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Good Morning SCCC Family
* We do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to another year. Some of you may be glad to be done with 2016, others may wish it could go on for a lot longer because its just been one great year. Like me, you may wonder what 2017 will look like. What kinds of things will I experience? What will the Lord do through our church and its people? What will God do through my/your life? Will it be a year of good health, good relationships, good opportunities or will there be challenges? And the questions could go on endlessly and the answers be just as speculative. The one truth we do know is that God is good regardless of the circumstances we will face. He will walk with us, direct us, guide and lead us, if we’ll but ask. For that truth, I remain increasingly grateful. God is good and will make no mistakes in 2017!

* What a great worship service last Sunday! The house was almost full. People responded wonderfully with their singing – a sweet blend of Christmas hymns and worship songs. A number of guests once again and so many of them came and expressed their gratitude for the Christmas morning service.  Another new couple to San Carlos, she originally from the UK and he from Chicago, but looking for a place to settle in Mexico. They brought along a couple from the Marina who are here repairing their boat. Several families from Manitoba provided me with an opportunity to play that ethnic game I so love. It was just a very good day! But the worship time topped it all – thanks to all of you who served in such a wonderful way!
* Remember those 350 back packs which were packed at the church a few weeks ago. This is from Art & Brenda: “We finished the week with about 6 backpacks left. We were sweating a little in Fatima last night but the Lord met all the needs there also. They had an excellent program and finished the evening with a well-organized handout of candy bags and 100+ backpacks. Many children came back afterwards and expressed heartfelt thanks. Our thanks to all those who gave to brighten Christmas for all these children!” Art & Brenda
* Please take note of this important announcement regarding our Church Leadership for 2017. SCCC is looking for three new deacons this year and nominations are now open and will remain open until day’s end of January 4. The qualifications of nominees and the process to elect them will be in the bulletin and follows at the end of this newsletter. Any attendee of SCCC is invited to nominate an attendee of SCCC for one of these deacon positions. Each position is for a three year term. Because people are gone for Christmas, we are also accepting nominations by email, which must be sent to Mayra at All nomination ballots must include the name of the one nominated and the name of the person making that nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Art Koenes or myself.

* Please continue to pray for Sheralyn Layton. Sheralyn is the young lady who asked for prayers two Sundays ago in church. She had a tragic accident several years ago, where her leg/ancle was severaly damaged. The Drs. have recut both bones, just above the ancle in the hope that they can graft the leg to heal to the foot once again. She was in a lot of pain following the surgery and unless the graft takes this time, may be facing amputation. Please pray for Sheralyn, her husband Jeff and their young son, Ricki.

* As we anticipate 2017, we can think of no better way for the church to start the year than with the upcoming 24 hour prayer vigil. Catherine Gibson is setting up the day. She has a sign up sheet in place and will have prayer guides available for you to pray through. We’re asking you to sign up for one hour only. You pick the hour – anytime between 6PM, Friday Jan 13, until 6PM Saturday Jan 14, right at the church. There will be ongoing security during the night time hours. We’re hungry to have God’s blessing, God’s direction and God’s favor on the upcoming year. Maybe you haven’t participated in something like this before! Would you consider joining us for one hour and just see how God touches your heart as you spend this hour in prayer on behalf of the family at San Carlos Community Church?

* Last Sunday, we looked at the opening act of the book of Luke, the first story Luke tells us in preparation for telling us the greatest story in the Gospel he writes. The opening act includes the life of Zechariah, whose name means “the Lord remembers” and his wife Elizabeth, whose name means “the Lord keeps his promises”. They will be the parents of John, whose name means “the Lord is gracious” and this John will chart the path for the Lord Jesus whose birth we celebrated on Sunday. As God speaks once again, after 400 years of silence, we learn that even though God may be silent at times, He is not distant. He has not forgotten us, He still keeps His promises and His grace is endless. Wherever you are at during this Christmas season, you can know that those three truths are for you today.

* Jeannine and I are so grateful for the many acts of kindness and the encouragements you have shared with us through the Christmas season. It means a lot to us. Thank you so much.

Praying you are anticipating a “God Inspired” new year,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


Jan 01 (9am) – Worship Service
Jan 09 (3:30) – Griefshare restarts after Christmas Break
Jan 13 (6pm)– 24 Hour Prayer Vigil begins. Don’t miss out.
Jan 19 (5:30) – Church Potluck/Fellowship Meal
Jan 30 (8:30 – 4:30) Fusion 2.0 Marriage Conference

Nomination of Potential Deacons – Qualifications see Dec 20 Pastor’s Desk

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