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Happy New Year to you all,
* Saying good bye to the clouds this week, we hope! I think this has been the longest period of clouds and cold we’ve ever experienced in San Carlos. Had to pull out “long” pants last week. Either I’m getting climatized or it was just simply cold. It might be depressing if we didn’t know that 5 days of clouds will probably be followed by 360 days of sun, thank the Lord! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas break with family and friends. We’re three days into 2017 and we’re full of anticipation of how our Lord will reveal himself to us and through us in this coming year.
* Fusion 2.0 will soon be here (Jan 30). If you haven’t signed up yet, you will want to soon. I truly believe this will be one of our highlights when we reflect on 2017. If you’ve been watching the short vignettes on Sunday morning, you’ve already heard the passion and the practical purposes behind this great event – it’s a one of kind marriage retreat focused on the second half of marriage or on second marriages with the goal of helping each of us make our marriages HOT! Jeannine and I were so fortunate to have these folks carve out some time for us as we prepared for our wedding 7 years ago. We think we can guarantee that you won’t go home disappointed. We’ve signed up and we hope you will too!
* DEACON NOMINATIONS CLOSE THIS THURSDAY. SCCC is looking for your participation in the nomination of potential deacons to begin a three year term in March of 2017. Any attendee of SCCC is invited to nominate an attendee of SCCC for one of these deacon positions. Since some of you may have been gone for the Christmas break and others may not have returned to SC for the winter, we are also accepting nominations by email. These must be sent to Mayra at prior to the close of nominations. All nomination ballots must include the name of the one nominated and the name of the person making that nomination. We appreciate your participation in prayerfully choosing the future leadership of your church family. If you have any questions, please contact Art Koenes or myself.

* Lots of good stuff coming down the pike in the next few weeks:

  • Jan 04 – Deacon Nominations Close.
  • Jan 09 (3:30) – Griefshare restarts after Christmas Break
  • Jan 11 (10:30am) – Sue Marston’s Bible Study Begins
  • Jan 13 (6pm)– 24 Hour Prayer Vigil begins. Don’t miss out.
  • Jan 19 (5:30) – Church Potluck/Fellowship Meal
  • Jan 23 (6PM) – Movie Night at the Church – “God’s Not Dead II”
  • Jan 24 (9:30 & 1pm) – “Sermon on the Mount” Study for Ladies
  • Jan 30 (8:30 – 4:30) Fusion 2.0 Marriage Conference 

* If you’d like to help Jeff Parker with funds for his upcoming mission trip to Guatemala, please forward those funds directly to Mark Mulligan or to myself. I believe the cost of the trip, all inclusive, is roughly 1350 USD. And we are excited to see how our Lord will continue to shape Jeff’s heart with this unique opportunity to serve.
* So grateful for all of you who use the Prayer Wall to pray for our church family and their respective needs. Please feel free to post your requests on the church website “Prayer Wall.” Many of the requests are updated as the prayer needs change or as they’re answered.
*  The “Click Here” Ministry of SCCC is here for you. To see the newest updates:

  • Church E-mail and Phone Directory      – Click HERE 
  • 2016 Missionary Newsletters                  – Click HERE
  • Church Operations / Protocols              – Click HERE
  • Master Calendar                                       – Click HERE
  • Ministry Leaders Contact Information   – Click HERE

**** Click reply and send any email / phone updates you need to make! ***

* Please note that all of the above information is meant solely for the benefit of the SCCC church family and its use is not intended for any form of solicitation.
* Please continue to pray for the Laytons – Sheralyn has had her surgery and we are waiting to hear an update about little Ricky’s heart issues.

* Betty Graham also covets our prayers as they continue with heart tests for her.

* A note of thanks to SCCC – We are SOOOOO grateful for ALL you have done for the King’s Kids Orphanage in 2016. We love you and pray for God’s best in 2017. You have helped us in hard times as well as good times. We love you very much. God bless you and keep you in HIS care. Jesse, Jenny, Victoria & the King’s Kid’s Orphanage.

* “Time in a Bottle” was the theme of last Sunday’s message. As the illustration portrayed, value your time, don’t live in bondage to the past and establish the priorities for the future. “Putting in the big Rocks first” will help us capture that truly abundant life. (Philippians 3:12-14)

* I read a great article this morning “In 2017, don’t take care, take risks”. The title alone made me want to read it. We’re looking forward to a great year with God.

Praying you have a great week serving Jesus,,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Today’s Postscript: As you may have surmised by now, I appreciate Thom Rainer and his many years of experience following church trends, both the positive and the negative. He sends out a church related article every day, Monday to Friday. The following is a list of the 10 most popular articles from 2016. If you click on any of the headings, it should bring up the entire article for you to read.  Hope you take the time to read a few.


This year, 2016, was another great year at Thanks to all of you who have read, commented on, and shared the posts and podcasts here at the site.

#1 — Nine Considerations for Church Members This Easter
It will be one of the highest attended days of the year for your church. It may be the highest.
There will be some people you don’t know. Some of them are guests. Others are members who attend infrequently.
You have an opportunity to make a gospel impression on these people with a few simple acts. Indeed, you have an opportunity to make an eternal difference. Here are nine servant actions for you to consider.

#2 — Five Things I Pray I Will Not Do as a Senior Adult in the Church
I am a senior adult.
I see things differently. I don’t know if I am wiser, but I certainly have different perspectives.
And I have to admit I view church life differently. In fact, I sometimes scare myself with my rigid attitude. I need to write these words quickly lest I become too comfortable or too complacent.
I have five specific prayers. They are for me. They are for my attitude about my church. They are reminders I will need to review constantly.

#3 — Four Types of Churches That Will Soon Die
I am concerned. Certainly from a biblical perspective, I understand the bride of Christ will be victorious. I understand the gates of hell will not prevail against her (Matthew 16:18).
But that does not mean individual congregations won’t die.
They are.
They will.
Unless God intervenes.
In simple terms, there are four types of churches that will soon die. It is sad to watch the churches in these categories. Some congregations are in more than one category. And some are in all four.

#4 — Fifteen Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Not Visit Much
While I am not advocating that pastors never visit people, I am concerned that such expectations are well beyond those with serious and emergency needs.
The truth is: Your pastor shouldn’t visit much. Here are 15 reasons why.

#5 — Ten Sentences That Make Pastors Cringe
For sure, your pastor is not likely to let you know the pain these brief sentences cause.
But, for most pastors, they hurt. They really hurt.
Here are ten of the most common painful sentences uttered to pastors by church members:

#6 — Autopsy of a Deceased Pastor
Autopsies are not a pleasant topic. I get that. But I would be negligent if I did not share with you about the numbers of pastors who are dead in ministry. You need to know. You need to grasp this reality. You need to pray for them. You need to walk alongside them.
How did these pastors die? My figurative autopsies uncovered eight common patterns. Some pastors manifest four or five of them. Many manifest all of them.

#7 — The Five Kinds of Churches That Must Change or Die
Okay, I have some tough news for you who are members or leaders of about 100,000 churches in America.
Change or die.
You read that correctly. In fact, if your churches don’t make substantive changes in the next few years, your church will die.
So what churches are at risk? Instead of naming the specific churches, I have listed them in five categories. The categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

#8 — The Three Most Common Sentences of Dying Churches
If churches could speak, what would their words be on their deathbeds?
You don’t have to wait until a church closes its doors to hear some of the sentences that led to its death. Indeed, these three sentences, or something similar to the words, are pervasive in too many churches.

#9 — Eight Reasons Many Bible Belt Churches Are in Trouble
The buckle of the Bible Belt is coming off. That means the entire belt will soon fall off. And it is happening rapidly.
There are thousands of churches in the Bible Belt. Sadly, too many of them are not adjusting to the changing realities of the area. They still act like it’s 1975. Here’s why:

#10 — Ten Things Pastors Would Love to Hear from Their Church Members
It is a simple question.
What do you hear from your church members that gives you the greatest encouragement?
The responses from the pastors were amazingly similar. In fact, I was able to focus on ten specific areas. Here are summary statements of those areas.

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