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Good Morning SCCC Family
* “Doing Diets in December” is probably a potential best seller if there was any related guarantees that the thoughts contained in such a book might be effective! Thanksgiving was the kickoff and it continues with some of the recent activities we’ve been involved with from “Erin & Jose Vogel’s” farewell party Sat afternoon to Mayra’s Birthday Party with a “Surprise Cake” and followed by a dessert type cake in the evening; an “international (to die for) chocolate cake” Sunday afternoon with friends from the church; dinner last evening with another wonderful group of church families; tonight a 35th wedding anniversary celebration of another SCCC family and it just goes on. Since no sermon prep was required of myself this week, it was a great week of daytime meetings and connections with different church family members. So grateful to John and Chuck for all they brought to us on Sunday. Thank you to both of you!
* The Ladies have their special day today, beginning at 11am. Caught a glimpse of the Fellowship Hall yesterday and it looks great again! We’re praying with the ladies that the Lord will touch the heart of each women who joins them for this annual Christmas Luncheon.
* I’m sure many of you were as blessed as we were as we listened to John retell the story of God’s interaction in his life. From the opening observation of how God carried him and Deirdre through the events surrounding Deirdre’s mother’s passing in the UK, to John having a stroke while there and just over a year later, being able to share as he did on Sunday. John shared so sweetly how the influence of Dennis Bennet led both of them to make a commitment to Christ, which in turn moved what had been a “knowledge based” information about God to a “heart based” dedication to the Lord. I loved how John shared how denominational differences began to dissipate as their dedication to Christ moved to being a heart experience.
      Then to hear how worship music influenced their lives, particularly how worship songs based on Scripture did so. I often marvel at the impact and the power of music and how it shapes us. I’ve heard many wonderful testimonies of how the worship music that was in vogue at the time of one’s salvation is still the music which is appreciated by that person. So it was a treat to see how John’s life was shaped as we saw the related Scriptures and then sang the very words of those Scriptures along with him. After the service, one of our newer attendees shared with John and I how he had been moved by the same songs as John and then to realize they had both come to know Christ during that same time frame. Many of us would feel the same as we also have a high appreciation of the worship that was popular during the time when Christ became meaningful to us. Its kind of ironic that while there are many styles of worship, its often a matter of the era that we came to know Christ which creates our personal worship preferences.  
* This Sunday, we are back to our series on “the Bible” and will complete the message on “how to apply the Bible,” which we began several weeks ago. Last time we looked at how Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament, not to abolish it. So we looked at how Jesus fulfilled it and consequently how we apply that fulfillment as believers. This week we will look at the New Testament and how we apply the Words of Jesus today. While most of the New Testament is straight forward and clear, there are some unique passages such as: “not allowing women with braided hair in church”, or “washing one another’s feet” and so on. What do we do with those passages? And we’ll conclude the message by looking at some of the reasons we fail to make application of the Word. I trust you will be both encouraged and challenged as we continue looking at the importance and relevance of the Bible for our daily lives.
Today – Ladies Christmas Luncheon
Thu, December 8 – Church Potluck/Fellowship Meal
Sat, December 10 – King’s Kids Fundraiser with Valeria!
December 8-10 – Katie & Christie’s Bazar (10-2 PM)
December 11 – Toys for Prison Ministry Deadline
December 13 – Pack Backpacks @ the Church
December 16 – Pastor David’s (Spanish Church) Dinner Fundraiser
December 18 – Children’s Church & Worship “Christmas Presentation”
December 25 – Christmas Day Service 

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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