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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* I hope you are having a great week! We’ve once again got perfect weather – daytime and night. The windows are open, waking up to fresh air, rather than AC air, is wonderful, if you were at the service last Sunday, you will understand that its “Sick” out there and that’s a good thing! But better yet, our church family is in for a great upcoming season. You can feel the buzz in the air and in the church. Its good!
* From Mark Mulligan – Buenos dias gang! I love it when I get the chance to break out these songs I don’t get to play at my usual shows, like “Lord, I Hope This Day is Good”, “The Gospel According to Luke”, “Three Wooden Crosses”, “Amazing Grace” and more. Hope you’ll join us for a special night (TONIGHT, 6PM) at San Carlos Community Church, where everyone is welcome, regardless of faith! I’ve written a song specifically for the event, and will show a few slides to fill you in on what Elsa, my son Luis, and 25 Outreach For World Hope volunteers will do on our upcoming Guatemala trip. (All voluntary donations will be split between that and SCCC’s mission fund, benefiting local charitable activities.) Hope to see you!
* Baptism is only 12 days away – Yes, on Sunday Nov 27, we’re having a baptism service! If you’ve never been baptized and want to follow the Lord in this act of obedience, this is your day. Please connect with Matt or myself if you have questions or would like to baptized.
* Prison Ministry News – You’ve got to love hearing Gabriela’s prison stories. Once again, a lady in the Guaymas Prison accepted the Lord as her Savior. This lady had been involved in the “Santa Muerta” (Holy Death) cult. This is such a turn around for her. And Gabriela is once again talking about a baptism service in the prison. Please continue to pray for these ladies who have been so influenced by Christ thru Gabriela’s faithfulness.
* The Mountain Team made it back safely and they were some thrilled. Mayra shared some of her stories at Staff Meeting yesterday and she was smiles and grins from ear to ear. The doors seemed to be wide open for them. I would love to share their stories with you, but you will hear about it at next Sunday’s Service as Rob Kehler shares about their experiences.
* Don’t forget to read the latest Missionary Newsletters on the SCCC One Drive. Simply click
 HERE and read about their latest updates. Folks, we get to partner with some wonderful ministries.
* I love the way many of you folks are utilizing the Prayer Wall. New requests are being added regularly and others are responding by praying for them. If you’d like to benefit from this powerful tool, you can add your requests by clicking on the “Prayer” icon on our website at

* Join us for the Church Potluck this Thursday @ 5:30pm. Bring your favorite dish for a fun time of fellowship.

* “Surviving the Holidays” (Special Griefshare session) This Saturday 10-Noon @ the church!

* Next Cookie Sunday – Nov 27th. If you’ve got some goodies you’d like to share, bring them on that Sunday morning.
* Last Sunday, we continued our series on “the Bible”, looking at “How Do We Interpret the Bible”. I’ve approached this series from more of a teaching format, but your feedback has been very encouraging. Although the Lord speaks to us in unique ways at unique times, if you want to know Jesus, you find Him in the Bible. And the goal of this series is to encourage all of us to get back to or to continue looking into God’s Word for guidance and direction in life. But like others, we don’t always feel confident that we can understand the meaning of Scripture. Sunday’s focus was designed to show us that there are some universal principles of interpretation we can utilize in understanding the intent of a given passage of Scripture. Its not simply a free for all, where we can take it to mean whatever we want it to mean for us. There is some principles which have been established which guide us and give us confidence as we read, so we can know we are on track. And the beauty is that these principles can be applied by anyone who wants to understand God’s Word. You can listen to this and any other message at 
      This coming week, we’ll look at applying the Scriptures. Is everything in the Bible meant to be applied or how do we determine if something is cultural and not necessarily applicable? What about the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament? What about the 10 Commandments of the Old Testament? How do we determine what to apply or how to apply it?  Would love to see you on Sunday.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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