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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* You ever notice that “profound” is often discovered in the “simple?” That disgusting “toenail” illustration has gotten more mileage than anything I’ve ever experienced. This coming week, we’re invited to another dinner with the promise of no “toe nails” on our plates. I trust that means there won’t be any hiding in our salads either, right? But the context in which the illustration was used has been equally as effective. I’m thankful that God speaks through the simple things of life.
    We scooted off to Mazatlan for a few days after last Sunday’s service. So this Sunday’s sermon will come to you through studies “done by the pool”. You might want to pray a little harder for the pastor this week, not necessarily for the anticipated “R&R”, but for the preparation of the message!!
* As of late, we’ve been made aware that email responses to the pastor’s desk with an “” ending our either not coming through or are ending up in the “junk mail” of the church’s mailbox. If you use the “aol” server for emails – rather than clicking reply to the “pastor’s desk” email, please just send your response directly to me, Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Remember the Pancake Dinner at the Church happens this Thursday at 5:30 PM. Dinner is by donation and all the proceeds with be used to replenish the Benevolence Fund. Have some fun together at this special event.
* I am personally grateful for the number of emails and questions I received over the last few weeks regarding the proposed bylaw changes presented at the AGM. Your concerns revealed to me your passionate desire for a healthy church. Thank you to those of you who participated in the vote on Sunday and made your voice known. There were only two “no” votes for each of the proposed changes, so it was an overwhelming “yes” to both amendments. Thank you once again for your participation. The Constitution will be updated shortly and you will receive a new link which you can use to read and remain aware of the Church’s governance positions.
* Speaking of how things get done at SCCC, I was thrilled last week as Jan Springman, who has completed her term as deacon, made the transition from her role as head of “We Care” to the new leaders in this ministry – Chuck and Carol Morton. Over coffee and goodies at Meme’s, the volunteers were introduced to the Mortons, who in turn got to meet the volunteers who serve our church family in this wonderful way. Clarity and Purpose is consistently maintained with those kinds of transitions. Thanks Jan for your foresight and your servant heart. Thanks for your service to our church family. Thanks Chuck and Carol for your passion to see this ministry continue in such a healthy manner.
* Hats off to Mayra, who last week took the initiative to reach out to the folks at the Mexican Loma del Mar. With the help of Rob & Sherry Kehler, they spent some time with the children in the community and after dusk, showed a Christian movie to roughly 20-25 children in the area. What a neat way to introduce the local children to the Children’s program of SCCC and further, to invite them to the upcoming “Semana Santa” Children’s event, which by the way is only a month away! What a unique way to reach into the heart of our community.
* Our Missions Team has made some additions to their team, with Terry Cummins (another of the new deacons) and Becky Konshak coming on board. They will be part of the team that continues to build meaningful relationships with the missionaries our church partners with.
       They are also in the beginning stages of planning our January, 2018 Missions Convention. Last week, we sat down to an amazing dinner at the Kalmbach’s, along with the missions team and a number of the missionaries connected to our church. The desire of Jim and the team was to hear what they could do to prepare for a mission’s convention that would not only be beneficial for the church, but equally important, what they as a team could provide or do, that would make the convention meaningful for our missionaries.
* Another dietary delight for the church leadership team last Thursday as elders, deacons and spouses enjoyed a time of fellowship over a “pre thanksgiving” meal of turkey and ham prepared and presented by Grant & Ethel and Dave & Connie. It’s a good day when leaders have fun together through fellowship events like this. Thanks to the Dafoes and Campbells for keeping us on track as family. Maybe you’re beginning to catch on that leadership ain’t all that bad. We sure do eat well!
* We are grateful for God’s answer to our prayers. Steve McLean returned home from Hermosillo yesterday after receiving four stents. Please continue to pray for a full recovery.
* Sermon Series: Last week, we took a short break from I Peter and looked at what it means to be a Christian church in San Carlos. What is required for unity at SCCC? What are the essentials required for us to work together? We looked at three areas of our beliefs when it comes to our faith journey. As a diverse group of believers in SCCC:
1. We all have preferences based on our life experiences in church.
2. We all bring along beliefs which may be distinctive to our faith backgrounds.
3. We all understand that there are “non negotiable” core values to our faith.
            The beauty of our diversity is that if we keep the “non negotiables” as our requirement for working together, as opposed to requiring unity on the “distinctive” or even “preferential” issues, we can make a huge impact on our community for the cause of Christ. If God’s reputation in San Carlos is based on our unity over the core values of the Gospel and if the family of SCCC has an acceptance of each other’s distinctive values, and if we remember that preferences are exactly that, the Lord will be wonderfully glorified through our lives, our church and our community. The message can be heard in its entirety on our website.
            This Sunday, we’ll be back in I Peter (and possibly Romans 13) looking at authority, What? You serious, Preacher? There’s still authority in this post modern world? So, what about presidents and prime ministers? Okay, okay, but what about ungodly presidents, prime ministers and bad bosses? Follow them? Obey Them? Humph! Well let’s see what the Word of God says. Want to read the related Scriptures in preparation? I Peter 2:13-15 and Romans 13:1-7 will be our focus. I’m still preparing, but that’s where I believe we’ll be.
Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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