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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Sometimes I almost envy families who have all their children (and grandchildren) on their doorsteps, or at least in the same state/province. You know, like within a 20 minute drive from their home, or similar. Its inspiring watching the excitement of families who leave here and the first thoughts out of their mouths when they leave, “I can hardly wait to see/hold/be with my grandchild.” I’m delighted for those of you who get to enjoy that experience. Ours however, will always be different, not disappointing, just different. And next week, our second son will make the move from Vancouver to Australia. There seem to be numerous opportunities for Christian chaplains in Australian schools and that’s his present plan. So that will mean one left in Vancouver, one in Niagara Falls, (across the river from Buffalo, NY) and two in Perth, Australia. So I guess our prayer will always be, “Lord keep those airlines competitive, please!” With facebook, magic jack, facetime and all the various methods of communication, we will remain connected. Hopefully they will keep moving to places we want to visit! So we rejoice with our gypsy children, who probably got their cue from their parents.
* A great highlight for me last week – I was able to spend some time over breakfast with Ken VanKirk. He’s such an encouraging brother and I’m always left feeling like its been a great day after my time with him. He continues to mentor staff at Le Mesa, while filing the medical role and all the while trying to recruit and train more Medical staff to serve the Tarahumara people. Part of his desire is to recruit potential staff from Central and South America, for which he is also needing to raise the funding to support them. So he has a big load, but an incredible ability to turn his trust over to the Lord for His help and provision.
* Read the latest Missionary Newsletters from our partner missionaries: Click HERE

* Watch some of SCCC’s best videos from events to the new building: Click HERE
* A note from Matt Wyka, our soon to be “Youth Director” – I am happy to report I am home enjoying a month with my family. My time in Peru was incredible. I learned three important things; Latin American culture, the Spanish language, but above all I learned about myself and the call of God on my life to serve the church.
Last Friday I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Pastoral Studies, and am excited to bring whatever I can from my studies to SCCC.
In the middle of June I will be making the road trip from Minnesota to Sonora to begin my new life and journey as the Youth Director at our Church. I am looking forward to a summer working alongside of Justin, who has done so much for our youth already. We are going to try and bring our youth community to a new level of belonging and spiritual identity in Christ.  Thank you to everyone who helped get me to Sonora, I will see you soon!
In Christ,
            We are looking forward to your arrival, Matt and excited what God will continue to do through the Youth Ministry in San Carlos!
* Keith & Deborah Robinson’s daughter-in-law, Sam, will be in surgery today for 8 hours to remove her thyroid and neck lymph nodes, as they just found out she has thyroid cancer. 
* Received a note regarding Fran Swift. She has regained strength and health and is ready for a kidney transplant. She is still waiting for a donor.
* On Sunday, we got to honor the ladies of our church. So often “Mother’s Day” is only about Moms who have given birth and they are certainly worthy of this honor. However, there are many other ladies who have served, cared for and influenced children as well. So because of Christie’s kindness and her desire to honor these ladies, we were able to bless Jenny, Bethany, Clarrisa and Marisol for their role in working with numerous children. Maggie was unable to be there on Sunday. Jeannine also received one of these beautiful bouquets for her role in our church family and every lady in attendance received a flower to take home.
* Compliment of the Year, “Hi Glenn—you lobbed some serious holy hand grenades today and shrapnel hit us right between the eyes. I really needed to hear that message. Thank you.” Speaks for itself – right from the heart and straight to the point.
* Heard a great rumor this morning – Our Spanish classes for the next few weeks have been designed to “kill two birds with one stone.” Not only will we be learning the language, but in light of the upcoming VBS, we’re going to be learning ways to connect with the kids we will be connecting with at the VBS. Of course, these classes are universal in connecting with anyone, but I marvel at Jennifer’s continuous creativity in teaching us this great language. Her prayer before every class is always help us Lord to learn to speak this language SO THAT we can share of your greatness with the Spanish speaking people we will encounter.
Beginner and Intermediate classes this morning at 10am and Intermediate and Advanced classes on Thursday at 10am, all at SCCC. Hope to see you there.
* Last Sunday, we looked at one dynamic verse (Phil. 4:8) Allow me to paraphrase a little – Paul said, make sure you put true stuff, right stuff, pure stuff, lovely stuff, excellent stuff, praiseworthy stuff into your minds. And then he said, once you have put the right stuff into your minds, let your mind dwell on that kind of data. Meditate, contemplate, focus your attention on these things.
            We are challenged to choose what we put into our minds and we know that what we put in, to a large extent, determines who we will become. Our choice is relatively simple:

  1. Garbage in – Garbage Out! or,
  2. We can input the kinds of things Paul addresses.

So we looked at several ways to input GOOD data and ways to implement these changes in our lives. What a treat to already hear feedback of people who are intentionally focusing on good and Godly input as they began their day on Monday Morning!!! All praise and glory to our great and amazing God.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

Bonus Article of the Week from Thom Rainer – I Am Not in Church

I am not in church.
Sure, I have visited churches several times, but I gave up.
For the most part, the people were unfriendly in the churches. No one greeted me unless it was some contrived greeting time. No one noticed me while they gathered in their holy huddles. One church member sat down by me and told me I was sitting in her pew. I decided to leave right then.

I am not in church.
But I really would like to know more about Christianity. Unfortunately, most of the sermons I hear seem watered down. Too many of the preachers tend to shy away from dealing with the biblical text straight on. I want to learn, but they just seem to want to please.

I am not in church.
I could make you a list of over 100 things churches are against. The topics range from the serious to the ridiculous. I sure would like to find a church that also tells me what they are for.

I am not in church.
But I need help. I know I need help. There are times I hurt badly and seek answers. I was hoping to find some of those answers at church. I was hoping to meet people who cared. I was hoping to be in place where I am treated with dignity and care.

I am not in church.
My co-worker goes to church. I even know where he’s a member. But he’s never invited me. My neighbor goes to church. My children play with her children. I see their family go to church every Sunday. But she’s never invited me. I would go if she did. I would definitely go.

I am not in church.
But church members don’t seem to care. They seem too busy to care. No one speaks to me. No one invites me. No one shows concern for me.

I am not in church.
I am not anti-church. I am not anti-Christian. I am really seeking answers. I am really looking for people who care.

I am not in church.
But I think I would like to be.

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