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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* She turned 91 yesterday, so I called her to say hello and wish her a happy Birthday! You want to talk about a sweet time over the phone. “How are you doing,” I asked. Oh, she said, “I’ve never felt better. I just feel so good.” She lived through her 60’s and 70’s with rheumatoid arthritis, but has since replaced both knees, both hips and one elbow and she now feels great. Her name is Nettie and yes, she’s my mother in law, one that never seems to complain. She lives on her own, still drives her own car and loves the Lord. She’s had her hard times but its never stolen her joy. As we talked, she simply said, “you’ve got to think young. I’ve never seen myself as old.” The previous week she did have a fall in her suite. She told me she had bent over to pick something up and fell forward, right on her face and hurt her nose. She said, “I went to the Dr. and he asked me what happened? She said, “I told him I bent over too far and the marbles rolled to the front of my head and over I went.” Yes, her wit and imagination haven’t slowed down either! Couldn’t be more encouraged than to have called her. This lady is just a wonderful inspiration. Always grateful to her Lord for all He has done. 

* And today our twin girls turn 26. So we wished the one in Australia happy birthday last evening and we’ll call the other one, who’s in Vancouver, tonight. Well that’s enough personal talk I guess. Do you even wonder how your kids can get so old while we . . .?
* My lands, that girl has a voice. Valeria’s voice could have filled the sanctuary without any amplification, truly an amazing singer as she performed a benefit concert for the King’s Kids last Saturday evening.
* Thursday night’s Fish Fry was another evening of being well taken care of. The fish was great and it was plentiful, and the coleslaw was the best I’ve ever had. Brenda and her team fed us so well and then there was desert. Gabriela brought us up to speed by sharing some of the stories her team has been involved in through the church’s benevolence ministry. The proceeds from the fish fry will once again help local people with needs which they might otherwise not be able to meet. The King’s Kids provided some entertainment and David Long did a great job, guiding our steps as he emceed the evening.
* Children’s Church was humming this week – 40 in Children’s Church and another 20 in the under 5 class. Some of her regular help have now returned North and she could really use our help with both of these classes. So we’re looking for 8 volunteers and we’re simply asking you to serve one Sunday a month to help in your choice of either of these classes. Sign up in the foyer or talk to Mayra in person. Would you consider ministering to these kids?
* Got another report from Justin’s youth ministry this week. Loved his lesson this past Friday where he challenged these young folks with the discipline of keeping their hearts warm before their Lord by practicing the presence of God. Way to keep it real, Justin!
* We’re trying something new this month with the newsletters we get from our missionaries. Hearing their stories is so encouraging, but so often you may not have access to them. In our effort to highlight their ministries in a meaningful way, we have begun to load their newsletters in our church’s “one drive”. This is a private site which can only be accessed through the link we will send via the Pastor’s Desk. This week, read the latest from Rob and Wendy Penner by clicking  HERE .

* Financial Report for March:
            Income:           16,630.59
            Expense:        16,959.85
            Shortfall:            (329.26)
* Attendance Report was incomplete during March.
* With people heading north and meetings slowing down, we were able to take last Saturday to visit several of the ministry centers our church supports. So off to Devon and Marisol’s, where they now break up into five groups for the bible study time. 90-100 kids being served breakfast, the Word of God and creating one of the busiest and most vibrant worship times. Their testimony of the Lord’s guidance and provision is heartwarming and to physically observe their new ministry location taking shape is no less heartwarming. The two new classrooms are starting to take shape and soon, they’ll be ready to host the Saturday program at the new center as well. From there, we were off to Maggies where our SCCC volunteer team was hard at work painting, sorting, “cleaning up” computers and hauling away garbage. Hugs and more hugs, just like always from these grateful kids. You just can’t help but enjoy them. And a little baby, with such a sad story, but sleeping oh so peacefully and oh so safely in one of the cribs. Days like that just remind one of the reason we love it here. This is a great community to watch God’s hand at work.
* The OP is loaded. The OP or “Operations Protocol” for SCCC is now loaded and ready for your perusal. This is our operating manual for lack of better words. Our goal was to put together policies and guidelines which would help all involved and new participants in particular, understand the expectations of whatever role they desired to participate in. We wanted to empower volunteers with both privilege and responsibility as they take on different tasks in the church. All too often, people have a variety of expectations of what a role should entail. Now the expectations are in writing (still with flexibility in mind – these are not the 10 commandments) and will allow servants to serve with anticipation.
            Another helpful component is knowing who to speak to when you have questions about the church policies. Procedures for using the facilities, who to speak to regarding maintenance issues, the process for seeking reimbursements are just a few of the topics covered. Blue colored “links” are connected to each subject line and by clicking on that link, you will re-directed to the given policy or guideline connected with your subject of choice. As you continue to scroll to the right, you can see who is responsible for the subject at hand or who is designated to fill the role.
We know it’s not a perfect or even a fully completed document at this point, but we do want to make it as functional as possible. So we are inviting your input – as you peruse the document, please tell us what’s helpful and what needs clarification. Please help us make this document helpful and beneficial for those who serve at SCCC. Click  HERE  to view the OP!

* Last Sunday, we were challenged by Paul’s words to the Philippians to be aware of the things that come our way which distract us from filling the special niche which God has for each one of us to fill. Spiritual reversals are common, even to our heroes from Scripture. So Paul warns against allowing spiritual erosion into our lives, he warns against reneging on the simple disciplines which keep us stable. 2. Caving in to earthly seductions is another distraction, where we allow sensual pleasures to overwhelm our convictions. And thirdly, getting caught up in the “here and now” as opposed to working toward our final destination. Too often the pleasures of the moment distract us from the rewards of our future life.
            This week, we’ll be looking at two short verses (4:2-3). It’s the story of two gals who just couldn’t get along and Paul warns against the often irreparable damage done by animosity between believers in the church. Praying God will speak to each of our hearts as we search His Word this Sunday.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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