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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* What an exciting time of the year! Some people are heading North to see family, others are looking forward to family joining them here for the holidays and you’re excited. Even though Christmas is often seen as a “gift based holiday”, deep down people long to be with family. We are so happy for each of you who gets to enjoy the season in this special way. Others may not have that privilege, for whatever reason, but there is still so much to be thankful for including friends from our church and our community. There is just some really neat people here in SC area and particularly in SCCC!
            Although we won’t have immediate family with us this year, we (Jeannine & I) have been enjoying the special events wrapped around the Christmas theme, from presentations by the children at Belen Casa de Pan, to a back pack distribution, (another one coming on Thursday) to the Azteca Esperanza Choir last Sunday evening (and wow, were they great once again – got to love their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus and I’ve never seen a conductor who is more into what he is doing than he is – fun to just watch him). And there’s more to come, this Sunday with Mayra’s kids at the church. And then we’ve got upcoming dinners with friends and so on. Its just a great season and a wonderful reminder of Jesus’ first coming to this earth.
            Friendships are so key! Fellowship is so key! We’re been overwhelmed with both of those this past year – both good friendships and good fellowship – some new friends and some ongoing ones. I don’t know how many times we’ve come home and said to each other, “wow what a special time” or “what a neat individual or couple”! It always comes back to people, and to connect with people who truly want the best for each other has really encouraged our lives.
            While we celebrate those friendships, we also realize that some of you have had losses this past year. We hurt with you, especially those of you who will have the first very “different kind” of Christmas. We’re praying that somehow, our Lord will give you something special this Christmas that will cause you to say, “we haven’t been forgotten”, whether its an encouragement from a neighbor, an act of kindness from a friend, a special memory that carries you or something that only the Lord could orchestrate. We pray there will be something that brings a sweetness of God’s peace into your story.
            On behalf of Jeannine and myself, we want to thank you for all the good things you have added to our lives over the past year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and for your care! We want to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas season and a purposeful new year that will be filled with all kinds of positive surprises. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve at SCCC and look forward to all that God will do through each of us in the coming year.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Glenn & Jeannine

Please Note: The Leadership of SCCC encourages you to prayerfully participate in seeking out those who serve our church family:
     * Deacon Nominations remain open until January 7th.
     * Recommendations for Potential Elders will be received until Jan 10th.  
            (A further explanation of this new process will follow shortly!)
* Jan 5-6: Begin the New Year with Prayer @ SCCC! – – Begin the new year on a firm spiritual foundation of dependence on God, asking Him to give our church family a year of fruitful harvest and blessing. The Church doors will be open on both Friday and Saturday from 8-5. We’re asking you to commit to a minimum of one hour on either day! There will be printed guides for you to use to pray. “Sign Up” sheets are in the foyer where you can choose the hour you would like to come and pray. If you’d like to pray longer, you are free to do so. If you’re time overlaps with someone else, it doesn’t matter. We simply want to give the upcoming year to our Lord and seek both His direction and His Blessing for SCCC!

“Prayer is not the only thing we should do – but it is the first thing we should do.”
* Take Time to Pray:
            * Please keep Chuck and Nancy Dreiling in your prayers.
            * Al & Barbara Montoya – Recent loss of Al’s son, Roy.
            * Alex & Anne Echeribel – Recent loss of a sister & another nearing death.
            * Missionaries of the Week – Rob & Sherry Kehler (Mountain Ministry)
            * Deacon of the Week – David Campbell (Ushers and Greeters)

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