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Good Morning SCCC Family
* Good News, Good news – just over a month to Christmas! Well before we wish the year away, I trust you are getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving this week. A great reason to celebrate – being thankful for all that we have around us, friends and family! But greater yet, the assurance of our salvation, the most credible reason for thanksgiving. A happy thanksgiving to you all from Jeannine and I.
* We’ve had another wonderful week from connecting with new people to visiting with returnees and regulars. What a treat to see the gift bags that are presented to first time guests go out as quickly as they do. The community is curious about church and potentially curious about who God is or how He might fit into their lives. So my hope is that when someone raises their hand, saying they’re a first time guest, that you will take the initiative and connect with them after the service. Invite them out for lunch or a coffee and get to know them. Who knows what God may be stirring in their hearts.
* Its Baptism Sunday – YES – this Sunday, you will get to hear the stories of several people who are planning to get baptized. No greater message than the one that Christ has changed your life. You don’t want to miss this. I will also share what we believe is God’s direction for our church this winter. The elders have met via “google hangouts” on a regular basis through the summer and we look forward to seeing the outworking of what God has put on our hearts. Not only all the above, but its Cookie Sunday this week as well.
* What an inspirational even with Mark Mulligan on Tuesday. Thank you for your participation and your kindness. Love the new song he wrote about the guy at Pemex in Guaymas who always pumps his gas with a smile. “Are you a Christian,” Mark asked. “of course, Senior!” The consistent joy in his walk with Christ was the inspiration behind Mark’s new song. The free will offering of 15,000 pesos will all be used to further miniistry. Another great night.
* A wee bit of a surprise as I discovered the Potluck last week was actually a Pastor’s Appreciation event. Thank you for such a great time. Jeannine has enjoyed the flowers and I have enjoyed the chocolate. The thoughts written on the table cover were much appreciated as were the words from those who shared. Thanks Tiffiny, Christie and team for all you did in putting this evening together. Loved all the meatballs as well (lol).
* Blessing of the Fleet was another treat for us this week. So grateful to the Yacht Club who allowed me to share briefly and then participate in praying for another safe boating season, good fishing and all those good things. As far as fishing, It was a pretty safe prayer though. Just ask David Long how many jars of bonita he’s already canned. Way to go!
* We are always grateful for the folks who serve our church family. But its also encouraging to see the newer people involved in ministry at the church. You couldn’t help but be blessed by Mark & Pam’s smiles as they greeted you last Sunday. Three other new couples will be joining the Greeters this winter. I wonder how many newer folks are just looking for an opportunity to participate somewhere?
* Some more new Missionary Newsletters have been loaded. Simply click HERE and read about their latest updates. 
* Last Sunday, we continued our series on “the Bible”, looking at “How Do We apply the Bible”. We only got as far as discussing how we make application of the Old Testament. We will however complete this message on December 11 where we look at some of the more unique passages in the New Testament, and then conclude this message with some thoughts about what keeps us from applying the Bible to our own personal lives. This coming Sunday, we will focus on the baptism and the vision for this coming winter. The following week, John New and Chuck Dreiling will be sharing with you – John with his testimony and Chuck leading us through Communion. It will be another great Sunday at SCCC.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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