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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* The Christmas Season is upon us and it is a wonderful time of connecting with all the friends and organizations we’re all a part of. It seems there is a bit of double booking (or rather double opportunity) going on in our lives, but we’re loving it and doing our best to participate as best as we’re able. Had a great time last night with some friends, but also made a few new acquaintances. I love the stories of how and why people have come to San Carlos and met several families last night who have moved her permanently in the last year. Simply fun and adventurous people – and that’s what most of us are. What a great community.

* Regarding “double opportunity”, it happens for many of us this Saturday as well. I know Loma del Mar has their Christmas party. And Belen Casa de Pan, has their Christmas event on Saturday at 4:00 PM, while Pastor David’s fundraising Dinner happens Saturday at 6:00 PM. So things are a humming.
            Grant only has a few tickets left for the fundraiser, so talk to him soon if you want to get in on the Mexican Dinner.
* The first of the BackPacks will be distributed to the children who participate in Belen Casa de Pan’s feeding program (Devon & Marisol). This happens on Saturday and once again, coincides with their children’s Christmas presentation (4:30 ish).
            The second BackPack distribution will happen Thursday, Dec 21 at Cuidad de Refugio “Fatima” beginning at 6:30 pm. Anyone is welcome to join in and watch the joy of children receiving these backpacks at either of the locations.
* Hey, as you will have seen last Sunday, the church looks like a million bucks. I think we should have a contest to see if you can guess how many trees have been wonderfully arranged and perfectly staged for our Christmas season enjoyment. A huge thank you from all of us to Kathy Stoaks and Karen Ruddock!! Absolutely amazing!
* On a sad note, Earl Lunceford passed away last Thursday afternoon. Our condolences go out to Judy as she grieves the loss of her husband. For those of you who may not know the Luncefords personally, Judy is a vital part of our women’s ministry at SCCC. Please pray for Judy and her family as they grieve this loss.
* Prayer Time:
            * Please keep Judy Lunceford & family in your prayers.
            * Chuck and Nancy Dreiling need our ongoing prayers.
            * Missionaries of the Week – Ken & Ruth (Medical Missions in Mexico)
            * Deacon of the Week – Ruben Bustos (Spanish Translation)
* SCCC is looking for three new deacons this year and nominations are now open and will remain open until day’s end of January 7. The qualifications of nominees and the process to elect them will be in the bulletin and follows at the end of this newsletter. Any attendee of SCCC is invited to nominate an attendee of SCCC for one of these deacon positions. Each position is for a three year term. Because people are gone for Christmas, we are also accepting nominations by email, which must be sent to Mayra at All nomination ballots must include the name of the one nominated and the name of the person making that nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Art Koenes or myself. I encourage you to participate and prayerfully consider who you believe could fill these servant roles for our church. The nomination box is in the foyer of the church.

* Wednesday Spanish Service – 20 Spanish speaking guests attended last week’s service. Mayra did a great job of sharing the Word with the folks. What a treat to watch this ministry continue to blossom. Keep praying for the Hudsons as they plan, guide and direct this brand new ministry of SCCC.
* On Sunday, Matt shared about “year round” joy, using the book of Habakkuk as his text. While many of us find joy during the Christmas season, often we find that joy diminishing during the other 11 months of the year. Habakuk’s story is one of disappointment, both in God and in life, yet after his 3 chapters of debate with the Lord, he declares, that even if there is no figs on the tree, no olives in the orchard, no cattle and so forth, he will still continue to rejoice in the Lord. The challenge for us is to find a year round joy as we contemplate our future eternity with the Lord.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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