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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Mark Mulligan – tonight at 6:00 pm – bring a friend and enjoy an inspirational evening with Mark. Its such a treat to watch and listen as Mark uses his musical abilities for the benefit of building God’s Kingdom. Once again, the proceeds of tonight’s concert will be divided between SCCC’s benevolence ministry and the San Jose children’s park which Mark has been working on in partnership with Castaway Kids.

* I know, I know, I know – Yes, it truly was a “non-prophet” statement, but after seeing how many Bronco fans we have in the church and after hearing from some of them on Monday, I have seen the error of my ways and have now chosen to cheer for this powerhouse Bronco team, even though some of you avid fans are not operating in a spirit of expectancy when it comes to believing they can conquer Carolina in the Superbowl. Shame on you!

While analogies “sometimes” help us to better understand truth, the reality is that these “world champion” teams will be striving for a title in several weeks and they will be playing with every ounce of “hutzpa” they can bring to the field. Paul’s words, last Sunday, from the Philippians, reveal a similar challenge to all believers to play like world champions. But we’re not here to play a game (pun intended), we’re here to give our best in helping to build God’s Kingdom in San Carlos and the greater Guaymas area.

* Heard such a great testimony from one of the moms who was praying together with her daughter at the Prayer Vigil. What an encouragement to see a Mom mentoring her daughter in the discipline of prayer. Way to go!

* So thankful for all of your participation in the nominating of potential deacons. Interviews are being planned, after which we will make you aware of those who have let their names stand for election at the Feb 25 AGM. Its been really encouraging to see these nominees honestly evaluate God’s direction for their lives and to hear the responses that go along with those prayerful self-evaluations.

* Another new full time family in our community and church – If you get a chance, say hello to Brian and Elizabeth Matchett. They are here on a two-year term at one of the Mikilas, They have replaced Craig and Kelly Wood, who also worshiped with us prior to returning to Indiana. Brian and Elizabeth have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They’ve already hiked the Tetakawis from the “easy” side, but are looking forward to scaling the peaks from the difficult side. Welcome to SC and SCCC you guys!

* As I shared with you last week, Mayra is now serving in an administrative role in the church office on Mon, Wed and Friday. She’s been updating the church website, along with completing several other administrative tasks. Should you be looking for an appointment with myself, Friday is my preferred day and Mayra can help you get that set up. Call her at the church 226-0945.

* Plan to be at our first movie night of the season – Feb. 1 with the “War Room”. It’s a great movie and another great opportunity to bring along an unchurched friend. After the movie, take them for some ice cream or a coffee and listen to their thoughts about the movie. This movie, very Christian in its content, has done extremely well in the American movie market. You will find yourself laughing numerous times during the movie, but you will also find yourself wonderfully challenged to go to “war” so to speak, for people you love!

* Staircase Hallway being painted, visibility enhancing risers built for the balcony, hot water in the bathrooms and guys, you will notice the “privacy” quotient has changed wonderfully in the bano de los hombres. A parking plan in the church lot is being established. Got to avoid that “parking lot rage” stuff. New chairs in the Ministry Center, bulletin and white boards in place, a new First Aid Box has been fixed to the hallway wall which joins the old and the new buildings. The AC in the old board room, the one that caused “climate change” every time it ran has been removed, the hole is rebricked and we await the installation of a new minisplit. It just keeps getting better. Thanks to you all who have helped make it happen.

* Please keep praying for Ellen Flores who so needs a physical healing. She is in much pain.
* Please keep praying for the Stoaks family. Kathy is in California with her Son Jamie, who needs a liver transplant.

A few reminders for the coming days:
* Tues, Jan 19 – “What Love Is” 8 Week Video Bible Study (either 10-11:30 or 1-2:30)
* Thursdays for just 4 more weeks – the Bait of Satan – “Dealing with Offense”
* Mon, Feb 1 – Movie Night at the Church with “War Room”.
* Thurs, Feb 25 – Annual General Meeting,

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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