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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Let me start with a little tribute to my Mom, who celebrated 84 years young yesterday. Got to connect with her a little bit by phone and facebook. Busy as ever, so I had to make an appt by email for a time to call her! She helps the “old” people around town and considers it a huge privilege to be able to serve as opposed to needing to be served. She is one grateful lady. And I think, besides her love for the Lord, that’s what keeps her going. She ran through a list of yesterday’s activities and I got tired, just listening to it. I pray I can follow in her footsteps. We are so looking forward to spending some time with her this summer.

* Another little piece of trivia – 8 years ago today, I got down on one knee in a place called the “Tea Room”. Having no idea that it was one of Jeannine’s favorite restaurants, nestled between the ocean shore and the beautifully treed greenspace of Stanley Park (Vancouver), and with people at the tables surrounding us and observing this somewhat emotinal potential groom, I asked that “huge” question – “(stuff I won’t share), followed by “will you marry me?” Thank the Lord, I caught her off guard and she said, “Yes!” The rest of the story is still to be written!

* a Highlight for me – With the help of Juan Carlos, I was able to enjoy a breakfast with a number of Guaymas Pastors last week. I had met several of the Pastors before, but the  language barrier has often left us with the “come estas” “moi bien” kind of conversations. But with Juan Carlos help, I had an amazing time and a great conversation with several pastors as it related to their ministries and dreams for the future. It may seem a trivial thing, but the reality of not being able to communicate with fellow pastors and leaders in your own language often leaves one feeling somewhat alone. So it was a great morning with some similar minded brothers.

* Great to have some of the missionaries visiting last Sunday, Ken and Billy & Erika! Always good to touch base with them. The Lord seems to be opening some new doors for Ken and Lord willing, we may even see them make their home base in San Carlos in the future. I do enjoy hearing how the Lord works through the lives of these missionary servants. In fact, Ken will be sharing the message at our July 16th Service. So mark it on your calendars.

* Several Guests last Sunday, one has been there for two Sundays now! Yes! Love it when that happens. Love it when people come and see what our church family is all about. Love it when people come and explore the truth claims of Christ. Love it when our church family is the most welcoming place in San Carlos!

* Thank You from Megan Van Kirk – “Thank you for all the support, the prayers and the food you sent. I can’t express my gratitude and love to you all. It means so much to me and our family to have your prayers at this time. Thank you all.” Megan VanKirk.

* Cookie Sunday – coming this Sunday, April 30. You don’t want to miss some of those delicious morsels that the folks bring for this fun connection time. Contact Carol Miller at if you would like to help by creating some of those morsels.

* While many of you go North for the summer, most of our missionaries remain here and continue serving faithfully. Read the latest “Missionary Updates” from some of the missionaries SCCC is connected with – simply click HERE to find the latest.

* Looking to contact someone in a leadership role at SCCC. Contact Information can be found by clicking HERE.

* Take some time to pray for these folks (& others on the website “Prayer Wall”.)

* Chuck Dreiling is at home and recovering from surgery. He will be receiving chemo and/or radiation to deal with the part of the tumor they were unable to remove.

* Please keep Sue Marston in prayer as she has been in hospital for several days since she returned to Canada. She is still undergoing tests to determine the cause of her weakness and fatigue.

* Harold Cherry was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Harold and Irene as they pursue treatment.

* Dean & Fran Swift attended our church until several years ago when Fran began having kidney issues and was added to the transplant list. On Sunday, she received a phone call at 1PM and was told to be in hospital and ready for a 6PM transplant. She went, but unfortunately, the donor kidney had a fungal infection. Such a huge disappointment as you can imagine. Please continue to pray that the transplant which she so needs will soon be available.

* Sermon Series: Last weekend we took a little time to look at some of the tensions which keep us from having healthy marriages. While a controversial passage in today’s culture, I Peter 3:1-7 is full of truths which guide us in understanding what the true definition of biblical submission really is and how the outworking of this truth creates a healthy home. We noted Peter’s challenge to wives as it related to biblical submission and inner beauty. But we were also made keenly aware of the husband’s responsibility to understand, protect, respect and to serve his bride. If you missed the message, you can still hear it on the church website. Any previous messages can be found at and then click on Audio Messages.

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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