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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* No, it wasn’t Phoenix in rush hour, but it seemed like there was just as much traffic. The music, however has faded, the cars are gone and life goes on. Semana Santa is over for another year!
            But we’re praying that the influence of our Semana Santa event, as accomplished by Mayra and team, will continue. I believe Mayra said we had 20 children from the Mexican Loma del Mar and some more from the Ranchitos. Every year, we seem to attract a few more locals and that is a victory in itself. Mayra and Devon / Marisol, took to the streets advertising on Monday – and they did it the most effective way it can be done in Mexico – stereo system on the roof of the car, sharing of the upcoming event and then handing out invitations wherever children were gathered.
            And the results – 94 children the first day, 70 on the second with lots of helpers to go around. The Team from CEC helped with the teaching on Thursday, lots of newer volunteers from the church helping, particularly the group working the kitchen. So great to see new volunteers get connected and working hand in hand with those who have helped many times before. In Staff Meeting this morning, Mayra shared of her plans to follow up with the new local kids as best as possible and we continue to be grateful for all the Lord has done through this Children’s Ministry. There’s some great pictures for you to enjoy on the church’s facebook page.
* Good Friday Service was a smaller turnout, with a number of volunteers involved in Semana Santa and many of our regulars having left for the North Countries. We will miss you all, but look forward to you getting back home from your vacations.
* But the Easter morning service was much larger, including a number of guests, several of them local year rounders and several more from MN. But the biggest group came along with the Wolfkills and Roetcisoenders. What a treat to see them walk in with children and grandchildren in tow. Later in the afternoon, we helped Noma celebrate her “surprise” 80th Birthday Party, another great time together connecting with both new and old friends.
            I should fess up though, as I’m feeling a little guilt. After an Easter Ham at our home on Friday with several church families and then another easter turkey, with all the trimings after service on Sunday at the Dafoes et al, then on to the Wolfkills for Easter turkey and ham for Noma’s birthday – thank the Lord that yesterday was pretty much a “fasting” day. Losing weight may literally have to be a “Heavenly” thing, no pun intended. Fortunately, a planned spaghetti dinner for last evening with two other newer church families has been delayed until tonight. So, we’ll be ready again, I think!
            However, there is this Pastor’s breakfast in Guaymas at 9:30, after which we’ll have lunch with some more folks from the church. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of hearing the tales of people who are either curious about Jesus or those who know Jesus and share about how He’s been working in their lives. Stories are such open doors for ministry and they never get dull. We are so blessed.
* I received an update from Chuck last evening. The 4-6 hour surgery to remove the tumor begins this morning at 6 am. Chuck writes, “We feel like we’re in a fully inflated God-bubble…covered in His will.  We want nothing other than God’s plan.  He knows our desire, but we’d rather suffer for a season and enjoy Him than to have our will and forget to praise and thank Him.  All-in-all, we are expecting great things. Now I just covet prayers for Nancy’s peace and comfort.” Trust you’re all praying along with us for God’s best for them.
* Yesterday, Grant & Jimmy E. closed off the balcony, another sign of summer on the way. These guys have done so much work this year in upgrading, developing and maintenance. So to Grant, Jimmy E, along with Dave Campbell and Jim Johnson, I say thank you so much for all you do to keep things flowing and growing!
* Guaymas Prison Ministry Update – Lennyka’s cookies continue to be a hit. Thanks for all the recent support you have provided! With Children’s Day (April 30) just around the corner, there is another way that we can be of encouragement to the ladies, Gabriela and the team are ministering to. This from Gabriela: “As soon as we entered the prison today, they asked us if we are able to contribute for the children´s party they do every year. It is going to be on Sunday the 30th. They ask for toys, candies a piñata or a cake.” If you’d like to help, please contact Gabriela at
* Sermon Series: Last weekend we took a little time to remind ourselves not only of Christ’s resurrection, but the ongoing implications of that resurrection. If (and He did) Jesus actually rose from the dead, then turning our setbacks into comebacks is certainly possible. Each of us have faced or are facing different types of setbacks. And we can either stay stuck in our setback or we can approach Jesus and ask for His help with a comeback. Martha’s model of approaching Jesus, when she had been devastated by the loss of her brother Lazarus, was the model we looked at from John 11. You can hear the message in its entirety at and then click on Audio Messages.
        Next Sunday we will continue looking at relationships in marriage as we go back to 1 Peter 3. Read ahead and enjoy this “non-controversial” passage. Its going to be another great day at San Carlos Community Church. Hope to see you there!
Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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