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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Ever forget to do something? Of course you have. Regular habits can keep us from forgetting, but not having written a “pastor’s desk” last week, may have been the cause of my forgetfulness this morning. I was on a roll working on next Sunday’s message and I stopped to have a coffee with my lady a few minutes ago and the first thing she asked me is, “aren’t you doing a pastor’s desk?” Well good thing I had started it yesterday, so here it is, a little late, but not forgotten.
* Every once in a while, I receive one of those emails that just make my day. I received one of these last week from Chuck Dreiling and asked if I could share it with you!
            Chuck writes: I just had another radiation treatment this morning . . . . . But now Nancy and I are waiting for a room for the night until tomorrow’s next treatment.  As we wait, there is a beautiful young Mexican couple from Hermosillo whose sons were in the children’s home fire in Hermosillo a few years ago where 41 children died. Their 2 boys were among the 16 survivors but were burned badly and are now in the Shriner’s hospital next to my hospital. Now the boys are being treated for their burns. What makes this special is that gifts from SCCC have ministered to this couple and provided them with the ability to travel and get treatment here at Shriner’s in Sacramento. They have worked with Shelli Neufeld – our contact with the Hermosillo support team. Their sons are Paulo and Alan.  Dad is Hecter, and Mom is Gladys. They will be here for a month.  What a blessing to see the results of the loving gifts from the saints at SCCC.  I think God chose me to have this cancer just for the purpose of seeing how He is ripening the fruit of our plantings and readying them for the harvest.   More than just a coincidence.  What a God we can love and enjoy!
My love to all.
Chuck D

* Got another precious email from the Marstons regarding Sue. “Praise God! I got the drain out this am and am happy to be home. The cyst is completely gone! I’m on antibiotic for one week, then good bye forever. I at first thought that the cyst would be drained and sterilized, but didn’t realize it would be gone . . . God gave me a verse in Psalm 138, last verse. He will perfect (bring to a perfect completion) that which concerns you! And that’s what I was counting on! Thanks for all the prayer support. Sue
* Please continue to keep all these folks in your prayers and find many other ways to pray for our church family on the Church Prayer Wall. Thanks for remembering to pray!

* Several awesome events coming to the church in July – Youth Retreat on July 7-8 and our Kid’s Kamp (former VBS event) happens July 17-21. Please pray for Matt and Mayra as they guide and participate in both of these potentially life changing events for the young people who will attend. If you’re in SC and can help them out, there are a variety of ways to do so.
* This will be my final pastor’s desk for the summer as Jeannine and I leave for holidays next Monday. We have also asked the elders for an additional four weeks away, without salary. We are grateful for the elder’s support as we take this extended time for ourselves. Services will continue as usual. An excellent list of guest speakers are in place for Sunday mornings including Ken Van Kirk on July 16. He and Ruth have moved to SC and Ruth is a regular on the worship team. I know God is stirring things in their hearts, so you don’t want to miss this Sunday and the many other Sundays, where God will guide in ministering to each of you who are here. Jeannine and I look forward to our return on October 1.  
Have a great summer,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine
            While we are gone, the following are your contact people:

Matt Wyka: (622) 149-2876 (Church Services)
Steve McLean:   (622) 150-1717 (Elder Related)
Chuck Morton: (622) 226-1156 (“We Care” Needs)
Mayra Gonzalez:  (622) 226-0945 (Administration)

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