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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Good Friday Service – 10am @ the church (Communion)
* Easter Sunday Service – 9am @ the church!

* Mayra and team are preparing for the upcoming Semana Santa on April 13 & 14. This is a really neat opportunity to minister to a group of little ones. Would you consider helping her on either Thursday or Friday (9-11am)? Please let Mayra or Nedra know.

* Yes, Its “Cookie Sunday” this Sunday. Carol would be so encouraged if you could bring along a sampling of your favorites. Trust you’re looking forward to gathering with the family over some of these treats.
            Just as a bit of an aside. Lennyka is a 25 year old lady, who accepted the Lord through Gabriela’s ministry in the Guaymas prison. Jeannine and I met her the day I got to baptize her. She shared her testimony with us that day and brought tears to our eyes. She is serving a 33 year sentence and is working at raising the funds so that her daughter from Sinaloa can come visit her. In an effort to do that, there will be some additional packages of cookies for sale on the cookie table. There will only be a small amount of them, being sold at 20 pesos a package. You can help Lennyka be reunited with her daughter by purchasing some of her home baked cookies.

* Thanks to all of you who came to help with the spring clean up at the church! Your help was so appreciated. Chairs are recovered, Touch Ups completed, we’re ready for the “warmer” season. Bring it on!

* If you get a chance, take a look at the new 3-6 Year old Ministry Center. Its finished and it looks great! Storage, White Board, TV & DVD Unit are all in place! It’s kind of that middle size room that we really needed and will serve the church well in many other ways as well! Thanks to Grant Dafoe and Dave Campbell! You guys can do anything!

* Our condolences go out to Dave & Connie Campbell. Connie’s father passed away last week. 

* Pam Donnermeyer’s (Brame) mother, Kay DiNunzio passed away Sunday evening.

* We pray that each of our hurting families will sense God’s comfort and His peace through the days to come. 

* Sermon Series: We have been in 1 Peter and looking at that often dreaded word “submission”. Peter gives us such practical insight into how to respond to an evil govt. Last week, Peter continued with talking about honoring God in the place where you serve. This week we begin in Chapter 3, with the often abused statement of “wives submit to your husbands”. Wow, we live in a culture that jumps on that statement. So how do we make application of this text? How do you apply that atatement to a hurting marriage, or even to a healthy marriage? Hope to see you Sunday!

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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