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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* “What is it?” I asked. “Sounds like a freight train coming towards us. I’d seen a few flashes earlier that filled the Southern sky. Cautiously peaking out the window, I remembered, I’d seen it many times before in another land, somewhere up North. Rain, pounding rain, hail?, not sure, but rain for sure. What a refreshing fragrance this morning!
* Well, we rolled back into town Sunday evening after a week away. Had a great time showing off some of our community, our church and some of our missions to Gerald & Brenda (friends from MB who joined us for the week). Spent a couple of days with them in Phoenix exploring as well. I know that sounds bad. But for all of us, Phoenix is simply an airport stopover, so we did the “man” thing and drove around town until we thought we’d seen it all. But then, being kind men, we dropped off the girls at the mall for a bit. Old Scottsdale is pretty neat through, kind of a “Blast from the Past”! Friday, we travelled on to Sierra Vista, another “new road” for us and had lunch with Ron & Diane Ellison, John & Marlene Becotte & Dean & Fran Swift – all friends who spent the winter at SCCC the previous winter. Dean was always my front seat cheerleader at Saturday night service, waving his white hankie whenever I hit a valuable point. Then Sunday we slipped over to Rocky Point, another “new road” and went to church, “Rocky Point Family of God” with Dan & Linda Abbate and Linda’s sister Shirley. Great to hear about their monthly medical outreaches and to worship with another vibrant, “international” type church in Mexico. But the best story came from Shirley. She has been fighting cancer which almost took her life last year. She is now on a maintenance chemo (every 3 weeks) but is doing well. Some of you may remember Dan & Linda and Shirley’s requests for prayer back then. Shirley said to make sure I thank you all once again for those prayers as they have surely been answered. What a great week!
* “Woodlawn” with Spanish subs – way to go Catherine and team – played last night at the SC Christian Movie Center! Not only a true story, but  I always love it when the underdog team comes through and they did, but just as true, they also faced challenging circumstances living out their Christian life, they also faced some mounting challenges. You’ll only understand this if you were there – “like a good neighbor, State Farm . . .” came through to provide alternative employment. Every coach was fired for praying publically before the game. We didn’t hear the rest of the story, but I trust Tony Nathan’s challenge to the former Woodlawn coach resulted in him getting back in the game.
* I did get to hear from several folks last night about their appreciation regarding last Sunday’s service. Chuck’s walk through the “Passover Seder Supper” had a huge impact on many and then, Jim’s Mission stories added to the mix. Thank you to both of you for making the morning special. Your preparation and presentations were so appreciated.
* I didn’t get a chance last week to say anything about our AGM, but thank you for all who came and participated. Brenda’s “BBBBeefff, taters & gravy and other stuff” is always a great way to start. Thanks for such a great meal. Welcome to the new deacons: Christie Forester, Dave Campbell and Brandon Baird. Jim McClelland was reaffirmed as a deacon for a second term. Clarifications were made to some bylaws allowing for a clearer understanding of the intent. Thanks David Long and team for dealing with the details. Bob’s financial presentation brought a whole new level of clarity and detail to our financial standing and goals for the future. Art’s appreciation statement to the deacons was well deserved. I can only say thank you to all for your clear and concise presentations to our church family. I trust you were personally challenged by our goal to reach our community in a way which we believe will lead to an enhanced discipleship model for our church’s future. We will continue to be about Mission and Service – not service for “service’s sake”, but service for the Kingdom’s sake.
* Prayer Updates: As a church family, would you please join us in holding these folks up?

A Note from Larry & Maris – Maris is well and the Dr. is pleased with the results. Thank you for all your prayers. We are planning to return the 13th of April. We will let you know the progress and any updates.  She will need prayers for a good recovery now.  Thanks again,  
A note from Carlos – Dear San Carlos/Community: Carlos wants to thank everybody for their prayers and support/donations. He has realized what a wonderful community and true friends he has in San Carlos. Carlos was rushed to the states with a very serious infection” mrsa” & had to have another operation. He has been stabilized and has since been discharged from the hospital. He will remain on a wound vac machine and intravenous home self-treatment for the next approx 6 weeks. Carlos “WILL” return to San Carlos, he will reopen the shop and will continue business as always. (Natalie English)
“The Prayer Wall on our church website continues to be a great place to post and to pray for the needs of our church family.
* Last Sunday’s Benevolence Offering was 4143. Pesos. Thanks for your generosity, SCCC.
* Looking forward to seeing you Sunday where we will move on to Philippians 3!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

Another P S for your awareness and enjoyment – from Thom Rainer. 

Ten Comments from Happy Church Guests

I recently looked at my file of church guest “exit interviews.” These files originated when I did a lot of church consulting, but it also includes some recent consults. In essence, my team asked guests to attend a worship service on the same day to get their immediate impressions of the church. Among those who had a positive experience, we heard a pattern of recurring themes. Here are the top ten responses in order of frequency. Each item is followed by a direct quote from a guest.

  1. People introduced themselves to the guests. “Several people introduced themselves to me. I did not get the impression it was either contrived or routine.”
  2. Someone asked the guest to sit with her. “You know, as a single person, I can feel pretty lonely sitting by myself. I am so glad Joanie asked me to sit with her. We plan to get together for coffee.”
  3. There was clear signage. “From the parking lot to the children’s area to the worship center, everything was clearly marked. It was sure easy to get around.”
  4. There was a clearly-marked welcome center. “It made it real easy for me to ask questions and to get some information on the church.”
  5. The kids loved the children’s area. “My kids were so happy with their experiences. We will be back for sure.”
  6. The children’s area was secure and sanitary. “That is one of the first things I check when I go to a church. This church gets an A+!”
  7. Guest parking was clearly visible. “From the moment we drove on the parking lot, I could find the guest parking. It was marked very well.”
  8. The church did not have a stand and greet time. “My wife and I just moved to the area and are visiting churches. If we visit one with that fake stand and greet time, we don’t return.”
  9. The members were not pushy. “They seemed to really care about us rather than just making us another number on the membership roll.”
  10. The guest card was simple to complete. “Some of the cards in other churches ask for too much information. This one was perfect and simple.”

A happy guest will likely be a returning guest. A returning guest is more likely to become a part of the church.

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