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Good Morning Church Family,
* Okay, I know, my Super Bowl prediction was in fact all wrong, but what a great game on Sunday. During the 1st quarter, Ruth Ann sent Jeannine a text about Nick Foles. the Eagle’s quarterback (now St. Nick). Its worth the read as Nick at one point almost retired from football, but felt the Lord stirring him to stay and play. His ultimate goal is to become a pastor and in between seasons, he is studying toward that goal. So at that point in the game, I did switch my loyalties and yes, I began to cheer for the Eagles. (Isn’t that convenient?) But hey, He may be the next athlete who causes people to “pause and ponder.” Read the article at:
* Medical Team – What a treat to watch some of you and to hear about others of you who helped out with the Medical Team this last week. Once again, Art and Brenda and team have facilitated an amazing time of caring for people and communities from SC, Guaymas, Empalme, Vicam, Potam and others. I know over 300 patients were seen in one day at some of the locations. This is an incredible act of love which allowed them to not only care physically for these people, but spiritually as well.
We had dinner with one of the “first time” volunteers last evening. He shared how the whole event had been so well organized with many ways to genuinely care for the needs of the people. He was so impressed. Hat’s off to you all! 

* Games Night @ the Church (Monday Feb 12 @ 6:00 PM) “Bible Quiz”. Sign up in the foyer for this non intimidating night of fellowship, fun and prizes!
* Spanish Classes (intermediate level) with Jennifer Hudson begin on Thursday at 3:30 PM at the church.
* The Annual General Meeting of San Carlos Community Church takes place on Thursday Feb. 22 @ 6:00PM. We would love to see everyone of you attend. Its your opportunity to hear what’s happened, to see where we’re going and to participate in the election of four new deacons and two new elders for SCCC. Dessert will accompany the evening’s activities. Please mark your calendars for this ultra important evening in our church life.
            This coming Thursday, everyone who receives the “Pastor’s Desk will receive a link, which when clicked on, will take you to the church’s private one drive where you can see all the ministry reports, the year end financial status, the proposed budget for this coming year and a brief writeup and photos of potential new elders and deacons. In an effort to conserve printing costs, there will not be any written copies of this report. A link will be included in Sunday’s bulletin as well for those who do not receive the Pastor’s Desk.
* Missions Field Tour – Ever wonder where those missionaries we recently shared the weekend with fulfill their part of the Lord’s work? Jim McClelland, as he said he would based on your interest, has put together a tour for Friday, Feb 23. You will need to set aside the daytime hours for this tour of six of our partner locations. Beginning with Howard & Susan’s Bible School, and including Belen Casa de Pan (Devon & Marisol), Maggie (Amor, Agua y Mas), King’s Kids (Jesse & Jenny), Ancla de Amor (Brian & Clarissa) and Casa de Esperanza (Art & Brenda Koenes). Time of departure to be determined, but you will be leaving from the church on a “charter” bus, (well a borrowed bus). Lunch will be served along the way. Sign Up Sheets will be available shortly.
* Mark your calendars, Ladies!
           Women’s Retreat coming Saturday, March 3, 8AM to 4PM
           with speaker, Cinthia Hiett, LPC, Limited seating. Tickets required.
           Asking donation of 300 pesos. Reservations available soon.
           Follow Cinthia at
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Brandon & Bethany Baird (House Parents @ King’s Kids)
  • Deacon of the Week: Maris Kalmbach (Finance, Rentals and Janitorial)
  • Mary Ann & Jim McKinney – Cancer treatments for the next month. A note from Jim – “* . . . I wanted to let you know we left early Monday.  Mary Ann had her trial run in the machine today and will start her daily treatments tomorrow morning. Mostly I want to thank you and the congregation for all of the prayers and well wishes. I really feel in my heart that they are working.  Everything has gone well and the prognosis is good.  I enjoyed Sunday and will keep tuned up listening to you on line.”    Jim McKinney

* Last Week, we continued in the book of Haggai 1:5-11. As we read, we saw what seemed like a monster, rather than our loving God. Everything the people has strived to attain was blown away by the Lord and all their labor resulted in “empty pockets” and a financial catastrophe.
            And yet, the common thread of Haggai is, “no matter what I did, you would not return to me, says the Lord.” For 490 + years, they had ignored the Lord and pursued their own interests. Now the Lord, not out or spite or hatred, but out of love and out of a deep longing for a relationship with the nation He had promised to bless, was doing what He needed to do to get His people’s attention.
            While the disappointing things we go through may not be the Lord vying for our attention, they could be. Remember it isn’t a hard and fast rule of how the Lord functions. But like the nation of Judah who was going through this horrendous time, he wants us to “pause and ponder”, to evaluate our own stories when we face difficult times. He wants us to “look and learn” from our personal situation, and if God is vying for our attention, He wants us to “go and get”, he wants us to move forward and seek out a way to make the appropriate changes needed to give Him first place in our lives.
            The Lord is very clear in our text – the only thing Christianity cannot be is moderately important and from His deep and loving passionate desire for a satisfying relationship with you, He will do what He needs to do to get your attention. And once He has it and once you give Him the honor He deserves, you will find your life fully satisfying.
            Haggai – to be continued next week!
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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