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 * Almost turned on the AC yesterday – 34C (93F) in the afternoon. Such a nice time of the year. A few more cars in town yesterday, but by dinner (supper) time it seemed to be back to normal. With “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) being such a big event for the Mexican people, we are always warned about excessive traffic and activity in town. But the weekend is not here yet, so who knows! Last year was pretty tame compared to our first Easter week here, so who knows what will happen this week. If you’re looking for a traffic report, feel free to email Jeannine and I as we enjoy going for a drive around the dinner hour! We trust “curiosity will not kill the cat”.

* Here is a reminder of the Easter Week Services:
            Good Friday   – 10am at the church
            Saturday          – 9am  – Family Outreach Semana Santa at the churh
            Easter Sunday – 9am at the church
* Mayra has some great plans for a “Saturday Semana Santa” event. Her goal is to reach children and families in our community. There are numerous ways in which you could help. One of them: Mayra would love to do a drama (fully narrated, no lines to learn), which will only happen if she can shake enough “volunteers out of the bushes”. This may be the beginning of a great acting career for you! Why not help our church family reach our community this Easter. Contact her at or at the church office.
* As a number of you are starting to head back North, please remember to use the church website prayer wall, to either post or to pray for a request that’s listed.
   * Pete & Pat Peterson have returned to MN as Pat’s health is still lacking.
* Ellen Flores is back – what a treat to see her back in church on Sunday.

   * Got a note from Kathy Stoaks yesterday. Her son Jamie still is waiting for a liver transplant, but has an appt April 7 and things seem to be progressing well.
* The following is a copy of our updated links which you can use for your reference. Click on any of the follow links to view or to download the respective information.

 * We’ve now had our last Deacon meeting of the season. The Deacon team, along with several of the newbies were at work yesterday and continue to bring great leadership to all the areas of our church. Yesterday was extra special though as the Elders joined in for a portion of the meeting, each of them expressing their gratitude for the faithful leadership of the deacons during this past year. A prayer plan was initiated again as deacons and elders were partnered to pray with each other, via phone and email, over the summer. The previous Saturday, all of us were treated to an amazing Thanksgiving dinner compliments of Grant and Ethel. The joint portion of the Deacon meeting ended with us praying together. I love it – leadership being grateful and honoring one another. As a church family, we have a huge reason to be grateful as I observe these incredible servants, deacons and elders alike.
* One of the areas we rejoice about is infrastructure. Our building is complete, the land transfers have been completed and all the land is now in the ownership of the church. Our new capabilities to produce financial reports is working well. Our new Operations Protocol will be unveiled next week. This was a huge undertaking, but now each individual who serves will actually have a “guideline / policy” they can go to which will reveal the expectations of the role and which will in turn give people the freedom to fulfill their chosen task within given privileges and responsibilities. Accountabilities are in place. It’s a great start and gives us much better options to expand the involvement of folks in our church family. I realize most of this is behind the scenes kind of stuff, which is not readily observed, but it will serve us well. The above links allow you to access contact information of the leadership, committees and families who have given us their contact information. You can also readily see our constitution, and read about the last AGM. Our Missionary Newsletters will also be available for your enjoyment via another link in the near future. Our full time staff has grown and will experience another huge addition on June 15, when Matt arrives. We continue to work diligently at communication and pray you are encouraged by these positive developments.
* While the above may not sound very “spiritual”, let me assure you that the above is not done simply for “policy’s and information’s” sake. When our infrastructure works well, it will allow us to become even more effective in ministry and that is the reason I rejoice in all of what I’ve shared. Oh yes, I missed one thing. All of the infrastructure is paid for, simply because of your generosity. Your investment and giving can once again be totally focused on ministry. As a reminder, 25% of last year’s giving once again went directly to missionaries we support, plus we were also involved in a number of benevolence opportunities financially. Beyond that, allow me to share of two adults who gave their hearts to the Lord two weeks ago and another, who I met last Sunday after the service, who also professed her faith in Christ. I pray we will continue to attract the curious, that the Holy Spirit will draw them to our Lord and that we will continue to see the faithful grow in their walk with our Lord.
* We are also adding a monthly financial statement to the Pastor’s desk for your information. February ended with the following statistics:
Income (tithe)                         12,563. USD
Monthly Requirements:         10,113. USD
Average Feb Attendance      320 (which includes 36 children)
* In January, we began our study of the book of Philippians, a verse by verse study of this great book. But as I’ve prayed, studied and looked at it in light of who we (SCCC) are, I’ve found the message both encouraging but also challenging. I pray you have been drawn closer to Jesus as a result of our time together on Sunday mornings. We will return to the book after the Easter week. For those of you who are headed home and want to listen to the messages online, you can add your name to the list of those who receive the weekly outline by simply “replying” to this email.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Happy Easter to you all,
Glenn y Jeannine

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