Pastor’s Desk 2017-06-13

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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

Just a few things for you to note today. The “Pastor’s Desk” is going to take a break and will return on June 27.

Brian & Elizabeth Matchett recently had their car stolen. Their time in Mexico will be completed at the end of 2017. If you have a vehicle in San Carlos that they would be able to rent or buy from July until December, please contact Elizabeth at or Brian at 

The “Prayer Wall” is the place where you can find make any updates or add any prayer requests you may have. Allow me to encourage you to take a few moments, as time allows, to be praying for the needs which are listed. This is such a great tool to keep our church family caring for one another while we’re in the different places that we are. You can find the “Prayer Wall” on the church webiste or simply click on this link:

Allow me to share an email testimonial I received from some folks in Colorado. They are friends of Earl and Sonja Harris, who Earl met through some plumbing they needed done in their home. Earl found out that Mike’s wife Julie (Mike is the plumber) had cancer and Earl posted their need on our Prayer wall, roughly 6 months ago. The following is Mike’s response:

     Dear Pastor Glenn,

Thank you so much for your prayers over the last 6 months! I cant tell you how many times my iPhone beeped and I got to tell Julie “Someone in San Carlos just prayed for you”, it must have been hundreds and hundreds.  Every single one lifted up our spirits.

Last Friday was our last chemotherapy, next month we get scheduled to have the port removed. We will be doing follow up colonoscopies and pet scans every October. One day I hope to be able to come down to San Carlos to thank you all in person. Earl and Sonja has shown me so many pictures of the town and sunsets. San Carlos looks like such a beautiful place to live.

Again, I thank you and your congregation for all your prayers.

In Christ, Michael Sciarabba

Next Sunday, we’ll be in Joshua 3, seeing what we can learn about strength and courage as we pursue the tasks the Lord seems to put before us. If yu’re looking for some great reading material, Joshua is one of those stories. Enjoy!                            

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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