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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                               

* Good morning to you all and I pray you are having a great week. We’re feeling the humidity today and with the recent heat wave, we find ourselves hiding in the AC, a little more than usual. I thought it was tough in San Carlos when we hit 41C (105F) for a few days, but when one of our attendees who comes from Hermosillo to worship with us, emailed me and said it was actually 53C (125F) in that city, I realized its time to stop whining.

* We continue to spend a fair bit of time connecting with individual families both from the church and from our community. Its always a treat to hear stories of the things God is doing in people’s lives. Tonight we meet with another couple who recently relocated to SC and will now be here 8 months of the year. Ron and Julie moved here from Redding, CA and she has a wealth of experience in VBS and Children’s Ministry and has already met with Mayra to see how she can help out. What an exciting time when you see such a servant’s heart.

* Last week, we had a great time with Fabiola, another newer attendee, at her birthday party in Guaymas. Here’s another young lady with a heart after God. She’s also part of the Historical Society of Sonora/Guaymas and has a lot to do with preserving historical information. Many of the folks from the historical society also attended the birthday party, several of which also spoke English and so we had a fabulous time getting to know some more new people, hearing some more Guaymas stories and eating some authentic Mexican food. And another huge treat was reconnecting with Candy and Beto who run the Dream Center, the homeless feeding program at the railroad station in Guaymas. And coincidence of coincidence, Candy is Fabiola’s aunt.

* We’ve had some changes in our Finance department as Elizabeth Matchett has taken on the role of bookeeping and data input. Brian and Elizabeth recently moved here with his role at Rolls Royce, at one of the local mikylas. We are so grateful for all the work Richard has done as he served in this role on an interim basis. And we are as thankful for the essential skill sets and enthusiasm which Elizabeth brings to the role. Thanks so much to both of you!

* After almost 6 months of study in the book of Philippians, we will look at the last few verses this Sunday. I have so enjoyed my time of preparation in this great book. I love its practical challenges when it comes to lving the Christian life. Not only did we glean information about Faith, Paul gave us guidance and direction in living out our lives in a authentic way. I read an article the other day which so helps to define what I’m trying to bring across to you and it really defines what I so appreciate about Paul’s teachings in this book. 
           A new pastor was asking one of his Bible study leaders about their bible studies.
Oh he said, “yes, we’ve been studing the book of James this winter. Its just been so rich and deep.”
Oh said the Pastor, “so now, you’re taking care of widows and orphans?”
“Well no, like I said, we just studied the book and it was so rich and deep.”
           I’m always saddened when “discipleship” is reduced to gleaning some more profound information, something hidden in some obsolete commentary found by the diligent pastor who presents the new found information in some profoundly exciting manner.
           On the other hand, I am always encouraged when our understanding of discpleship involves a profound experience where we are drawn into living out these very truths of Scripture, teachings like those of Paul in this precious book of Philippians. A true disciple will never be the person with the most information, it will be the one with the most application – applicaiton of God’s truth to everyday living to the point where it impacts people and cause them to want to become disciples of Christ as well. Hope to see you Sunday! 

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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