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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Its still dark outside as I write – lights in the distance (well the other side of the country club), silence (no dogs barking), the calm before the storm (not here). The warm, sunny, cloudless skies will soon appear, peace, sweet peace! Love it. Good Morning! Hope you are all well!

* So good to hear Shelli Neufeld share about their ministry in Hermosillo last Sunday. For the last two summers, volunteers from SCCC have assisted them in the “Burn Camp”, which they do in San Carlos with many of the victims of the ABC Fire of 2009. Thanks Shelli.

* Prayer Vigil – Hat’s off to Catherine and Bob Gibson & Team – thank you for all you planning, set up and help in helping us have a 24 hour focus on calling on our Lord. Thank you to all who came and dedicated an hour or more praying and seeking our Lord for direction, trust and guidance for the coming year. He will, as He always does, give us all that we need to serve Him and to honor Him as a church family in 2017! Such a positive way to start the new year.

* Our “2.5” Ministry Center (for children ages 2-5) is progressing well as you can see. Entrance doors are in place, wall is going up, Adrian seems to be a meticulous builder. This space will be such a blessing to not only the 2.5’ers, but to the whole church as it will provide one of those middle-sized rooms which we so desperately need.

* Mark Mulligan and team leave for Guatemala on Jan 26 on an “Outreach For World Hope” Mission. Mark says, “We still have room in our bags for small items like powdered baby formula, small stuffed animals or Matchbox cars (popular with the village kids), small sized flip flops, Tums, childrens / adult vitamins (non-gummy), hyrdocortisone & antibiotic creams, Advil and Tylenol, new underwear for girls size 2-14, anti-diarreah meds, and even Dum Dums. If you’d like to contribute any of the above items for us to take, it’s a great way for you to help our mission efforts from home.”  Bring them to the church on Sunday if you’d like to participate. 

* 37 Couples have already registered for our Jan 30, “Marriage 2.0”. Hope you’ve signed up for this very practical look at enhancing the 2nd Half of our marriages. This will be a great day!

* Our Marriage Conference Speaker, Dr. Dave Currie, will also be speaking on the Sunday morning (Jan 29). I know how often I speak with folks who are concerned about their children’s spiritual direction so this is a “No Miss” sermon as the Dr. speaks about “Passing on Your Faith to the Next Generation.” You will be inspired!
* Saturday morning (Jan 28), Dr. Currie will present 2 – 45 minute leadershp sessionswith time for Q&A to our elders and deacons which will include the topics:
1. The Power of FOCUS: Getting on the Same Page – Based on Phil. 3:13,14 and Eph. 4:15-17 designed to help the leadership team come together as one in embracing the vision.
2. The Power of UNITY: Inclusion means Validation which means Love – Based on Psalm 133 and Romans 15:1-7 discussion to break down walls.

* Please continue to pray for John & Deirdre New –John has pneumonia in one lung. He also suffered some additional complications last weekend. They so want to be here, so please be praying with them for total healing.

* Little Ricky Layton – will NOT need heart surgery after all. Jeff and Sheralyn have shared that the tests Doctors recently did in Tucson have shown that surgery will not be required.

* A year end note from John & Eddie MacLaren (former residents and attendees of SCCC – “This is our first letter since this computer quit on August 3 2016. Now we can tell you what has happened last year. Eddie had Deep Brain Surgery to control her tremor in her right hand and it was very successful. First thing she said was “I am so happy”. To keep up John had a pacemaker installed, Still ticking! We celebrated our 66th anniversary in December. We had Christmas with our daughter Peggy and her two kids and their kids. The Christmas cards and prayers were greatly appreciated. Love & Prayers
John & Eddie MacLaren

* Deacon Nominee Interviews are underway and we will very soon be able to share with you the names of those who will begin their service with the church in 2017.

* David Long did a masterful job of sharing his story last Sunday as he focused on one of his life verses from Proverbs 21:1 “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases.” I loved the clear focus on “do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?” And his testimony revealed his many years of church attendance without such a relationship. Not until someone asked and challenged him, did he make that decision. And as he ended, the challenge was clear for all in attendance – “do you know Him?” Thank you David for sharing with us!

Hope to see you Sunday as we look at one more session on “the Bible”. Bring along a friend.

Praying you are anticipating a great week with Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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