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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Oh, it’s feeling quiet. More empty seats in the sanctuary this week, people heading North, kind of sad for us! Still snowing in Manitoba last week, our kids in Niagara Falls got blasted with a snow storm this week again – just sayin’, so if you haven’t left yet, we’re in our best season here for the next few months! There’s still time to change your mind! And there’s still lots of great events here this week! The Church Fish Fry is on Thursday @ 5:30pm and Jenny & Jesse’s (King’s Kids) fundraiser is this Saturday @ 6pm. “Valeria”, Saturday’s entertainer, will give us a flavor of her music at the Fish Fry as well. Special music at this Sunday’s service with Neil and “The King is Coming”; we’re hoping Gabriela will be sharing about the prison ministry on the 17th and on the 24th, Mayra brings us something special from the Children’s Ministry.
* Devon & Marisol’s “Belen Casa de Pan” had their first event on their new location Saturday. The “Russian” team joined them bringing bouncy castles and candy floss, music and ministry. What a blessing to see this new location take shape the way it has! They were under the “roof”, a shade which already offers them much protection from the hot sun, but will come into play more and more this summer as it “warms” up. Congratulations and we simply celebrate with you as we see what our great God has helped you put into place. Lots of pics on the church facebook of this event.
* We were at the Rescate Farmer’s Market, Saturday on the Malecon and Paulette’s “Keylime” Pies were sold out in short order. Great to see Greg & Elizabeth there with their organic fruit, juicing samples right on the spot.
* On a sadder note, we pass on our condolences to the Dyck family this week. Howard’s father passed away on April 1st. Howard, Susan, Katie and Hannah are on their way to BC for his funeral. Please be praying for them as they grieve their loss. It was only several months ago that Susan’s father passed away as well.
* Many of you will remember Pat Nichol. Pat had a stroke last fall and as a result, moved to Florida to be near family. Pat had another stroke last week and passed away several days ago. Many of us have enjoyed her company and were sad to see her leave San Carlos. About a year ago, Jeannine found out, although Pat kept it very private, she would be celebrating her 80th birthday. It was our treat to celebrate that special day with her, with a dinner at the Sunset Bar and Grill.
* Lord willing, the Kalmbachs (Larry and Maris) will be back next week. Maris has been recuperating from surgery in Tucson. Keep on holding them up in your prayers.
* Upcoming Fund Raisers:
1. The Church Fish Fry happens this Thursday at the church (5:30pm). The proceeds of this enhance our Benevolence Fund. We will also get a preview of the entertainment which “Valeria” will be bringing the King’s Kids fundraiser on April 9.
2. This Saturday, April 9 – King’s Kinds Fundraiser at the church with “Valeria”.

* Last Sunday, Paul challenged us through the words he wrote to the Philippians to discover what niche we fill in growing the Kingdom of God. Each of us is uniquely gifted to fill a role which God designed specifically for each one of us (Eph. 2:10). Paul’s use of athletic imagery – “I press on”, “one thing I do”, “forgetting what is behind” and “straining toward what is ahead” – all the language of track and field – challenges us to run as Olympians toward the goal, fulfilling our particular call (niche) in building up His Kingdom. I was so encouraged by a story I later heard about one of our church family as she related, “I may not be able to do what I did when I was younger and had more energy, but I know what I can do now.” I love that. God’s not calling us to do more than we can do, but rather He’s challenging us to be aware of the giftings He has enabled us with and to use those with our whole heart to follow Him in obedience. So the challenge remains: 1. Determine what you most naturally do well or what you like to do; 2. prayerfully ask God how or where to employ that gift and then, 3. Run with it! This Sunday, we’ll continue in Phil. 3:17 -4:1 and we’ll see some of the things that can distract us from fulfilling that most meaningful, unique call on our lives. See you Sunday.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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