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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Some weeks seem more challenging than others. Last week was certainly one of them – just a lot of hurts in a lot of different people’s lives. Its always a wonderful reminder to me of what I can do and what I can’t do. And that very scenario always pushes me to a deeper time in prayer. So every morning for the last week @ 5:30 am (I’d hate to do it when people can see me, they might have a heart attack), I’ve walked 2 Klms, spending much of that time focusing on time with the Lord. Other than an unfriendly, untethered black lab, who always looks like he is ready to lunge at you, this has turned into a wonderfully positive experience. God’s ability to remind us of who He is and what He can do goes beyond anything I can dream of. What a great God we serve.
* Gabriela gripped our hearts on Sunday as she shared the stories of five of the inmates in the Guaymas Women’s Prison where she and her team minister on a weekly basis. Ladies who have given their hearts to Christ in the past year are now mentoring each other in the Word. Thanks for sharing Gabriela.
 * “Moving Mayra” is at it again with great plans for the summer. So thankful for those of you who signed up to serve one Sunday a month in either class of the Children’s Church. Beyond that, she’s planning a “Children’s Day” Party on April 28 at 4pm. And then, and this was our highlight in Children’s Ministry last year, but this year, Mayra’s running with a VBS program called “Submerged & is already putting the initial pieces together. If you’re here, you’re going to want to help out, even if you can only do a few hours a day. We are looking to influence children from San Carlos with a great week of celebrating Jesus. (July 25-29) What a great reason to get up in the morning!
* Vision Vision Vision – “without vision people perish” and that’s what the elders have been looking at both last week and will be again in the coming week. We’re trying to honestly evaluate all that we’re doing, the effectiveness of our ministries to draw new people, to disciple people and to produce leaders for the future. We’re trying to fill in gaps in areas of meaningful discipleship. What does it mean to grow in Christ? Is there something else after you pray “the salvation Prayer”? What could that look like? So I’m excited as we dream about our future as a church. We’d love for you to pray for us as we look forward to what God would have for us this coming fall.
* Received a note from the McClellands regarding Selina’s surgery this morning: “Selina will be having her total knee replacement surgery this morning, April 19. She will be in hospital for 3 days. She truly believes in prayer and knows the power of such. Please do add her to yours. I will use the SCCC Prayer Wall to keep everyone up-to-date on her progress. The first 3 weeks will be the most critical and the next 5 will be closely monitored for her gaining her range of motion back. Thank you all.” We’re praying with you Selina!
* Like to hear what’s happening in the lives of the missionaries SCCC is connected with? We are trying something brand new. We have asked our missionary friends to send their newsletters and updates to our church office. Every newsletter we receive will be posted in our Church’s private one drive. If you click  HERE  it will take you to the Missionary Folder and you can read the latest newsletter of which ever missionary you would like to read about.  Their stories will grip your hearts and it is our privilege to partner with these amazing leaders.
* The following is a set of links which relate to other church information. Feel free to browse by clicking on any of the links: 

  • Operations Protocol                              –  Click HERE
  • SCCC (All) Missionary Newsletters        – Click HERE
  • Ministry Leaders Contact Information    –
  • Church E-mail and Phone Directory       –
  • 2015 AGM Ministry Report                    –
  • Constitution and Bylaws                         –

* The OP or “Operations Protocol” for SCCC is loaded and at your service. This is our operating manual for lack of better words. Our goal was to put together policies and guidelines which would help all involved and new participants in particular, understand the expectations of whatever role they anticipated participating in.
        We know it’s not a perfect or even a fully completed document at this point, but we do want to make it as functional as possible. So we are inviting your input – as you peruse the document, please tell us what’s helpful and what needs clarification. Please help us make this document helpful and beneficial for SCCC’s future servants. Click HERE to view the OP!
* Last Sunday, we saw Paul’s deep concern about two ladies who weren’t getting along in the Philippian Church. His concern is so great that Paul pleads with his friend Clement to help them get along. Paul understood the inherent danger of division in this church he so loved. The passage is also a proactive warning for us as a church family, a warning to always be alert to divisive issues which could hinder what God is doing Our call is to fight the enemy, not each other. So at a time, when we are experiencing great momentum, the warning from Philippians is a wonderful piece of “Preventative Maintenance” for each of us who love SCCC.

Preventative Maintenance includes a commitment for each of us to:
1. PRAY earnestly and regularly for ongoing harmony in this church.
2. attach high value to EVERY other person in this church.
3. If a rift begins to develop, follow MT 18:15 like a ROAD MAP.

* In closing, each of us were challenged to respond to the following:
     ☐   Yes  – As much as it depends on me, I am committed to the
                     ongoing unity and harmony of SCCC!
* This week, we will look at the next verse (4:4) “Rejoice in the Lord, ALWAYS (really?) and again (just in case you didn’t get it the first time), I say REJOICE.” Okay, like what are we to rejoice over? Like, when my motor blows in my vehicle; like when my finances are slim; like when sickness is ruining my life; like when my marriage is a nightmare; like when I’ve lost a loved one? Rejoice always – Wow, that’s a pretty tall order! How do we live that out? Join us this Sunday @ 9 at SCCC.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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