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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* We’re talking about Jesus “soon” return this coming Sunday. But I’m thinking everything is “soon” these days. May is done after tomorrow. It was just March. I think I must have missed April! That means we’re getting closer to our holidays, but it also means that our holidays will be over just as quickly. I was just reading a piece in James where he says, “life is but a vapor”. I remember when “old” people used to say things like that. And who is this guy sitting here writing about this. Maybe I’ve become one of those “old” people! But from another perspective, if you’re going fast, you’re having fun, right? And we still are! Heard some more great stories last week from friends in the church family, spent a day at one of our missions, watching the kids, loving what Jesus was doing through all those who were serving there. Just another perfect week of living in this great little town of San Carlos.

* It may well be the first one held in our church, but what an exciting time as we celebrated Karla’s Quinceañera. Bethany’s wedding dress added a huge touch of elegance for Karla, but the changing of the shoes, was totally unique – removing the “converse” and replacing them with an elegant set of heels was the finishing touch for this “new young lady.” Many gracious words shared by Jenny, Bonnie, Raul, some of her best friends and of course, Brandon & Bethany! Matt shared an exhortation meant particularly for Karla, but equally as applicable to all. And of course, what is a cultural party in Mexico without a plethora of appetizers and a full course meal? Wonderfully done and congratulations to you Karla. So fun!

* Please note there are a number of pictures on the church’s facebook page of this event and several other recent events as well. 

* Last Wednesday, we joined the crowd at La Palapa to celebrate Mark Mulligan’s birthday and while there Terry Lynn sang her song “Make a Difference” which I’ve always loved. Its the story about making a difference in one person’s life. Mayra did a fine presentation Sunday regarding our upcoming “Kid’s Camp”, formerly called the VBS. And her dream and ours is the same as Terry Lynn’s – let’s make a difference in someone’s life – in our case, the lives of the kids in San Carlos and area.         Our website has a “Kid’s Camp” icon on the home page with all the details, with registration and with options to help for each of you that will be here in July. This will be another huge opportunity to impact these young lives. Why don’t you sign up and help make a difference in these little lives? There’s all kinds of ways to help and I’m sure that one of those ways would be a perfect fit for you.  

* a “heart of service” – Matt’s recent focus with the youth about “service” played out in a wonderful way last week as he and some of the youth painted “sealed” the roof of one of the ladies from our church. They plan to finish the job this week. What a great act of caring and service from Matt and the youth team.

* The Prayer Wall – many reasons to pray and/or to rejoice.

  • So grateful, Chuck Morton got a good report from his colonoscopy.
  • Gail Wilkins has two breaks in her pelvis from a nasty fall.
  • Don Amerman, (Jim McKinney’s nephew) battling throat cancer.
  • Chuck Dreiling beginning Chemo and Radiation shortly.
  • Harold Cherry going through cancer treatment.
  • Ellen Flore’s knee surgery went well
  • Bev Mettlewsky had a knee replacement last week.
  • Bob & Becky Burr are planning a move back to San Carlos.

Prayer Link:

* Sermon Series – We finished our short mini series on the spiritual realm last Sunday with a message about temptation. James was our source as he’s a master on practical insights about this theme. We discovered that “you can know the right thing but still do the wrong thing. Information alone doesn’t change us. And secondly, you can choose not to fall (sin), but you cannot choose the fallout (consequences). James goes on to share how to resist temptation. But if you fail, he shared, we must own our failure without blaming others and finally he highlights our need for confession, not only to God, but to someone that we can trust. Forgiveness comes from God, but confession is the piece that brings us to another level of accountability.       
     Our goal with this 3 part series on the spiritual realm was not to overwhelm us by the enemy’s desires to steal, kill and destroy, but to bring us awareness of his tactics and schemes so that we’re not blindsided by his lies and we’re not enticed by the things he designs to take our focus off the Lord. The enemy is real, but he is also under our feet. So be aware, but never be overwhelmed. Be enamored by Jesus and those temptations begin to lose their enticing power.
      This Sunday, we’re back in Peter, looking at the Lord’s “soon” return. Really? Soon? When did He say that? Hope to see you Sunday!

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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