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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                         * Good morning to you all. Hey – the hills are greening up. There may be a few weeds involved, but they’re getting that green tinge. Even the “gravel” portion of our yard is getting that green tinge. Yes its “weed” season, oops I mean itd “green” season. But hey, it looks great. Lots of rain over the last week, even some puddles in non-cemented areas.

 * The team celebrated Saturday evening at Brian & Elizabeth’s as they hosted many of the volunteers who served so well at our VBS. What a meal with Matt and Brian manning the BBQ, a bunch of favorite sides and lots of wonderful fellowship. The attendance at the VBS fluctuated a bit with a maximum of 70 kids. But the best part is 4 children from the Ranchitos, who attended the VBS, were in church on Sunday – one new youth and three children in Mayra’s children’s church. This is a wonderful answer to our prayers as we’ve been asking the Lord for growth beyond the events. The mother of that youth also attended SCCC on Sunday and with Marcela doing the spontaneous translation, was able to understand the service. She had shared with us on Friday, after she saw the joy her son experienced, that she would love for her son to continue attending youth and that they would like to come to church. And here they are. Praise God! Thank you to all of you who served so well.

* Received another email from a very excited Gabriela yesterday. There are now 6 ladies desiring baptism in the Guaymas Prison. Gabriela’s faithfulness in teaching there on a weekly basis has resulted in a number of these ladies giving their hearts to the Lord. One, who gave her heart to the Lord last winter, was a member of the cult “Holy Death” (Santa Muerta). This is a huge step for this lady in light of other cult members. So next Monday, Aug 8 is the date and like Jeannine and I, I trust many of you will be praying for this day and the positive momentum it will have in the Guaymas prison.

* This coming Sunday, unless the Lord changes his mind, will be Justin’s last Sunday leading our worship on Sunday mornings. He’s off to college in Phoenix and we will miss surely miss him. I have been so blessed to sit under his leadership when it comes to worship. He has given it his all in finding songs which link to and augment the message. His goal has consistently been to prepare our hearts for what is to come. And I have been blessed as a result. Please pray with us that God will raise up another worship leader who could fill this role and in turn reduce the load placed on our other leaders.

 * Scott and Dana, former missionaries to Mexico, have spent the week exploring opportunities to help pastors disciple believers in the fishing villages along the coast. We spent the better part of the day with them yesterday, touring with them to several of the local missions and looking at some potential housing options. It was a well spent day as Jeannine and I listened to them working through what God was speaking to their hearts. Tomorrow they return to Louisiana to further process their adventures in Sonora. Pray for them as they determine the Lord’s direction in their lives. 

* Marilyn Hicks is looking for a Spanish speaking “Griefshare” facilitator for the upcoming season. If this is a ministry God has put on your heart, or if you have questions as to what that could look like, I would be glad to connect you with her. The materials (videos and workbooks) are now available in the Spanish language.

* Brenda Koenes and team will once again be filling 300 backpacks for the upcoming season. So if you could bring some school supplies to help them fill them up, we would be so grateful. Brenda will be preparing a specific list of what is needed in the next while and I will include that in a future pastor’s desk.

*  Christie Forester’s great granddaughter Elle will have major surgery this Thursday. Please be praying for the family and for this surgery in particular. Elle is now two years old and has suffered a life filled with major medical issues. She is just over 17 pounds now but Dr’s. feel she is strong enough for this surgery.  

* Our own Matt has come down with strep throat. Please be praying for his restoration to health.

 * We continue our series on Freedom this coming week. You don’t want to miss this series. This week we will look at how faith links with forgiveness in our search for Freedom. All of us are hindered at different times by different issues in our lives which rob us of the freedom God promises to His children. I encourage you to consider how you have been cheated of the freedom God desires for you and allow God to speak to you through this series. God’s “Freedom” needs to reign in this place and we are praying for that truth to take on a greater reality at SCCC.  Join us live or through the website at

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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