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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Memorable Moments – You remember those “holy” dishes we’ve been talking about? Well , our privilege last Thursday evening was to relax at the home of some friends from the church and part of that time included sitting down for a wonderful dinner, served on – – yes you guessed it – the “holy” dishes. What a memorable treat, not only the meal, but the fellowship that accompanied it. And then came Memorable Moment # 2 – Sitting down for dinner with more church family on Sunday, and our host – being the gracious man that he is, although he didn’t follow through, shared of his loving intentions to clip one of his “toe nails” and place it on the pastor’s plate prior to the meal. Can you believe it? Where would someone get an idea like that? Well as you can probably tell, it has been a great week of encouragement with friends and church family. I hope your week has been as encouraging.

* Our Annual Pancake Dinner at the Church happens on Thursday, March 16 at 5:30 PM. Dinner is by donation and all the proceeds with be used to replenish our Benevolence Fund. This unique dinner meal was wonderfully received last year. Thanks Grant, Ethel and team for all you do to serve our church family!

*Please note that the two proposed amendments to our bylaws, will be presented for a congregational vote this Sunday. The proposed amendments can be read in their entirety on the church’s website under the February 26 issue of the Pastor’s Desk. We encourage all regular attendees to participate in this vote.

* We are so grateful for the CPR training which we were able to offer last week at the church. I believe Doug Burnie said they had roughly 30 participants. Thanks Doug for your practical provision of this training to our church and community.

* Giving “Receipts” for USD giving have been prepared and are on the table at the rear of the sanctuary. On behalf of the leadership, I want to say thank you for your generous response in 2016. The dramatic increase in giving is certainly a reflection of your appreciation of the ministry and outreach of our church. We are grateful for all the Lord has helped SCCC accomplish and we look forward to His continued blessing in 2017.

* Another Movie Night coming to the church – “Miracles from Heaven” is so inspirational and you will find your heart warmed as see you see the story come together. Monday, March 20 at 6:00 PM at the church. Bring some friends along, enjoy the fresh buttered popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy.  

* Sermon Series: Last week, we looked at spitting out the “toe nails”. As we looked back at Peter’s life 30 years earlier and some of his failures prior to the crucifixion, we also looked ahead at what he had learned over those 30 years. What a growth in character. And this is what gives him credibility as he writes to this despondent group of believers – people who are scattered, hurting, persecuted and suffering. Peter reminds them of the big picture one more time and he declares what he has gleaned spiritually.
       Jesus had reminded Peter during his earlier life that people will know you are a true follower of Christ by your love for people. And likewise Peter brings this truth into play as he writes to these scattered believers. He challenges them to spit out the “toe nails” – the RELATIONAL sins – “So get rid of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech.” (I Peter 2:1) Notice, he doesn’t even address moral issues here, although they are equally as important. However, Peter speaks to relational issues, things which keep us from loving people as Jesus loved them.
       Spiritual maturity is evidenced by our love for people, is what Peter is saying. The question we are left with is what are we filling our lives with? Are they things which lead to spiritual maturity? Is the Lord inviting us to take a step forward in our faith walk? Are we simply “one step” believers, satisfied with “salvation” or are we taking “other steps” to grow into “acting like Jesus?” (being set apart, holiness)?

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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