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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* That’s two this year – thanksgiving dinners that is! Yes and what a treat! Love the fact that Thanksgiving lands in a different month in Canada than in the USA and that we get to celebrate twice. Someone asked me recently why the Canadian date is earlier than the American one – very simple explanation. There’s snow in Canada in November and people are not as thankful at that point, so we celebrate it in October when its still nice out. Some things you should believe, somethings you shouldn’t, ok?

* Heartbreak in Canada as Calgary insisted on blowing their chances of taking home the Grey Cup by totally botching at least three major plays on the snow covered field in Ottawa and thus allowing the Eastern, Toronto Argonauts to carry the Cup back to their city. The heartbreak may be limited to the Western provinces only, however . . .
* This Thursday and Friday, the SCCC leadership is having its first “Elder, Deacon & Spouse Retreat at Casa de Esperanza. Join us in praying for an effective time of ministry, building relationships and developing future plans for our church! This is such a positive step in the building of our church for the future. Hope to share some great stories and some updates from the Retreat with you in a few weeks.
* The “Mountain Team” is in action again as a team of 15 people left for the mountains last weekend. Let’s be praying for Rob & Sherry, Art & Brenda, and the team as they serve these folks and support the pastors and churches with Bibles, Christian Videos and help develop Children’s Ministries in these locations.
* Our very first “All Spanish” Service happened last Wednesday and we’re looking forward to another one, tomorrow evening at 7:00. We’re off to a good start, but we’d love to see more of our Spanish speaking friends attend. If you know of someone who would like to come, and you aren’t able to bring them, there will be a free ride from the Circle K at 6:45 PM. (the one at the Loma del Mar turn off)
* You can now purchase tickets for an authentic “Mexican Dinner” which happens on Saturday, December 16 at Pastor David’s Church – The House of Grace and Peace. Our church has been involved for several years in supporting this congregations through this fundraiser. Tickets are 200 pesos and you can purchase them from Grant Dafoe. Love to see you there.
* Please be praying for Barbara and Al Montoya. Al’s son, Roy passed away yesterday morning. They believe he had a massive heart attack. He was 62 years of age. The Montoyas are leaving for Tucson today to be with the family. We are so sorry for your loss.
* Please be praying for the McKinneys as MaryAnn is back in Tucson today and Wednesday for follow up tests from her cancer surgery.
* What a story we saw last evening in the movie, “Facing Darkness”. The servant hearts of the people who risked their lives to help stop the 2014 Ebola virus in West Africa was inspiring to say the least, but the losses were heart rending. I think the one quote summed it all up. “When there’s a fire, Christians run to the fire, not away from it!” and that’s exactly what the Samaritan’s Purse staff did. Thank you Catherine and Team for all you did to make this a great evening.
* Here’s a neat way for you to help for a few hours. We’re packing BackPacks on Monday at 9:00 AM at the church. Come join in the fun as we prepare these precious gifts for the children who will receive them. Supplies can be dropped off at the church until the packing begins.
* Ladies from the Guaymas Women’s Prison are preparing baking and crafts to sell after the service on December 10. Gabriela and Heather have all the details.
* Missionaries of the Week – Ryan Thiessen (CEC – The Bible School)
* On Sunday, we looked at whether Heaven is merely Wishful Thinking. Although, if you’re still here, like me, you have no anecdotes of whether its real or even what its really like. But to determine if its only wishful thinking, one has to understand that heaven hinges on the resurrection. If there’s no resurrection, there’s not even a reason for heaven. So in an “apologetic” format, we looked at five different categories which fully endorse Jesus resurrection, which of course makes our resurrection a reality as well, in due time of course! The categories we looked at, which verify the resurrection included:

  1. Early Written Accounts – Reliable testimony of History 
  2. Empty Tomb – The body is missing.
  3. Eyewitness Testimony – 515 people saw Jesus over 40 days.
  4. Emergence of a new and different Church
  5. Extra Biblical Evidence – Confirmation from outside the Bible.

This led us to a concise conclusion as it related to the question, “is heaven merely wishful thinking?” Heaven is not the desperate longing of people afraid to face their mortality – it’s the logical conclusion of what’s to come based on the evidence of history!
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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