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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* OH, its quiet! Our corner of the Country Club emptied out this weekend. Wow, every year it gets a little sadder as they drive away for the summer. We had a farewell “hot dog” roast a week and a half ago at one of their homes and we just realize more and more how we value these many new friendships which have developed in the last few years. We’ve got such great neighbors!
* 48 children at the “Day of the Child” event last Thursday. There’s some great pics of the event on our church’s facebook page. So grateful for all the folks from the church who helped make this another great children’s event. Mayra’s passion to develop stronger relationships with the local children will serve these children well.
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* Recently, a gal named Melanie posted a prayer request on our Church “Prayer Wall”. Alex Echeribel responded to her request by emailing her with these words, “My wife and I saw your prayer request and prayed. I was wondering if you live in San Carlos. The reason I am asking is you stated you felt alone and if you lived here in San Carlos my wife and I would pay you a visit.”
            Her response – “Thank you for your email and your prayers. It is really appreciated. Sorry I do not live in San Carlos. I live in the UK. Thank you so much for your concern. God bless.”
            Alex’s response to me, “Melanie lives in the Uk. but if the church wants to pay our way to the UK we would then welcome a chance to pay her a visit.
            What a treat that through our prayer wall, the Echeribels could offer to care for this lady and ultimately that she would feel their act of kindness through this email. Sorry Alex, but you’ll have to wait for next year’s budget before heading to the UK, Lol!!
* Got a really special email this week. Recently we had prayed with a lady about an issue which was a significant concern for her. This week her prayer was answered very specifically. Her words: “Thanks for praying with me about it last month—I really have been able to leave it in God’s hands and not overstress about it, but what a relief to . . .“ I love those kinds of testimonies. In light of that allow me to share some more requests for prayer:
* Jesse Navarro’s mother passed away Sunday evening. Please pray for the Navarros as they grieve their loss. Praying with you Jesse. We’re so sorry for your loss!
* Frank Stoaks is travelling back to California this week to be with Kathy and her son Jamie as he awaits a liver transplant. Pray for them as they spend these days together in “wait” mode.
* Got an email from Pete Peterson last week. Pat continues to face a challenging time with her health. On top of that, Pete is now doing the cooking, an ultimate danger in Pat’s mind!!
* Jeff (Mary) Sprague took a nasty fall down a flight of stairs last week. No bones broken but lots of very nasty bruises. Please pray for his recovery.
* Alex Echeribel’s sister recently underwent some major surgery and is presently not responding well.
* Monthly Church Report for April
Average attendance – 207 (51 of those being children)
Income   –  15,998.68
Expense – 14,937.78
Surplus  –    1,060.90
* Last Sunday, we looked at one of Paul’s most memorized passages, the one on prayer found in Phil 4:5-7. I think what still stands out the most for me is the results of praying the way Paul speaks of. Paul doesn’t promise that our prayers will necessarily experience the solutions we’re asking for. He rather promised that we could experience peace in our hearts and minds. And if that isn’t the biggest challenge we have in life, I’m not sure what is. To be truly relieved of the stresses and burdens that we carry, often needlessly, really is something that goes way beyond our “human comprehension.” At the end of Sunday’s message, to see so many people standing in response to a hunger for that “peace which passes all understanding” speaks of the many stresses we’re all facing in life. Several people shared after the message, how they felt a brand new sense of peace in their hearts. Last evening, we were hanging out with a group of friends over in Loma del Mar and one of the fellows who had heard the message, said he felt very clearly, a brand new sense of peace in light of the many different challenges he faces in his own life.

My prayer is that we will continue to identify those things that rob us of God’s peace and that we will truly seek Him, seek His wisdom, ask Him to give us a new perspective, the right perspective and that we will give up control and trust our story to the Lord. If you’re still wrestling with getting peace – don’t give up. Keep on calling on this great Lord of ours and invite Him to bring that peace into your life. And If you’ve recently experienced a new sense of God’s peace, share it with a friend and encourage them as they prayerfully commit their need to the Lord.

This Sunday we will look at the next verse Phil 4:8 and the subject of “Christian Mind Control.” Don’t fret, its not what it may sound like, but Paul gives some great instructions here which relate really well to his previous verses on Prayer. Hope to see you Sunday!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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