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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                             

* Good morning to you all. We’re back from the land of rain and gentler temperatures. I don’t think we’ve had a significant rain in San Carlos since last November, but we had 5-6 inches while at our Family Camp. It was a great week of encouragement as we were challenged by the morning and evening sessions of two seasoned pastors. One highlight – If you’ve never had the privilege of eating a “timbit”, (sorry, but only in Canada can you buy these delightful little doughnut centers. They’re like the filet mignon of steaks, like the tenderloin of the pork world), like I said, if you’ve never had a timbit, you may not fully appreciate the following statement made in the opening session, “Faith is only as good as a timbit. Its only good when its fresh.” His point was so true. Do we keep our faith fresh, or do we only find ourselves repetitively sharing past stories of our faith walk? Nothing wrong with those stories, but what is God doing in your heart today? Our trust in God needs to be renewed on a daily basis. We need that fresh walk with him and that was the challenge we took home with us.  

* I’ve attached an interesting article today “Ten Traits of the Healthiest Churches Ten Years from Now” – by Thomas Rainer. I think this article reflects what a church with “fresh faith” looks like.

 * And with that, we continue to look forward to all of God’s plans for SCCC. We came home to some great progress in the preparation of our VBS program, “Submerged.” The team has grown and we are so grateful for the volunteers who have joined in. Regulars and newbies, once again stepping up to the plate. So grateful to each of you. The stage will be set this Sunday for the beginning of this outreach on the following day! Would you please pray with us? Imagine with us new little ones from our community hearing about Jesus in this refreshing environment. Imagine these children being in a presence where they will experience Christ, day in and out for a whole week. Imagine these children becoming part of either our children’s or our youth ministry in the future. That’s our dream and that’s our request of the Lord – “Lord, please touch our lives and the lives of these children during this very special week.”

 * Going back to our time away, we also got to spend some time with our grandsons, now 6 and 3 years of age. It’s so much fun hanging out with them now, other than their energy seems to outlive mine! But now we can actually have conversations. I can only do that “goo goo, ga, ga” stuff so long. I mean you just seem to run out of words. But now, we can talk. Nerf guns were the weapons of choice, feeding the ducks and geese in the park, shooting hoops with the big guy, going for walks, sharing hamburgers and life – haven’t seen them for 15 months, so as you can imagine, there were huge changes. We also got to see my mother and my mother in law – so good to spend some time with them. We set up my Mom with an ipad and now we can facetime (video chats) with them and she can do the same with each of her children and grandchildren. Okay, enough personal stuff.

 * We are also thrilled with the progress Matt is making in meeting with the Youth kids, connecting with them both individually and corporately and continuing with the Friday evening events. The church family also were blessed by Matt’s message about our “use of words” and the creative ability our words have on one of the Sundays we were gone. Steve McLean filled in the other Sunday with a message about dependence on God during the “independence” (July 4th) weekend. Thank you to both of you for these great challenges. You can listen to these messages on our website if you missed them.

* An update from Hiram and Marcela: “Just wanted to give you an update before I get the prayer wall updated. Around two weeks ago, we got back some other test results finding a 5 cm tumor in Hiram’s left adrenal gland. This is a big deal since it’s not able to produce and balance body hormones, it needs to be removed via surgery as soon as possible. We are now waiting on some more test result that will be given to us on August 13 (such a long wait) so doctors can evaluate body condition for surgery. I’m Soooo thankful that finally we have a diagnosis, we have waited for a year and a half for this…”

Marcela continues: “I have been very encouraged as I receive the prayer wall emails stating that somebody has prayed for us, early in the morning, afternoon or night there has been somebody praying for us. It has made a BIG difference, never realized how important it is to let people know that we are praying for their needs. There have been times when I’m so down and tired and I’m so ready to complain but then I see on my phone screen an email that reads “Somebody just prayed for you”… Perspective changes and then I get back in to the right track.”

* The following is the June Financial and Attendance report for SCCC.

  • June Weekly Attendance – 125 (29 of which were children)
  • June Financial Statement:
    *  Income                 –  8,739.47
    Expense               –  15,132.82 (includes quarterly missions support)
     Shortfall               –  (-6,392.35)

* This last week, we began a new series on “Freedom”. What is freedom and what has to take place in our lives to experience freedom? We began with the relationship between forgiveness and freedom, a theme which is so often addressed in our Scriptures. Sunday’s feedback was very encouraging as we realized how we are all impacted by this subject in our lives. We’d love to have you join us for this ongoing series. We’re praying, as the song writer says, “that freedom reigns in this place.” Join us live or through the website at

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

      Ten Traits of the Healthiest Churches Ten Years from Now – Thomas Rainer

I am not a prophet. Please don’t stone me if I get one of these ten traits wrong.

And while there is a good bit of subjectivity in this article, I think I am basing my projections on clear and evident trends.

So, what if we could look into the future ten years from now, and see the characteristics of the healthiest churches in America? Would you be willing to make changes now? Take a look.

  1. They have the same pastor they did ten years ago. Pastors, the greenest grass may be the church you serve right now. Church members, quit nitpicking and complaining to pastors so much that they can’t wait to leave.
  2. The pastor, staff, and church members have a decade of calling to the local community. They are not just called to the church; they are called to the community the church is intended to serve. They would have loved and served the community for ten years.
  3. The church will be as diverse as the community. Look at your demographics now and the projected demographics ten years from now. How diverse is your church?
  4. The church will have responded to its international mission field in its own backyard for ten years. The world is coming to America. What is your church doing to reach different people groups in your community? Try sponsoring an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. Watch the world come to you.
  5. The church will have had a consistent and strategic outward focus for a decade. The leadership of the church consistently and persistently leads the congregation in outwardly focused ministries and evangelism.
  6. All new members the past ten years will have attended a new members’ class. They will thus not only have information about the church; they will have heard expectations of how they are to serve, minister, and give in the church.
  7. The church will have seen the cultural changes of the decade as opportunities rather than threats. Rather than ranting every time culture takes a shift away from Christianity, these churches will have used the changes as opportunities to share the gospel and minister.
  8. At least 80 percent of the worship attendance will have moved to a small group over the decade. For ten years, leadership in the church will have been highly intentional about moving people to small groups. As a result, assimilation will be at an all-time high.
  9. At least 50 percent of the attendance will have invited at least four people to church each year. Over ten years, a church of 200 in attendance will thus have invited 4,000 people or families to church.
  10. Every year for ten years these churches will have become more joyous and fun. Church bullies, curmudgeons, control freaks, and critics will not like these churches. The people will just be too happy for their tastes.

Ten years may seem like a long time to some. But it’s really the blink of an eye.

What will your church look like in ten years?

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