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Hello SCCC Family,  
* Good morning to you all. Finally – ¼ inch of rain yesterday morning. Wow it felt great. Rain always has such a neat way of knocking the dust out of the air and there was just a whole new fragrance in the air.

* 60 kids yesterday and the team was off to a great start. There is a number of pictures up on the church’s facebook page which reveal as many of the volunteers as we could catch in action. After registration with Janeth and Imelda, the whole event was kicked off by Donna K’s prayer. The church looks marvelous. The Submarine theme involves a boat which fills almost ½ of the old sanctuary. The Hallway to the new sanctuary is filled with all kinds of underwater creatures and as you enter the new sanctuary, jelly fish and other fish that I’ve not seen before hang from the ceiling and the walls again reflect the “Submerged” theme.

            Chuck and Carol, who have now moved here permanently – Chuck doing security (well oversight actually), along with Jimmy J, Dan and Ron and Carol is having a blast in the crafts; Julie Ann, another new year rounder from Redding CA, along with Ruthanne & Shirley (all with their wonderful permanent smiles) were organized by Nedra and what a job she did. It simply flowed. Gabriela and Elizabeth took care of missions in the Yellow Submarine. The kids were divided into four categories, each of which got their turn in the boat and an opportunity to hear the story.

             Let me interject this here – I don’t think I’ve seen a happier bunch of volunteers at work than I did yesterday. It was awe inspiring.

              Aaron, Aubrey, Marcos, Franky and others took care of the games. Imelda, Mayra, Janeth (also new to the church) and Matt led their respective groups through the six stations of the day – from fun, to crafts to teaching and to the diner inbetween. Because of their advertising, Matt also had 4-5 new youth in his group from SC. We’re praying they’ll become new additions to his youth ministry.

               Mark & Keressa headed up the kitchen team and in short order had all the kids fed and watered. Christie, Leigh and Donna headed up the water station as it was pretty hot & muggy outside and then also helped with the lunch in the diner. Dan & Shirley brought along a new couple, who dock beside them, who also helped out in the kitchen. You’ll find pictures of all of them on our facebook. Thank you to everyone of you who is serving with so much love and joy and with such a heart of service!

               I did hear that Mayra was at the church till 1am finishing all the last details and she was back at her finest yesterday morning. This lady just has such a heart after the Lord in preparing, serving and giving of herself. Our church is absolutely blessed to have her on the team. Please pray for her and team. It does take a lot of energy to take care of all the details these folks are taking care of. Let’s keep on praying that these little lives will be touched by the Message of the Gospel.

* We were saddened to hear the news that Nancy Dreiling’s mother passed away last Saturday. Please pray for them and their family as they grieve their loss. 

* Please take note of the prayer requests on the Prayer Wall. You can find this on our church website. There is a number of new prayer requests there and its our privilege to pray for each other. Doug is doing well again after having several stints put in. Sonya and Earl are requesting our payers for her recent diagnosis. Hiram’s diagnosis has given them hope, but surgery will be required. Many others requests are up on the wall.

* Three ladies from the Guaymas prison are requesting baptism as a result of Gabriela and her team’s ministry there. What an incredible reward for her faithfulness in this work. WOW!

* Scott and Dana, former missionaries to Mexico, then to Mongolia arrive this morning from Louisiana. I get to pick them up at Tufesa at 8am this morning. I imagine they’ll be a little exhausted after the 8-9 hour bus ride from Phoenix. Scott visited earlier this year and after 5 years of working with the church in LA, they are feeling God’s call back to missions. They want to follow through with how they might serve some of the surrounding villages in our area. Pray for them that they will know God’s voice in their search to be obedient to Him.

* We continue our series on Freedom this coming week. You don’t want to miss this series. All of us are hindered at different times by different issues in our lives which rob us of the freedom God promises to His children. I encourage you to consider how you have been cheated of the freedom God desires for you and allow God to speak to you through this series. God’s “Freedom” needs to reign in this place and we are praying for that truth to take on a greater reality at SCCC.  

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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