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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                             

* Good morning to you all. Yes, Matt is definitely here and many of you got to meet him on Sunday. I am so proud of you, the church family, who have so welcomed Matt and made him feel so comfortable. Mayra has introduced him to a number of the younger folks at several fun events last week. Tonight, he’s watching soccer at another home with one of our other soccer fans. Have at it you guys and have a great time. We all welcome you Matt. It is so thrilling to dream about what God may have in store for SCCC with Matt on the team.

 * I received an email this morning from Art Koenes, who shared that Brenda is in Hospital. “Brenda suffered a stroke at 1am this morning. She responded well to the medication and they will be placing her in ICU to monitor her. She is improving quickly.” Please be praying for Brenda, Art and their family.  

* PLEASE NOTE: On Sunday morning, I made an announcement which Jenny shared with me that Angel Castro had passed away. Jenny received word last night that this was some kind of horrible hoax. I do not know all the details at this time. Then late, last evening, I received another phone call from Justin McLean saying that he had just spoken with Angel. So we are left with gratitude that Angel is alive, but with sadness that such a horrific hoax was ever foisted on Jenny. I know you all join me in praying for Jenny and the terrible pain she was experiencing as she was led to believe Angel had passed away. Please continue to pray for Jenny and the team at King’s Kids! Pray for Jenny as she looks for an opportunity to meet with Angel.

* Jamie (Kathy Stoak’s son) received his new liver last week and is doing excellent. Within 3 days, he had already been doing laps in the hospital and walked ½ mile on the third day. We rejoice with Frank and Kathy, we’re thankful to God for all he has done in their lives and in Jamie’s in particular. We’re waiting patiently for your return. 

* Exciting night last night as a bunch of the ladies gathered for a shower for Patty Wiebe, the soon to be Patty Lopez! Jeannine learned a bunch of new games and met a number of Abdiel’s family, including his mother.

 * The following is the May Financial report for SCCC.

          * May Weekly Attendance – 152 (39 of which were children)
·         * May Financial Statement:
                Income  –  6519.84
              Expense  –  9569.50
              Shortfall  –  (-3049.66)

* Jesus said, “without faith, it is impossible to please Him.” What does that mean for you and I? What does that kind of faith look like? Last week, I talked about some of ways faith has been defined incorrectly in our culture. We then looked at Habakkuk, who wrote his short book at a time when Israel was in a terrible dilemma. God was about to raise up the pagan nation of Babylon to punish the Israelites. Habakkuk begins his book by questioning God’s wisdom, wondering what on earth God is doing. However, he ends his book with these familiar words, “although the fig tree does not blossom and there are no grapes on the vine . . . yet will I rejoice in the Lord! The revelation that Habakkuk received from the Lord was “the just shall live by faith.” He did live by faith and it moved him from the desolation of the first two chapters to the jubilation of 3:18. It truly was an act of faith for Habakkuk to trust the Lord’s ways. The message is a call for you and I to gain a greater understanding of what it means to live by faith.

This week, we look at one of the 3 requirements for personal spiritual growth – faith, hope and love. We will focus on faith and continue to develop our understanding of what “true faith” means for you and I as a believer. If you’d like to read ahead, Matt. 14:22-32 will be our text.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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