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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Its simply another great week in San Carlos – good weather and good people! What could be better? Jeannine and I are looking forward to a visit with long time friends from Manitoba. They will arrive late tomorrow and our plans are to show them around a bit in between church events and then to take them back to Phoenix next week sometime. Jeannine and I will be taking a break next week (Feb 29-Mar 6) So on Sunday, March 6, you will be royally treated to an understanding of the “Passover Seder Supper” (Communion Service), led by Chuck Dreiling. Many of you know of Chuck’s Jewish roots and you don’t want to miss this communion time. Not only that, but Jim McClelland will be sharing the Missions Report for 2015. Missions is such a key component of our church and with our location right here on the Mission Field, we get to see, hear and participate in so many different ways. Don’t miss it – Sunday March 6 – Worship Service at SCCC.
* For those of you who missed the sign up sheet for the tamales on Sunday, you can still order and receive them this Sunday (Feb 28) after the service. You can order either “Sweet corn, pineapple, meat or rajas&Cheese – cost is 14 pesos each. Please respond to this newsletter “with how many and what kind” and we’ll add your order to the list.
* “Woodlawn” another great movie based around a true story of a football coach and his team is coming to the SCCC “Movie Center” (okay its in the sanctuary) on Monday, March 7 @ 6:00pm. Yes – it has Spanish Subs. There will be Popcorn and all the stuff you need. We just need you to bring a friend to this inspirational event. Reviews on this movie are excellent.
* We had a great night with Darryl Kuntz on Wednesday as he humored us with some of his antics. Grant, Ethel and team put together a “sugar fix” delicious dinner of “pancakes and fixin’s”. It was wonderful. So grateful to Darryl for his generous donation of time and talent as we were able to raise 17,600 pesos for our benevolence fund. Thanks to every one of you for your help and support.
* On Saturday, Art and Brenda brought out the “big bus” for another of our mission tours. About 35 of us got to see our missionary friends on location once again. Beginning with hearing Art and Brenda’s story at Casa de Esperanza and then on to Devon & Marisol’s where we observed them in the middle of one of their programs. We also got to see their new location, which I’ve seen progressing all along. But this time, I was captivated by something I’d not experienced there before. It’s like the Lord has placed this beautifully colorful, attractive, practical center in the midst of an impoverished, broken community. It was such a “God Place” in the middle of a broken colonia (burb) of Guaymas. It was a visible expression of who God can be to a broken world. And then on to Maggie’s – again seeing a huge progression in building construction. (This week’s church project is at Maggie’s and leaves the church on Friday morning at 8:30am if you’d like to help) The children is what grip your heart. Maggie shared of the previous day’s arrival of a 14 year old, young lady with a tortuous story. But here she will be loved. And then on to the longest running of all our local mission friends and once again more stories of children’s lives changed. Its always a treat to see Jenny and Jesse’s place, the many kids and to see the fruit of over 10 years of faithful service by them and their team. Then on to the Brian & Clarissa’s where construction has been the norm, but a dozen children now also call this home. Beautifully hid away, God continues to provide this as a safe haven for these little children, so many of which are so young. And the grand finale, was a presentation by Howard at the Bible School beside the church. They too are in the middle of a semester of teaching nationals with an emphasis on Bible and Pastoral skills. Wow and we live in the middle of this great picture. Thanks to Jim, Bob and all our missionaries for making this opportunity available once again.
* Our AGM happens this Thursday, Feb 25 with a catered dinner being served at 5:30 pm Sharp!! Please prepare for the AGM by reading the information you received through the downloadable link, ( prior to the AGM. The only reports presented at the AGM will be those from the Pastor, Deacon Chair and Finance. However, feel free to prepare questions which you may have regarding any of the other reports. The AGM Will also address some Bylaw Changes and the deacon nominees will be presented. SCCC does not have an official membership list, however all attendees and supporters of SCCC are encouraged to participate in this evening of gratitude for what God has done in 2015 and to hear where we are going in 2016.
* Prayer Updates: As a church family, would you please join us in holding these folks up?
1. Crystal Hughes-Delaire’s niece, Toni had a successful surgery and it doesn’t appear that there is any cancer. Toni’s mother is also having cancer tests at this time.
2. Kathy Stoaks is with her son Jamie, in CA where they are awaiting a liver transplant for him.
3. Ellen Flores – still needs our prayers for her broken pelvis. She now has a full time nurse.
4. Pete & Pat Peterson both need our prayers as Pat convalesces.
5. Carol White’s grandson, Jessie continues to need our prayers while he gets chemo.
6. Carlos is in Tucson seeking further treatment related to the leg amputation.
* We continue this Sunday in the book of Philippians 2:19-30 in our study of what it means to follow Jesus path of “downward mobility.” Paul reminded us last week that the moment you pursue Jesus dream for your life, the moment you commit yourself to Him in that way, you will have to wrestle with a major player in your life, whose name is “Self Pity”. What a surprising challenge comes out of following HIm in obedience – v:14 – “Do everything without grumbling or arguing”. That’s the first temptation that will come your way when you chase hard after God. Our focus longs to shift from looking at God to looking at people – people who are walking life out the easy way, people without any spiritual longings or burdens. With that warning, though, he also provides examples of two people in this week’s passage who figured out how to keep their eyes on Christ and walk out this life in a meaningful way. Hope to see you Sunday!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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