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Good Morning Church Family,
* This really shouldn’t be called “from the Pastor’s Desk” this morning. Today, a better title might be “from the Pastor’s Recliner.” As I’m typing, I see him. Its barely daylight, He looks fairly normal, but he does have a huge bag draped over his shoulder, no vehicle, he’s on foot (probably brings his normalcy into question) and now he stops. He has arrived and he’s getting prepared. I hope he’s got a flashlight cause he’s about to tee off from the “expert’s” tee on #6. I put down my computer and go to the window to observe. He carefully places the ball, pulls out his club, lines it up and as he swings, I hear that perfect reaction, not only from his club, but from his lips. Must have been a great shot.  And away he goes, flashlight in hand, in search of that little white ball. I hope he has a wonderful day and can “put behind” him, all that he does to make his life meaningful.  Only 12 more holes my friend! You can do it! Well, back to the recliner!

2018 AGM Ministry Report    (This Thursday @ 6:00 PM at the Church)

* If you are a regular attendee of SCCC, please make it a priority to attend and participate in the Annual Meeting on Thursday @ the church 6:00 PM. There will be opportunities to ask questions, gain insight into the direction of our church and to participate in the choice of our future leaders and some potential bylaw changes. All of the relevant information can be accessed by clicking the above link.

* Missions “Field Tour” – Leaves the church, Friday at 9:00 am sharp. There is still some room left on the bus for you to see the local missions connected with our church.
* Ladies Conference – Not only are we having a Ladies Conference on Sat, March 3rd, the guest speaker, Cinthia Hiett, will also be speaking at the Sunday morning service. You remember the gold “ole” days when the youth typically presented the entire Sunday morning service? Well the ladies have swapped a good “ole” days idea for a good “new” day idea & they will host the entire service on that Sunday.
            Ladies – get your tickets soon for Saturday’s Conference.
            Men – you do not need a ticket for Sunday! Just come!
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Heather Hicks (Reconciled World)
  • Deacon of the Week: Jim McClelland (SCCC Missions) 

* The “Hey Guy” series – After returning from exile in Babylon, God’s people have been tasked with rebuilding God’s Temple. They eagerly laid the foundation but because of opposition and their own selfish priorities, they stopped working for 16 years.  Haggai was called on the scene to mobilize the people to get back on the job. After putting God back at the center of their lives, they went to work doing what they were called to do. That’s how chapter one ended.
            While chapter 1 dealt with the people’s indifference in doing God’s work, Chapter 2 deals with the anxieties they faced while doing God’s work. One month after being re motivated to do God’s work, they had once again become discouraged. Those who remembered the old temple, realized that the new temple being built, just didn’t compare with the glory days of the old temple. Discouragement and anxiety are issues they faced, but they are very real issues that you and I also face in our lives.
            We learned in the first five verses of chapter 2, that we must put the past behind if we want to move forward. That means both the good and the bad elements of our past. We must avoid comparing with how things used to be, stop focusing on flaws, and stop overstating issues.  We’re called to be strong, to get back to work and to not fear. And we can do that when we make God #1, because more than some cheap cliché, He really Is with us, for us and within us.
            The challenge for us is to celebrate what God is doing today as opposed to longing for paradigms of the past. Let’s live in the “good now days” today, as God is doing some very amazing things in our midst.
            In this coming week’s passage (2:6-9), we’re going to see that a focus on the future will help us deal with discouragement today. God is not finished with us yet. The best is yet to come because God’s glory days have a huge future element.
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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