. Simply go to and click on the icon labeled “Prayer”. 

* On our church website Home page, you will also note three other icons besides the “Prayer” Icon: “Audio Sermons” – where you can listen to previous messages; a “Facebook” icon which will take you to the church’s facebook page where you can explore photos from church and mission events, missionary newsletters and ministry opportunities.; and then the “Pastors Desk” icon, which allows you to read the ongoing Pastor’s Blog (or Pastor’s Desk as you’ve come to know it.)

Please also note some updated congregational photos under the “Contact Us”. When you click on “Contact Us”, a dropdown menu appears and then you can click on Church Directory. 

Several local missionaries have also been added under the “Missionaries” tab. Have a peek at the website. Hope you enjoy the updates!

* Prayer Needs

  • Just received an email asking for prayer for Jeff Sprague, Mary’s husband who is in CIMA hospital in Hemosillo. They were on their way to Tucson, but the pain was too severe. He is stable but very sick with severe diverticulitis and other issues as well.
  • Lupita’s brother Martin – After what had been a successful brain surgery, Martin was put back in Hermosillo Hospital for further surgery related to blood clots. He is home again, but please continue to pray for him and of course for Dale and Lupita Charlick.
  • Carol Morton emailed that Chuck’s knee surgery went very well and he is resting comfortably.
  • Pat Peterson returns to Tucson this week for further cancer treatments.
  • Dylan, a 12 year old grandson of one of our parishioners, has been dealing with horrific “night terrors”. Would you join these grandparents in praying that he could have peace and relief from this turmoil.

* A note from the Lebo’s – In lieu of flowers, donations in Flo’s memory can be made to the San Carlos Community Church (441 North Grand Avenue, Suite 4 #552B, Nogales, AZ 85621) or Pathways Hospice (305 Carpenter Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525). 

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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