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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Reoccurring themes – Tabu is quickly becoming the restaurant of choice for Monday nights. Where else can you get an entire sushi roll, a dish of ice cream on a bed of Carmel sauce and chocolate, and a glass of lemonade for 99 pesos (Monday & Tuesday special)? Now, I have always been one of those quezzy guys when it comes to “raw” fish, but this is Mexipan (spelling intentional) sushi – “empanizado” lightly breaded and deep fried. Seriously, you have to try it. One block past the Wal Mart on the opposite side of the road. Well, that’s the advertisement for the day.

* While chaos can get downright tiring, so can quietness. Our street has now gone silent. Even the guys on the garbage truck were in tears the other day, with nothing to pick up at the neighboring homes! Okay, that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but its quiet. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the rapture and you’re also glad it wasn’t because you are in a bad situation if you’re reading this.

* Not a lot of news this week other than it was one of those guest Sundays with several families down for a visit, even some Manitobans. Met and shared with a new family from Guaymas on Sunday, Paco and Anna & their boys. Paco is in the Navy and presently involved in building one of those naval boats/ships – 86 meters long. And Anna is a Dr. who presently is being a Mom to David and Daniel (ages 5 & 7). They’ve been at church for 4 Sundays now. Keta came as a guest of Marrian. Pete & Helena and their 5 children were here. Their oldest was at youth on Friday. Larry and Val brought their neighbors (sorry name slips my mind right now). This is their first winter here and first time to the church. They are heading home now, but are excited about returning and asked for ways they could be involved in one of the many local outreaches. There is as many more guests that I didn’t get to connect with. But in staff meeting, both Mayra and Matt shared about new children from the Ranchitos attending children’s church and youth this past week. I love being in a church where people feel the liberty to come and check out what God is doing through our church family. Its been another great week at SCCC.

* Got a great call from one of our church families this week – He shared how much he’d rather stay then head back home. But his reason for wanting to stay caught my attention and its words I hear so often – our friendships are just so much deeper here than they are back home. He didn’t mean that they didn’t have good friends back home, but that San Carlos really does become family and we’ve found that it happens very quickly for those that desire that same thing. Have a great summer guys, but we do look forward to your return.

* Not only is it “Cookie Sunday” this coming week, its Mother’s Day – tomorrow in Mexico and Sunday for the Northerners. So “Moms” be looking for something special this Sunday. This is also a notice for all the cookie bakers! The “cookie team” could use your help!

* Just a note to remind you to take some time to pray for the requests of folks in our church family. Many are listed on the Church’s Website under the “Prayer Wall” icon. Our prayers matter and make a difference in their lives.

* Sermon Series: A quick glance at I Peter 4:1 and you might leave thinking, I can rid myself of sin through physical pain. It reads, “if you have suffered physically for Christ, you have finished with sin.” Last weekend we realized once again how important context is when exploring the Scriptures. In my simplified “driedger” version, it could read, “If a situation presents itself and I have the choice of whether to sin or to suffer – if I choose suffering (pain, criticism, etc) it shows that sin no longer has any power over me.” But the part that captured my heart in these first 6 verses of I Peter 4 was Peter’s handle on the issue of sin. If we truly draw close to Christ, which ultimately is God’s Will for us, sin loses its luster, its appeal. How often do we find ourselves simply addressing sin in some legalistic manner, often leaving little impact on our listeners, when God and God’s Word ultimately calls us into a deeper, all fulfilling satisfaction of drawing close to God. Oh I know God doesn’t want me living out my life in all the ways that Peter lists in this passage, but I love the way Peter shows us to make that happen. Draw close to God and the rest will lost its appeal. Its not just some philosophy for Peter, it’s a reality. Maybe its time to stop working so hard at being patient, but rather take time to enjoy drawing close to Christ. What a difference our perspective makes as we stop trying so hard and start drawing closer to Him.

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Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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