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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* I’ve got the tv news from Canada on in the background as I write. I keep looking up at articles of vehicles spinning out, or getting stuck going up small knolls on city streets, buses sliding through intersections and just one nasty situation after another on the roads. Jeannine’s sister in Chilliwack says they had 75 cms (2.5 feet) of snow in the last week and its still snowing. People are stuck!!! And that’s what we heard about on Sunday in a marvelous, spirit filled service. What do you do when you get “stuck” in life? “Are you stuck” – a past situation, a broken relationship, a hurtful experience – a masterful look at Philippians 3:13&14 revealed Paul’s intentional course in life – forgetting the past, both the successes and the failures, dealing with the things that hold us back and Paul goes on to say, I press on to take hold of God’s future for me! Dr. Currie presented 6 different ways in which we can either stay stuck or move ahead. The Lord certainly spoke into my heart as He did into many of yours and I believe He did a lot of healing. I am grateful.

* Allow me to just give a bit of a plug for the Curries. So many of you heard him at either the Leadership Conference, the Sunday services or at the Marriage Conference and you saw first hand how the Lord used this couple. For those who want to follow up with helpful talks and ideas to keep on strengthening your marriage, there are multiple resources to use on their website. Many of the tips we heard about at the marriage conference are listed there, so take a look at . Some of you will be returning to churches in the USA or Canada in the next few months. You may want to introduce these conferences to the leadership of your church back home. Their website has all the details of different options they offer.
* Going back to the Sunday service – I hope you enjoyed the folks who led us in worship on Sunday! Friday afternoon, we found out that Ryan would not be able to lead on Sunday. Christie, initially was unavailable and so we were “stuck.” Time to pray – what do we do? God so often has a way to get us “unstuck.” On Friday, Jeannine and I had a great lunch with Mary Rose and Ronald, a new family in San Carlos. She said she was a singer and we talked about having her sing a solo in the near future. The long and short of it – after hearing Friday afternoon that Ryan wasn’t going to be available on Sunday, I called Mary Rose back to see if she’d sing several solos on the coming Sunday. What about Mark Mulligan, who participates as much as he can with his busy schedule. I wonder if he could come? And Matthew, and Aaron and Aubrey? Well, all of them, on a few hours notice, got together Saturday afternoon, gave up their evening and put together that incredible worship set we experienced on Sunday. Wow, am I grateful for the servant hearts of these folks. Several times, I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed the Lord’s presence. It was sweet!

* Carol Miller, who oversees our Cookie Sundays, asked me to make an announcement on Sunday for bakers to bring cookies for this coming Sunday. Please forgive me Carol for forgetting. If some of you wonderful cookie makers could help redeem this pastor for his unintentional failure to make this announcement, could you bring some of those amazing cookies this Sunday?

* Please allow me to give another formal notice of our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). February 23, 6:30pm at the church. It will be a dessert evening with reviews from 2016 and vision for 2017. This is just a really important evening and I pray you will put it on your calendar to attend. Terry Cummins and Chuck Morton have agreed to allow their names to stand as Deacons. All of the year end reports (Vision, Financial, Pastor’s, etc) have now been uploaded on the Church’s Private One Drive and you can read or download them by clicking on this link: HERE. In an effort to reduce printing costs, we will once again only print several copies of this report for those who don’t have computers. So this is where you will find the official Reports to peruse prior to the AGM.

* We pass along our condolences to Bob and Sue Marston. Sue’s mother passed away last Saturday at the age of 97. She loved the Lord and I know it will have been a wonderful “home going” for her. We pray for God’s comfort to be very real for you folks!

* Jose Luis, teacher at CEC, remains in Hermosillo hospital – please pray.
* Thonda’s son in law, Patrick is recovering after surgery from stomach cancer.
* Nancy Sutherlin is back in Tucson after suffering a stroke on Saturday.
* Please continue to keep John & Deirdre in your prayers as well.

These and many other prayer requests and praise reports can be found on your church website, . Look for the “prayer” icon. You will also find both of Dr. Currie’s recent messages on this site under, “audio sermons” on the same website.
* So good to hear a little from Jeff on Sunday after their return from the Guatemala Mission trip. I heard a little from Mark Mulligan and Daniel Abbate as well. Another great time of ministry that these folks were involved with. So much fun to watch Jeff grow in his journey with the Lord. Proud of you all.

* A number of new pictures have been posted on the church’s facebook by Brandon of recent service/outreach events the church has been involved in. Remember, they are leaving from the church, Saturday @ 9:00am to do some work at King’s Kids Orphanage. They need some painters, someone to replace two ceiling fans and some “gophers” (like go fer this or go fer that kind of people).  

It’s a great week to serve our Lord,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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