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Good Morning Church Family,
* What a great evening last night with Mark, Elsa and Marcos Mulligan. Inspirational music, Marcos and Mark sharing about their time in Haiti – some heart rending, but also impactful stories and a chance to hear Elsa sing with Mark. Loved it all. I’m told there was 180 people there and together, we raised 42,000 pesos, half of which will further the mission Mark was at in Haiti and the other half to further our church’s benevolence fund. Thank you Mark and Marcos for all that you shared with us. It is so appreciated.
* Its such a great time of the year at SCCC and the place is busy. Just to give you an idea, there was 254 adults in the service plus the 25 kids and workers in Children’s Church last Sunday. If you look at the “Events this Week” list which follows, you can see the place is humming with many different ministries impacting many different groups of people. Jeannine and I used to try and attend all of it. Its no longer possible. But isn’t that the way it should be – more people empowered to do all that God wants to do through His people at SCCC. It is not without growing pains, but it is thrilling to watch.
* The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is just around the corner (Feb 22) and the Elders finished the interviews with potential elders, those nominated who were willing to let their names stand. Two names have come forward for your affirmation vote at the AGM. They are (drum roll) Grant Dafoe and Chuck Morton. Both are presently serving in deacon roles, which means that we now have those shoes to fill as well on the deacon team. Those interviews will be completed this week and we will announce the candidates for the deacon positions in next week’s Pastor’s Desk.
            There is a proposed change in bylaws which you will also be asked to consider at the AGM. Two major changes are being brought forward. The first is making the Elder Role a “term position.” The second relates to changes in the oversight of the church finances, making it more of a deacon responsibility.
            The AGM Reports should be posted to our church’s “One Drive” this week where you will be able to review all the information prior to the AGM. The link will be sent out once its all been uploaded. (Leaders, please get your reports to Mayra by tomorrow if you haven’t already done so.)
* Fellowship Night @ the Church – This year we took “Potlucks” off of the “fellowship table”, but we’re replacing one of them with a Games Night. Coming on Feb 12 @ 6:00 PM, we’re inviting you to sign up for a fun night of “Bible Quiz”. In this friendly, “noncompetitive” environment (what? you’ve got to be kidding – noncompetitive!), you’ll be divided into teams to answer the questions and to vie for the prizes. Our own youth director, you know that “Matt” guy, thinks he has put together the winning team. What do you think, people? We are looking forward to a great night of fun and fellowship. Imagine there could be some snacks and stuff as well.
* Mark your calendars, Ladies – Our very First Women’s Retreat
     With guest speaker – Cinthia Hiett LPC
     Theme – “Faith of a mustard seed…can move mountains”
     Saturday, March 3, 2018 – 8:00am – 4:00pm (Reservation Required)
     Follow Cinthia at
* A note of appreciation for the many prayers from Ellen Flores – “I Want you to know how much your prayers were appreciated. When I see an e-mail “Someone just prayed for you” – it brightens my day. I just had my staples taken out – 9 with 14 stitches to go.  My Drs. are very pleased with everything. I had a shoulder replacement.  I showed horses on the circuit for 10 yrs.  and unfortunately, these sports have a habit of taking a toll on the old body.  I had a damaged rotor cup and a 2″ tear.  The Drs. tried several things, but nothing worked so my only choice was a replacement or quit using my right arm. I am on the mend, so I think God was with me. Thanks so much!” Hugs!!  Ellen
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Maggie (Amor, Aqua y Mas)
  • Deacon of the Week: Bob Gibson – Treasurer

 * Last Week, we began a sermon series in the book of Haggai (Hey Guy). My hope over the next few weeks is to continue to build on the opening series of the year “At the Core”, again reflecting on who we are and why we’re here. The timing of Haggai follows years of the Israelites dismissing who God was to them. It had resulted in the destruction of the 10 Northern tribes by the Assyrians in 711 BC, after 20 ungodly Kings had served that part of the divided Kingdom. And in the South – Though 8 of the 19 Kings who reigned the Southern Kingdom of Judah had followed the Lord, they too, had an “on again, off again” experience with the Lord and it resulted in their being taken into exile in Babylon in 586 BC.
            At the writing of this book, 70 years later, Persia had conquered Babylon and King Cyrus had allowed three different groups of Jews to return to the promised land to rebuild the temple and once again restore the nation. The sad part is the Lord had even moved the heart of a pagan king to allow them to return to their homeland. That king had provided monies and resources to do the rebuilding. And after only two years of attempting to rebuild a place for God’s presence in their homeland, the Jews began to procrastinate and become more consumed with their own interests. The temple work had come to a standstill and for the last 16 years, they had done nothing.
            Haggai comes on the scene and speaking on behalf of the Lord, challenges their procrastination of the Lord’s work and secondly challenges them to put their Lord back in the center of their lives. This is where we find our application as believers. Like the Israelites, many people see Jesus as Nice, but they don’t see Him as Necessary. So the questions we’re challenged to answer are: am I making excuses when it comes to doing the Lord’s work. And secondly, has the Lord simply become a slice of my life or is He in the center of my life? Hope to see you next week for the ongoing sagas found in Haggai.
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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