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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* It’s Valentines. Tonight, Jeannine and I will be together with a larger group of friends for an event which may contain some surprises. But last evening, Jeannine and I had our “valentines” dinner for two. I had just taken two wonderfully grilled steaks (fil eh mignones) off the bbq and then, there was a knock on the door. I was expecting the knock, but Jeannine wasn’t. I answered and there stood this knight in shining armor, who had offered to help me. He had them in his hands – a stunning arrangement, a bouquet of roses for my lady. It was perfect. We placed them on our dinner table and sat down to a wonderful meal and a great evening together. Happy Valentines to all you love birds!
* I am so grateful for “Cookie Sundays” I watch you folks mingle and laugh and share and just enjoy each other’s company after the service. What a family. Thank you for all of you who help make it happen.
* MAMAM – are back on this Sunday! Who are they? Well, its Mark, Aubrey, Mary Rose, Aaron and Matthew and they did such a great job of leading us in worship a few weeks ago. Well they’re back to lead worshp this coming Sunday. I am so in awe at God’s provision. We all know Ryan’s workload at this time of the year and with Jose Luis’ injury, we really needed help. Last week, Larry and Maris stepped up to the plate and along with Christie, did such a fine job of leading us. The Lord just keeps providing and we are grateful.

* PROGRESS – The floor is tiled, the walls and entrance completed, the drop ceiling is being installed this week and our very own Dave Campbell was installing lights yesterday in our brand new “3.6 Ministry Room”. I know I previously called it the 2.5 Ministry Room. But the ages of this group are actually 3-6 year olds, hence the new name. Whatever you want to call it is fine. But this will be a welcome addition for this age group and for other events as well.
* The Annual General Meeting Reports can all be accessed by clicking HERE. If you are part of SCCC, I encourage you to attend this really important evening (Thursday, Feb 23 at 6:30 PM right at the church.
* Its finally coming together – SCCC and Castaway Kids working together to bless our community. Tomorrow (Wed) we have the opportunity to help the folks at Castaway Kids put up a play ground in La Manga. This is one of several playgrounds Castaway has already installed. These have become community gathering places which provide a healthy environment for the children. Larry Kalmbach is our contact and oversees this project. What a neat way to serve side by side with friends who love and want to help better our community. Six workers are needed. If you can help, meet at 9:00 am in front of Castaway Kids Thrift Store.
* We have an offer to do a free CPR training (2 hours) in the next few weeks. Although not yet confirmed, if this is something you would be interested in, could you just reply to this email with your “yes, I would be interested”. If confirmed, further info will follow.
* “Co Dependents Anonymous” is a ministry I was introduced to by Stan McIntyre (Mac). Mac has moved to SC and has been attending our church over the last few months. I was encouraged by the things he shared with me and after hearing the testimony of Judy Long, “CoDa absolutely changed my life”, we have agreed to provide room for CoDa to begin offering their program at the church – Mondays, Feb 27 10:00 – 11:30 AM. Talk to Mac at

* Just a follow up on the Curries. If you want to access helpful information on enhancing your marriage, go to There’s lots of helpful info for you to take advantage of.
Prayer and Praise:
* From Tiffiny Fisher – “Just wanted to let you guys know that I am taking Erica to Hermosillo tomorrow (Tuesday) for surgery.  I found a lump in her abdomen this weekend and it is a irreducible hernia that needs to be taken care of. Please pray for her. We are a bit nervous.”
* Nancy Sutherlin, after having a stroke, is also experiencing some internal bleeding. Please keep praying for her. 
* I think Sheralyn and Jeff were probably two of the happiest people I know in church on Sunday. Her leg/foot injury is finally healing correctly. We are so happy for you and thank the Lord for answering ours / your prayers.
* Sermon Series: This week, we looked at Peter as we begin a series of messages from the first of his books, I Peter. Whenever reading a book/article, it is always helpful to know who the author is. In knowing him better we begin to understand better the “why” of his writing. Last Sunday, I shared Peter’s testimony, from my perspective, using the stories from his life. Peter, a leader counted worthy to write some of the Scriptures, not only had some moving positive experiences with his Lord, he also had some phenomenal failures. He crashed and burned big time. But then he learned the most wonderful truth – he served the God of a second Chance. He’s genuine and real and I’m praying as you read the book of I Peter, in preparation for this series, you will find yourself in love with a God who meets you in whatever situation you are in (good or bad) and is willing to continue journeying with you through every situation you may face.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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