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Hello SCCC Family,         
* Good Morning to you all. “Wind Chill” is something that we understand well in the prairies of Central Canada. Wind chill is what turns -30C into -45C on a blustery winter day. Jeannine however, discovered “wind chill” being used by our weather forecasters recently where 38C becomes 46C with the additional “wind chill.” Somehow, the imagery just didn’t come together for us! But in reality, “wind chill” or “heat index” has the same effect in Mexico as it does in the Canadian prairies  – “no, I don’t want to go outside!” Words are such an interesting thing, but in spite of the verbage, we still all learn to adapt to our respective “wind chills”.
* Devon, Marisol and team finished an amazing week of VBS on Friday with 80-90 kids. So neat to see Mayra and Heather helping every evening and so good to see their new facility serving them so well for an event like this. Although not quite completed, the new classrooms were in full use. Marisol’s father, a chef by trade, had the evening meals flowing through this new kitchen as the children had their turn at the tables. From teaching to worship to crafts to the Bible story, this facility is coming together so well for the ministry purposes it was intended. There are some great pictures on their facebook page “Belen Casa de Pan.”
* Last week, I shared about our involvement with the baptism in the Guaymas Women’s Prison. In order to protect the privacy of these ladies, we chose not to post pictures on the church facebook. We have however, posted a video on our church’s private one drive, for you to share in the incredible event we witnessed last week Monday. Their testimonies were overwhelmingly sincere and touched all of our hearts. CLICK HERE to watch the video. Thanks to Mayra for putting this together for us. (Please note – when you click on the link, it may open a folder with some other church related videos. If so, simply click on the one “Women’s Prison Baptism”) I trust your heart will be touched as you watch these ladies.

* Back Packs will be back for you to pack this fall. Brenda & Art have purchased 300 packs and we’re looking to fill them again in late November. In the past, many of you have been involved in helping to fill these precious gifts for school children, so here is your opportunity once again. A list follows of some of the things you can purchase and bring with you on your return to San Carlos this fall.

Items Needed: Notebooks, Pens/Pencils, rulers, glue sticks, Crayons, Coloring Books, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, lotion, Washcloths, Toys & Baby Items.

An accompanying note from Brenda: “Last year\s packs went to an outreach on Julio Dieznieve under the ministry of Devon and Marisol, kid’s clubs in Fatima, Indepedencia, and Goldrinas in Guaymas, with a few others handed out to children in need in San Carlos area. Each year we have had the privilege of working with and helping the local Mexican community touch the lives of their communities during Christmas. The results have been a time of both rejoicing and praise.”

* Our “Prayer Wall” continues to be our link with the prayer needs of SCCC. Please check it out and join these folks in praying for their specific needs. Just a remind that Ellie, Christie’s great granddaughter is still very much in need of our prayers.

* We are “On the road to Freedom” in our sermon series. Over the last four weeks, we have looked at God’s part in this area of forgiveness. But last Sunday we began looking at our part in this most challenging area of life. Our focus last Sunday was on the development of an unforgiving spirit. “What causes an unforgiving spirit? What are the stages we go through?” Over the next two weeks, we will build on this foundation to deal with the challenges of “forgiving ourselves” and “forgiving others.” God’s Word is full of many challenging instructions, but God’s intent has always been to have us walk in freedom. Praise God as several of you have already shared the difference this series has made in your journey toward freedom. I love the words our Lord gave Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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