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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* You’re starting to leave us! Folks are beginning their exodus back to foreign lands. We’re always sad to see you go. We miss the comradery and friendships while you are gone. But we hope you enjoy your time away and that you will return home “soon”!

* Not a lot of new news today, so I thought, I’d share a story with you. Hope you enjoy! You got to love Mexico. Coming back from Mazatlan last Friday, somewhere South of Navojoa in a dry and barren place (how dramatic), a rumble coming from the back, “better pull over”. I get out, yep, totally flat rear tire. What now? Well, I know I can’t get the spare out from underneath, tried that one other time and the linkage was seized up and the spare couldn’t be removed, kind of forgot about that after the last time. Well this time there’s no option – we’re going to need the spare tire. Of course, the highway is under construction, but low and behold, there’s a construction crew driving up to a bridge being repaired, about ¼ mile away – I wave to them from my desperate location – they wave back, very friendly, but I wave again, this time they come down the other side of the highway towards us. I run across the ditch to them and explain in my best Spanish – by pointing at my back tire, “is flato”. No problema! Three of the four crawl under the vehicle, while the other jacks it up. They fight and fuss with the spare, can’t get it out. The “foreman” walks back to his truck and comes back with a 6 foot crowbar, gives it to the guys underneath and within moments, the spare was free and we were in business. 30 minutes later, we were travelling once again.
        A little side note which brought great humor to the husband of my bride – who stayed in the vehicle while I attempted potential tire removal. She hadn’t noticed all the goings on, as I summoned potential helpers with frantic waves. She was in “text” mode with her dearly beloved friends. The truck and helpers had showed up, but were parked across the ditch in the lanes that were being repaired. I suppose we weren’t very visible where we were in the broad daylight! But I noticed her getting out of the vehicle while the potential helpers and I were in “deep” conversation about my rear tire. She walked around looking, but not finding her best friend and confidant. But later, as we were leaving the scene, tire repaired, she fessed up, “I looked around, but I couldn’t find you. The first thing I thought, she said, Jesus came back. Now it made sense to me that my pastor husband had been taken (not really, but for the sake of the story), but I was still here. Well that’s weird, but I stayed pretty calm as I evaluated the situation. But then I remembered, Jesus couldn’t have returned. There was no horn (trumpet sound?).  And then she said, I saw you across the ditch, so I got back in the vehicle and continued texting.” So for part of the ensuing journey home, the theological discussion continued, will we actually hear the horn when Jesus returns? Who will actually hear it?
       Is there a better place to be? We couldn’t have been more grateful to those men who simply took the time to help out a helpless preacher and his texting spouse.

* Hats off to Catherine Gibson and team for bringing another great movie night to the church. It was a “tear jerker”, no doubt, but it was based on a true story of a family with a very sick young daughter. The story revealed the challenges we face in understanding God through the difficult situations of life. I won’t give away the ending, but “Miracles from Heaven” was a movie that gripped all of our hearts.

* Jeannine and I spent a little bit of time with Terry and Sue Cummins yesterday afternoon. Wow, on Friday, he was rushed to Tucson with a heart attack and yesterday, we’re sitting outside their home in SC, listening to their story. They, and all of us, are so grateful for the turnaround. There doesn’t appear to be any residual damage to Terry’s heart at all. He will do follow up when they return to Idaho, but it all looks good. They are so grateful for your prayers.

* On a sadder note, Matt returned to Minnesota on Sunday to be with his family and his sister, Elizabeth. Her battle with cancer continues and unless the Lord intervenes, things do not look good. Please continue praying for Matt and his family as they travel this difficult journey.

* Semana Santa (Holy Week) is just around the corner and Mayra is pumped about planning a two day event at the church for children from the community.  Happens April 13&14 (9-11am) – if you would like to help, she could use a five people in the kitchen, about 10 to work with the games and others for general oversight. Let’s help her Impact the children in our community for Christ.

* Sermon Series: Last week, we went back to our series in 1 Peter, looking at I Peter 2:13-17, along with a correlating passage by Paul from Romans 13:1-7. Our challenge came in dealing with this whole area of authority and submission (words most unappreciated in our North American culture). I all too often hear stories of how these words have been misinterpreted, even by believers who use them out of the context of Jesus’ intent. So, in light of past abuses, teaching on the subject of authority and submission can become very challenging.
       We discovered in this week’s texts, where both Paul and Peter are writing to persecuted believers, believers under the control of the horrific dictator Nero, but believers who are being challenged in their life styles to submit to those in authority. Its here that  we discover a principle – “Jesus works through human authority”, that he has actually put these human authorities in place. He works through these human authorities (good or bad) to accomplish His will on this earth. And that’s where it gets muddy for us sometimes! Should my submission to human authorities in my life not reflect my submission to my heavenly authority? Or can we actually separate the two authoritites? Peter seems to say, “No, they have all been put in place by God.” I am so grateful to know that we can always question, in fact, that we should question authority, but Peter’s words don’t allow us to step out from under authority or to ignore authority. More to come in the days ahead.

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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