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Good Morning to you all,    

* Is this the “calm before the storm?” Barely a breath of wind outside. It has clouded up overnight, but apparently, Hurricane Newton is on the way, presently hitting Cabo on the Baja. I stepped outside earlier and felt the odd drop of rain, which is totally refreshing. However, a warning email last evening from “What’s Up, San Carlos”, suggested a possibility of 10-15 inches of rain today. So for those of you who called or texted last evening; so far – so good, but we’re praying it will stay that way! We have already heard that three people have lost their lives in Cabo and that the airport and sea ports have been closed.

* Prayer requests continue to come our way, but so do the answers. Selina’s knee replacement went well last week and tomorrow; Maris will have her replacement done. Hiram and Marcela were back on Sunday after Hiram had a tumor removed from his adrenal gland. They were both all smiles after finally receiving a diagnosis which allowed them to move forward to seeing Hiram’s health restored. We also received several private prayer requests for different situations this month and have heard back positively from each of them. It sounds like little Baby Ellie (Christie’s great granddaughter) may be coming home this week after some very serious surgery! Always a treat to hear that God is still at work and still in the healing business. For others of you, God may not have answered in the way you hoped, but we were refreshed by Jeannine’s devotional this morning with the Lord’s Words, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” If you are in what feels like “an unanswered” situtation today, I pray the Lord would encourage you with these same words.

* A quality event, which I have mentioned earlier – In January, 2017 – we will be hosting a marriage retreat (at SCCC)  with Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie. The demographics of our church community are perfect for this particular conference: “Marriage 2.0 – Capturing a vision for enhancing the 2nd half of marriage.” All six sessions deal specifically with tools to enhance marriage after “you’ve been at it for a while.”  We are looking forward to following up the conference with related small groups for the ongoing benefit of enhancing our marriages. You can follow their ministry by checking out their website at Please continue to pray for God’s direction as the leadership team seek out our Lord’s direction for the soon to arrive fall ministry season.

* Men’s Group continues every Thursday morning @ Tequila’s with a new relaxed format, short article with more of a discussion & prayer time. Its been a great time of fellowship with a smaller, but enjoyable group of men. If you’re in SC, why not check it out!

* Please note, this will also be the last Pastor’s desk till later in October. Jeannine and I will be leaving this Sunday for Australia and for our daughter’s wedding. For those of you who remember our stories from last summer, you will remember that we met “the boy” in her life. Well it has all culminated with them choosing to start a life together. We are looking forward to a wonderful celebration with all of our children and grandchildren in Perth. So until October, the “Pastor’s Desk” is on holidays.

* Last week we looked at what it means to have an attitude of Faith and this week, we will look at our attitudes toward obedience. Some folks understand that “God has a great big stick and He is just waiting to use it on us!” Really? For some, this may be their truth, but for others, “God is some wonderful version of a Holy Santa Clause”. Both concepts determine what we believe about obedience and how we live out or try to live out our lives. Why does God call believers to obedience? Is He some General with his finger in your chest? Or is there another reason for His request of our obedience? Lord willing, we’ll see you Sunday!

* As I’m writing, I just received an email from Greg Hovey, “The latest report is showing that Newton has been upgraded to Hurricane strength and is going to be a direct hit on San Carlos and Guaymas.” Please be praying for those of us who may be affected by an impending storm and particularly for those who are in the flood prone areas.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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