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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* A busy week in SC with Semana Santa. Lots of people on the beach, lots visiting on the streets around the street vendors, lots of “toys for boys” riding around town, kind of fun to watch it all. I have never seen so much “street food” since we’ve been here. Hope they did well. I think we could have claimed “city status” for a few days. But by Sunday night, Beltrones was once again silent and clean, by in large. Oh well, I’m guessing they’ll be back next year, but its a lot later on the calendar next year. 
* The highlight though was the Saturday event at the church where Mayra had 108 children registered for our version of Semana Santa. Numerous volunteers, some from Independencia (Guaymas), a few from Empalme and a bunch from the church helped to keep things rolling. One video on our church facebook reveals the energy exerted as the kids enjoyed an action paced event, with a little break for hotdogs and goodies. Dave Campbell, our local “Jesus” played his part as Grant & Aaron nailed him to the cross. All kidding aside, the presentation of the Easter story was so clear as Mayra declared the Easter message and the resulting opportunity everyone has for forgiveness of sins. You can find quite a few pictures of the event on the Church’s facebook. But thank you to all who helped make the day so meaningful.
*  Yesterday, Jeannine and I took several newer families, along with their grandkids for a visit to Maggies. I so enjoy observing people who visit for the first time at one of the ministries our church connects with. And this was no different as they asked questions and Maggie shared stories of God’s provision for the 27 children in her care. She’s had a wonderful expansion this winter, but that many kids (who were all out of school for Easter break) is like a year round Semana Santa in SC – it is some busy! Thanks for the great tour, Maggie!
* And then another wonderful highlight as another work team from Carman, MB joined us for dinner at our home. It’s a huge treat for us as it’s the first church I pastored and many of the “wee ones’ from that day are now the young people of the Youth Group or are already out in the work force. Their youth pastor, Aaron Jeske, brought the 13 member team for a week of volunteer work, much of which will be done at Devon and Marisol’s “Belen Casa de Pan”. Devon was one of the former youth from our days in Carman as well. So it was great to have all of them over, but the most amazing thing was to hear them all share that they have made Jesus their Lord and are following after Him. Such a treat to see sold out young people.
* We were saddened to hear last week that Jesse, Carol White’s grandson, has passed away. He was only 18, but fought a courageous battle with cancer. Please be praying for Carol and her family as they grieve this loss.
* Upcoming Fund Raisers:
1. The Bible School (Central Educativo Cristiano) fundraising dinner happens tomorrow at Susan’s Diner (5:30pm). Please connect with Howard or Katie for tickets.

2. The Church Fish Fry happens Thursday, April 7 at the church (5:30pm). The proceeds of the Fish Fry enhance our Benevolence Fund. “Valeria” will provide some entertainment at the Fish Fry, but will also be doing a full concert at the upcoming King’s Kids Fundraiser. 

3. Saturday, April 9 – King’s Kinds Fundraiser at the church with “Valeria”, an absolutely amazing singer.
* I used to love “stock car” racing. I probably still would if given the opportunity to watch an evening of racing again. I love the competition and the rivalry that accompanies the event. The Apostle Paul is a master at using “race” imagery to make his point about our faith journey (obviously not a “stock car” race). But the imagery of the race is prominent in Paul’s writings. This Sunday we’ll be looking at the race that Paul is running and the goals he has committed to in that race. Our text this week is Phil 3:12-16. Why not take the time to read this passage in preparation for Sunday and while you read it, ask yourself, “what is the intent of this passage and how does it apply to me?”  
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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