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Good Morning San Carlos, 

* Facebook is a little richer this week with some of your pictures as you gathered for worship last Sunday. I hope you checked it out on the church’s facebook page. Notice the smiles! What a warm bunch of people gathered for worship. Notice the comments from people who saw you!!! I see some of the expensive seats in the front didn’t sell, but there’s two extra rows of people up in the balcony that you can’t see because they set up some extra chairs behind the risers after the balcony got full. Its got to be the best and the busiest time of the year! As I mentioned Sunday, the worship team represents 4 nations (or 5); people from a multitude of denominations; Spanish, English and a little “low” German last week – “ach der liebe”; children, teens and adults and its all good! So glad you and I can be part of worship amidst this wonderful diversity!

 Allow me to express my gratitude to you for several things:

* Firstly, to you as attendees of SCCC – Thank You for taking the time to consider who to nominate as a potential elder or deacon. Over the last few years, we have moved to this format with the deacon role, but this year, we’ve also moved in this direction with the selection of elders. We want our church family to freely participate in sensing/observing who the Lord would have to bring leadership to our church family. I am grateful to all of you who have taken time to prayerfully consider who these people could be.

 * Secondly, a number of you came to the church last Friday and Saturday to spend an hour praying for the Church, for the people, for the ministries and for the missionaries the church supports. We believe that prayer is the foundation for effective ministry and I am personally so grateful that you would take the time to participate. Thanks to Bob & Catherine Gibson for all you did to make this possible.

* In less than two weeks – the SCCC Missions Conference will be here. Special events are planned for the day on Saturday (Jan 20) – booths, displays & missionary presentations. Sunday’s service (Jan 21) will be dedicated to time with our missionaries and our special guest, Linda Bowden, herself a longtime missionary, will bring the message. Full details will be presented this coming Sunday.

 * Read some of the latest updates from our missionaries: Click HERE

 * Watch the Kid’s Christmas Presentation by clicking HERE

 * Mark Mulligan – Jan 29 @ 6:00 PM – Mark is coming back for another great evening at SCCC. He and Marcos are presently on a Mission trip in Haiti and besides singing many of your favorites that evening, he will be sharing some of the stories of their trip to this so often devastated nation. There will be an opportunity to make a donation for the concert and the proceeds will be divided evenly between our church’s Benevolence fund and one of Mark’s mission events.

* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Gabriela Montemayor (Guaymas Prison Ministry)
  • Deacon of the Week: Grant Dafoe (Civil Association / Building Maintenance)
  • Mark & Marcos Mulligan presently on a Mission trip in Haiti.
  • Ellen Flores had another surgery yesterday (Jan 8)
  • Sonya & Earl Harris – Trying to find the right medications to deal with her tremors.
  • Selection of new Elders and Deacons

* Last Sunday, we looked at a core value of our church. The two words which would sum up the message are “Connect and Equip”. Paul left us a wonderful model of how to influence a community and its equally as effective today. While Paul had entered a city with a plethora of idols, he connects with them in such a positive way. He was firstly courteous. Though he was distraught over the idols, he treated the people with respect. 2. He was contemporary. He tried to build bridges by making a connection between their “unknown god” and the true God. 3. He was courageous and told them he would tell them about this unknown God. 4. He was Christ centered. He gave them a great theology lesson about who God is. 5. He called for a commitment. And the results were similar to what they are today – some refused, some were reluctant and some became believers. The challenge for each of us is to recognize that Paul was in the “market place” on a daily basis. He lived a life of influence in both the church and the marketplace. The most natural question to come out of this text is Christ visible in me when I’m in the marketplace? Do people want what I have when they see me? Its both a great question and a great challenge for everyone of us.

Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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