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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Good News – I found the cure for whining about the cool mornings of late in San Carlos. Yes, I call my Mom in Manitoba. I called her fairly early one morning a while ago. She says, “its – 47 C (with wind chill), but I’m helping with the chapel services this morning at the hospital and then I’ve got to give a couple of ladies a ride downtown at lunch time. Oh and we play crib at 2PM and when we’re done, we will go deliver “Meals on Wheels” to some Seniors, followed by a game of cards tonight.” All in all, I think she started up the car and went outside four times during that “- 47C” day. She’s a very young 83 years of age. I’ve found hearing her story changes my whining about a few cool mornings in SC!

* Every Monday – my day begins with a Staff meeting with Mayra and Matt. Yesterday’s meeting was a hoot as Mayra shared about taking some time on Saturday to mentor the teens who have been helping her in the Children’s church. From roller skating on the Malecon to lunch and to a time studying God’s Word, they were all encouraged. And then Matt shared about the new wave of excitement in Youth, almost 20 kids each of the last two nights as they’ve began the Alpha program. With several new youth in attendance, Matt says the group is not only listening to the material, but they’re engaging with it as well. Way to go, guys!

* Movie Night @ the Church, Popcorn, Lemonade and “God’s Not Dead II” made for a great evening last night. Catherine Gibson has a passion to provide a positive and inspirational message for our community through these movies. Thank you Catherine, Bob and team for all you did to make it special.

* FORTY SIX couples registered for this coming Monday’s “Marriage 2.0” Conference. What a response and there’s still room for a few more if it works for you. If you’d like to register, please email Mayra at or call the church office. If you haven’t yet had a chance to pay your registration fee, you can do so with Mayra as well during office hours on Wed and Friday of this week. As it comes to your mind, would you please be praying for the couples attending this conference. Pray that marriages would be strengthened and couples drawn even closer together.

* On Sunday – As a church family we took a few moments to pray for part of the team (Jeff Parker, Mark Mulligan and Dan & Linda Abbate) who are headed to Guatemala this Thursday with “Outreach for World Hope”. I personally look forward to how God will continue the great work in all of their lives, but in Jeff’s in particular. Would you join us in praying for God to accomplish all that He has planned for this team!

* The Walls of our new “2.5” Ministry Center (for children ages 2-5) are closed in. The brick work is complete, floor tiles and drop ceiling are next and in a short time, it appears we will have a ministry center which will accommodate the “little” guys! Who knows which of these little ones will become futhre leaders, maybe even in SCCC.

* So excited about our “Leadership Conference” on Saturday with Dr. Dave Currie. All Elders, Deacons and their spouses are invited to join for these two sessions running from 9:00 am till Noon. On Sunday, Dr. Dave will be speaking about “Passing on Your Faith to the Next Generation.” You will be inspired! And then on Monday, Dr. Dave and Donalyn will speak at our Marriage Conference. We are looking forward to and praying for another great weekend.

* Very sadly, I share with you and ask you to pray for Nancy and Dick Moeglein, whose daughter Linda passed away last Saturday. Nancy shared, “We sorrow but, not as the others, for they have no hope. We have hope as she Loved our Lord Jesus…It is still a hard time and would appreciate prayers for my family. Her daughter is in New Zealand, so the memorial will be Feb 4.”  Nancy & Dick, we are so very sorry for your loss.

* Please continue to pray for John & Deirdre New –John has had some additional complications with his health. We are praying with them for total healing.

* Sheralyn Layton is still going through a tremendous amount of pain after her recent surgery. She also needs our continued prayers.

* We have completed our series on “The Bible”. God’s Word will never let us down. I was so encouraged after the service as one of the men in our church family shared that he was going home to order 5 Bibles, one for himself and the others for his children. Knowing both our need to be in God’s Word and our propensity to let the Book sit on the shelf made that a wonderful piece of feedback.

Praying you are anticipating a great week with Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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