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Hello SCCC Family,                                                                                                                         

I know, I know, I promised no more newsletters for a while. We are in Kuala Lumpur for a few days on our way to Australia, but this morning, I got this prayer letter from Ken & Ruth VanKirk and it is just too important not to share with you. I encourage you to join these folks in praying for all the precious items they have brought to our attention. 

Praying you have a great week!                                                                                   Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor Glenn and mission partners…

Hello!  I hope you all are doing well in every way and have had a good summer. I’m trying to do a better job of keeping you all up to date with our prayer requests. So here’s for Sept-Oct. Thank you and the SCCC family for praying for us, the Tarahumara people and God’s Kingdom among them!

1.  Pray for our new Tarahumara brother in Christ, Carlos. We first met him 10 years ago when he broke his leg. He recently was baptized and is growing in his faith. Pray for spiritual protection, boldness, a solid testimony before his family and village and a humble heart to reconcile some long standing hurt with his family. Also pray for his young wife Candy that she will soon believe and confess the Lord Jesus.

2. There is another young Tarahumara man, Benancio who is a “god fearer” and interested in knowing more about the Lord Jesus. Pray for him and his wife Seferina that they would understand more completely God’s love for them and that they would believe. Benancio has some added pressure within his culture to follow the “old ways” as his father is one of the village chiefs. Please also ask God to protect Seferina as she has a high-risk pregnancy and lives in a very remote area.

3. Andres is an older Tarahumara man that we met while working in the first village in the late 1980s. He confessed the Lord Jesus many years ago but has struggled with alcoholism and he is not walking with the Lord at this time. Pray for a repentant heart as well as a clearer understanding of God’s forgivenss (I know he struggles with guilt). We thank the Lord that his daughter Cynthia is a growing believer. She recently spent 3 weeks with us working in the clinic (she is a registered nurse). What a delight to watch this young Indian lady work with her own people in a loving and very professional way!

4. The pastor from the first village where we worked (Choguita) recently called me (yes… so many Tarahumara Indians now have cell phones!)  to tell me that they recently baptized 20 new believers in a nearby village! We praise the Lord that His Kingdom is His Work and He continues to advance it long after we leave!  Giltro (the pastor) also asked that we pray for a Indian church gathering they plan on having in November. They are inviting Indian Christians from all around the state as well as from other tribes. Pray for encouragement, unity and a mutual challenging of each others faith.

5. Ruth and I would appreciate wisdom from the Lord as to how we can help my aging parents. My mom has started to have some real memory challenges along with her many physical problems) and my dad’s pulmonary fibrosis continues to advance (he’s once again in the hospital). Please pray for him that his faith would be genuine and growing in this last season of his life.

6. Many of you know that some years ago God provided a small airplane for us to use as an air ambulance. The engine is currently being rebuilt and I am hoping to put the aircraft back together later this year. It’s been a struggle trying to find the time, people and resources. Please pray that we can get it together and into Mexico soon.

7. We continue to spend part of our time mentoring Latin American doctors and nurses to become missionaries. Felipe, our most recent missionary doctor, finished up with us a few months ago and is now hoping to go to India early in 2017. Please pray that God will confirm this direction and provide for Felipe’s needs. Please pray that God will continue to send us Christian doctors and nurses who want to be mentored in medical missions. Also, for our small clinic in La Mesa,  we are asking the Lord to send us a full-time missionary doc to help us. This could be one of our mentored physicians or perhaps someone from the USA. Pray with us please.

8. Many of you have prayed for our son Evan during the last 5 years. Thank you.  There have been so many answers to prayer and I’m so grateful to the Lord and His people!  I’m proud of him and am seeing some wonderful “life maturity” happening. That said, Evan still isn’t interested in fellowship with believers nor God’s Word.  Please continue to ask God to open the eyes of Evan’s heart to know His love, forgiveness and power.

9. There’s a Tarahumara man, Cesario, who a few years ago was very antagonistic and was the primary obstacle that kept our team from moving into another village. He’s very involved with Jesuits and he’s also thought to be a “shaman” (witch doctor). Recently one of his step-son became ill and Cesario showed up at our clinic. God gave us a chance to show him grace and love and since then we have seen a real change in his openness towards our team. Pray for him that he will truely repent and  like God’s work in  Saul-to-Paul, there will be a divine transformation in this man’s heart.

Thanks Pastor Glenn (and team). God bless you, your precious families and the SCCC church family!


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