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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* It’s the Passion Week or Semana Santa for our Mexican friends. Its always fun to see the activity pick up in town, such creativity when the vehicles start coming into town, pick up trucks loaded with lawn chairs, tents, large umbrellas, picnic tables, sound systems waiting to happen and so on. Even in Guaymas last week, there was a “beach umbrella” sales person on every street. They’re ready to celebrate and settle in on the beaches. I think what I remember most from last year was all the families that were together, yes there’s some strictly party groups, but what caught my attention was the larger amount of groups with grandparents, parents and children all together and having fun as a family. Mayra and team are also celebrating with the truest reason of all to celebrate and its all coming together for her at the church. Whether you’re praying for the event or helping out, I trust you’re believing our Lord for a great day with these children. The adults will also be reminded of the Lord’s passion on Good Friday, along with a Resurrection reminder on Sunday morning.

* Semana Santa – Thur & Fri ( 9-11am ) @ the church.
* Good Friday Service – 10am @ the church (Communion)
* Easter Sunday Service – 9am @ the church!

* Chuck Dreiling was airlifted from Hermosillo to Sacramento yesterday. Please continue to pray as they follow through in dealing with this brain tumor. I know they value your prayers. So many of you have called to ask about them, just revealing your love for them. Thank you for taking the time to care.

* Can I just express my thanks to you for your overwhelming support in purchasing Lennyka’s cookies last Sunday. There was only one pack left when we got to the table, so Jeannine graciously shared it with me. Utterly delicious. Thank you for supporting this lady from the Guaymas Prison who is on a journey following Christ because of Gabriela’s ministry there.

* The last few weeks have been an incredible challenge for many of our SCCC families. Would you continue to keep these folks in your prayers:

  1. Van Kirk Family – their tragic loss
  2. Dave and Connie Campbell – Connie’s Father passed away.
  3. Pam Donnermeyer – Her mother Kay passed away.
  4. Matthew Wyka – Matt’s sister Elizabeth passed away.
  5. Vic & Sylvia Janzen – Vic’s Mother passed away.

 * Sermon Series: We have been in 1 Peter and looking at that often dreaded word “submission”. Peter gives us such practical insight into how to respond to an evil govt and then how to respond when mistreated in the work place. Last week, we began a two week series (still partially in Peter) but looking at what submission means in the context of marriage. This Sunday, we’ll be on an Easter theme, but we will return to I Peter 3 to continue on the theme of relationships in marriage the following week. I covet your prayers for my preparation time. I find the more I study the theme and the less I focus on the baggage which has developed around the theme over the years, both in secular and in spiritual surroundings, the more I am reminded of God’s love for us, of His challenge to love others (spouses) the same way he loved us and the challenge to put others needs above our own. I am so enjoying looking at this dreaded word through the eyes of Scripture and I pray you are too. Hope to see you Sunday!

Have a great week remembering what Jesus did for you, Happy Easter!            Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Who Does What @ SCCC – Yout Connection Center

  • Church Administration – Mayra Gonzalez
    • Office Time (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Children’s Ministry – Mayra Gonzalez
  • Youth Ministry – Matthew Wyka
  • Men’s Group – Steve McLean
  • Deacon Chairperson – Art Koenes
  • Finance Questions – Bob Gibson (Chair)
    • Summer – Elizabeth Matchett
  • Missions Committee – Jim McClelland (Chair)
  • Benevolence Requests – Gabriela Montemayor
    • Other Contact – Ryan Thiessen
  • We Care Ministry – Chuck & Carol Morton
  • Building Use & Rentals – Maris Kalmbach
    • Summer – Glenn Driedger
  • Greeters and Ushers – Dave Campbell
    • Summer Greeters – Jeannine Driedger
    • Winter Greeters – Bev Mettlewsky
    • Summer Ushers – Brandon Baird
  • Fellowship Events – Christie Forrester
    • Cookie Sundays – Carol Miller
    • Potluck Events – Tiffiny Fisher
  • Building Maintenance – Grant Dafoe
    • Summer – Jim Ellison / Jim Johnson
  • Sound & Media – Brandon Baird
  • Spanish Translation – Ruben Bustos
  • Communion Prep – Barbara Anderson / Karen Ruddock

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