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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Its coming fast, Sunday will soon be here and men, you know what you gotta do, don’t you? (like Valentine’s Day, guys) – I read this great piece in my devotional this morning, not only for men, but for all of us! “Stop and think about this: Would you say the people who made the greatest and most lasting impact on you were the ones you felt genuinely loved and cared about you? Of course you would! And that’s how you’re supposed to treat others. The songwriter said, “Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay; love isn’t love till you give it away.” Here are four good reasons for saying “I love you” on a regular basis: (1) You need to say it. (2) You need to hear yourself say it. (3) Others need to hear you say it. (4) You need to hear it from others. So don’t be afraid to say those three little words! Once you start—you’ll never go back!” Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you, whether you’re single, married, wanting to get married or “Not”!
* The “after communion” love offering for benevolence last Sunday was approximately 8100 Pesos. Praise the Lord for your generosity and your desire to help those around us who are in need.  
* This Wed, Feb 17 5:30pm – Entertainment Night at San Carlos Community Church featuring the accomplished and highly acclaimed musical comedian, Darryl Kuntz. Start the evening off right with a free pancake dinner @ 5:30 pm in the Ministry Center. (real butter, whip cream, toppings, syrup, etc) Entertainment will begin at 6:45 in the new auditorium. Admission is by donation and all the proceeds will go to support our SCCC Benevolence Fund.
* Another Mission Tour coming up quickly. For those of you who would like to see the local mission locations which SCCC is supporting, we will be leaving the Church on Saturday, Feb 20 at 8:30 am. Our tour will include: the Bible School, Casa de Esperanza (Art & Brenda), Brian & Clarissa; Jessie & Jenny; Maggie and Devon & Marisol. You must sign up as we only have room for 35 People. Sign up sheet at the church or simply respond to this pastor’s desk and I’ll add your name to the list.
* Our AGM is coming on Feb 25th (5:30pm). Later this week, you will be receiving another “Pastor’s Desk” with a downloadable link which will give you access to the following information:
1. Reports from each of the respective ministries,
2. the Financial report for 2015 and the 2016 Budget,
3. the slate of deacon nominees (including a picture & brief write up)
4. “Constitution and Bylaws” Updates which you will be asked to vote on.
     We are delighted to be able to offer you these reports in advance of the meeting so that you can peruse the documents, formulate any questions you may have and be aware of the church’s direction for the coming year. We will print some hard copies for those who do not have computer access, but trust that most of you will be able to either download and/or print the file or you may simply choose to read it online. We’d love to see all of you there. Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm SHARP and the AGM will follow.
* Prayer Reminders (Please take note of the Website “Prayer Wall” as well)
1. Please be praying for Howard & Susan Dyck and their family as Susan’s Father has passed away.
2. Karen Anne Crawford’s Mother also passed away recently. Our prayers are with you.

3. Ellen Flores – for continued healing of a broken pelvis.
4. Robert and Carlos – both have lost a limb and need our prayers for healing!
5. Carol White’s grandson, Jessie who has had such a long battle with cancer and continues to face further treatments.
* I know some of you have already been helping out Robert and Carlos in different ways, whether through meals, groceries or finances. For your awareness, there is also a “gofundme” link which can be used to provide financial support for these folks: If you would like to supply some meals or groceries, please contact Natalie (622-101-2208). She can help you with the specific ongoing needs these two families have. Please continue to pray for Natalie, the care givers and for Robert’s and Carlos’ rehabilitation.
* I received a precious gift yesterday which I’d like to share with you. This poem was written in response to Sunday’s message. Thank you Hildegard!
              Promotion – Demotion
In this world most people seek promotion,
To rise from rags to riches is their zeal.
They strive for power, goods to live upscale.
Yet Jesus taught us self demotion.
HE left all riches of the Universe
And took on flesh, became our brother
To humbly serve us humans here on earth;
But gave the glory to his godly Father.
By choice, like sinners on the cross HE died
To bring by grace salvation to mankind.
A perfect model he exemplified,
So we can peace in tribulation find.
God exalted HIS beloved son,
Crowned Christ and shared with HIM the throne.
He will reward HIS faithful children, too,
Who live Christ-like on earth and God’s will do.
Hildegard Bonacker Bruni
Written 2-7-2016 after listening to a sermon by Pastor Glenn Driedger
* Trust you are practicing some “demotional opportunities” this week? We’ll continue in Philippians this week looking at only two short verses – 2:12-13. What does it mean to work out your salvation with fear and trembling? What does that look like? See you Sunday!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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