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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                             

* Good morning to you all and I pray you are having a great week. Wonderful temperatures this morning. Sun is shining – oh ya, it always shines here! I had such a great time last night as we put the final plans in place with Patty & Abdiel for their wedding in “11 days”. It’s been a treat getting to know this young couple and hearing about their love for children and their hopes for the future in working with these children. We are so looking forward to this celebration as you join your lives together. 

* Guess who is here? Yes, he rolled in yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to say hello as of yet, but Matt Wyka has arrived and we are thrilled with getting to know him and seeing God’s continuing plans unfold for the Youth Ministry at SCCC. Welcome Matt. We look forward to connecting, but even more, we are anticipating what God will bring through your leadership of this ministry.

* Jeannine received an update from Kathy Stoaks today and her son is now 2nd on the list for receiving a liver. They are at the UCSF this morning, just in case the Doctors are unable to proceed with the other intended recipient of the liver transplant. Please pray for the Stoaks as they await a donor and as they await Jamie’s surgery.

* Join me in praying for Mark Mulligan, who will be on Isla de Mujeres this coming weekend for Islandfest (I believe that’s what its called.) In talking with him last weekend, he mentioned how he will be taking some time Sunday morning to present some Gospel music and to bring an awareness of Christ at the event. His heart to honor Christ is always a blessing to me.

* We received a note from the VanKirks this week that I wanted to bring to your attention. Having been there, we understand the challenges this must present. So I share it with you and ask that you would pray and determine how the Lord might direct you.
     Ruth writes: “Just about everything here in LaMesa is broken right now. Not only do we depend on our water truck which hauls water from our drilled well down in the village (a 2 km drive), but our neighbors come every evening to get water for their needs. The clutch went out on the truck that hauls our big tank to refill into our location’s tank and the hood won’t open to even check it! Thanks for all who have given to the clinic fund over and beyond our budget this year. It’s for times like this that the extra funds are put to use! If we could only get the truck hood open, we could remove that clutch and get it to town for repair. Maybe a can opener? Anyhow, also needing to get two generators repaired and perhaps replace the one that was donated about ten years ago. We can get by for a while on baby wipe baths, as we can drive our own truck down to the Pueblo to fill smaller tanks for drinking and dishwater, but the neighbors can’t even cook without hiking 700 feet down a canyon to a creek where the water is disgusting! An Indian friend suggested I buy a burro so I could haul our water up the canyon like they do.”

* After almost 6 months, we completed our study in the book of Philippians last Sunday with the following verse: “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” Its such a great verse to bring closure to this book. Philippians has always been my favorite book and God in his goodness has just made this book fresh all over again. Chapter 4 has been my highlight in seeing how each verse links together. Just briefly:

v:2-3 – Paul expresses his concern about infighting between two people in the church and the damage it can do.

V:4 – Paul reminds us to rejoice in what God is doing as opposed to fighting each other.

V:5&6 – Stop being so anxious about things and instead pray about these things.

V:7 – God’s promise is to give you peace beyond human comprehension as you pray.

V:8 – Change your thinking to reflect on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report; think about the praiseworthy things which our Lord is doing. (Paul understands full well how we humans can get so absorbed in the negative events around us.)

V:9 – Practice living the way Paul has just defined. He knows it takes practice to follow through with a prayerful attitude focused on Jesus!

V:10-12 – There is a secret to being content and it has nothing to do with being either rich or poor; well fed or hungry or any other circumstances. It has to do with living in the above way.

V:13 – This contentedness has to do with knowing that I can do all things with Christ’s help.

V:14-18 – Paul reminds them that their financial gift to him was a great blessing. But in the larger context, our gifts to the Lord, our offerings are a sweet aroma to the Lord and they gain both His reward and His pleasure.

V:19 – The final Word – My God shall supply all your need according to His glorious riches. All the struggles we face – spiritual, relational, financial, et al will be taken care of when we live in the way Paul has just revealed to us in this amazing chapter. And with that, Paul says farewell to these people who he absolutely loves.

            I pray you’ve enjoyed the study in Philippians as much as I have. It has drawn me into an even more practical understanding of God’s design for all of us. He’s reminded me in a brand new way of His participation in my life, of the things that I need to do to Honor Him so that I can experience His help and His guidance through all the events of my life. What a great God!! You can listen to any of these previous messages on our church website and then click on audio messages.

 * This Sunday, we will look at a somewhat obscure book from the Old Testament and at one verse in particular, Habakkuk 3:17. If you have a chance, look it up and contemplate what God is saying to His people through this verse and how it could apply to your own life today!

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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